Journal: IJKM

Volume 8, Issue 4

1 -- 21D. Venkata Subramanian, Angelina Geetha. Application of Multi-Dimensional Metric Model, Database, and WAM for KM System Evaluation
22 -- 49Isabel Williams. Designing, Setting Up, and Facilitating a Knowledge Sharing Virtual Community of Practice, between Social Work Lecturers in the UK and India
50 -- 70Mohsen Shafiei Nikabadi, Shams-O.-Zoha Zamanloo. A Multidimensional Structure for Describing the Influence of Supply Chain Strategies, Business Strategies, and Knowledge Management Strategies on Knowledge Sharing in Supply Chain
71 -- 94Fu Jing, Nopasit Chakpitak, Paul Goldsmith, Pradorn Sureephong, Taksina Kunarucks. Creating a Knowledge Supply Chain for e-Tourism Curriculum Design: Integrating Knowledge Management and Supply Chain Management

Volume 8, Issue 3

1 -- 26Richa Sharma, Hema Banati, Punam Bedi. Building Socially-Aware E-Learning Systems Through Knowledge Management
27 -- 46Jörg Becker, Ralf Knackstedt, Lukasz Lis, Armin Stein, Matthias Steinhorst. Research Portals: Status Quo and Improvement Perspectives
47 -- 61Yajiong Xue, Huigang Liang, Richard Hauser, Margaret T. O'Hara. An Empirical Study of Knowledge Sharing Intention within Virtual Teams
62 -- 82Ronald D. Freeze, Sharath Sasidharan, Peggy Lane. Incremental Experts: How Much Knowledge Does a Team Need?
83 -- 97Avimanyu Datta. IT-Based Knowledge Capability and Commercialization of Innovations: Modeling the Impacts of Ambidexterity and Absorptive Capacity

Volume 8, Issue 2

1 -- 22Iris Reychav, Eric W. Stein, Jacob Weisberg, Chanan Glezer. The Role of Knowledge Sharing in Raising the Task Innovativeness of Systems Analysts
23 -- 42Judith Welschen, Nelly Todorova, Annette M. Mills. An Investigation of the Impact of Intrinsic Motivation on Organizational Knowledge Sharing
43 -- 64Omar E. M. Khalil, Timothy Shea. Knowledge Sharing Barriers and Effectiveness at a Higher Education Institution
65 -- 78Theodore J. Randles, Chris D. Blades, Adam Fadlalla. The Knowledge Spectrum

Volume 8, Issue 1

1 -- 21Paul Michael Di Gangi, Molly McLure Wasko, Xinlin Tang. Would You Share?: Examining Knowledge Type and Communication Channel for Knowledge Sharing Within and Across the Organizational Boundary
22 -- 39Marina Knyazhansky, Tatjana L. Plotkin. Knowledge Bases Over Algebraic Models: Some Notes About Informational Equivalence
40 -- 70Kwang Seok Yoon. Measuring the Influence of Expertise and Epistemic Engagement to the Practice of Knowledge Management
71 -- 85Kiran M. Ismail. Theorizing on the Role of Individualism-Collectivism in Tacit Knowledge Transfer Between Agents in International Alliances