Journal: I. J. Law and Information Technology

Volume 12, Issue 3

247 -- 281Philip Leith, Karen McCullagh. Developing European Legal Information Markets based on Government Information
282 -- 332Paul Ganley. Digital Copyright and the New Creative Dynamics
333 -- 363Julia Hörnle. The UK Perspective on the Country of Origin Rule in the E-commerce Directive - A Rule of Administrative Law Applicable to Private Law Disputes?
365 -- 376Uta Kohl. The Rule of Law, Jurisdiction and the Internet

Volume 12, Issue 2

157 -- 167Ruth Atkins. Co-op Group v ICL: Loyalty scheme pays 'Dividend' for Supplier
168 -- 177Richard A. Brait. Lead Users as a Source of Innovation
178 -- 208Hasan A. Deveci. Sui Generis a Stronger Bet Than Copyright?
209 -- 236Ian Eagles, Louise Longdin. Technological Creativity and Moral Rights : A Comparative Perspective
237 -- 238Wim Vandenberghe. Electronic Theft: Unlawful Acquisition In Cyberspace
238 -- 240Andrés Guadamuz González. Information Feudalism: Who owns the Knowledge Economy?
240 -- 242Emmanuel Laryea. Cross-Border Electronic Banking: Challenges and Opportunities
242 -- 245Martina Gillen. Copyrights and Copywrongs: The Rise of Intellectual Property and How it Threatens Creativity

Volume 12, Issue 1

1 -- 31Jose Ma. Emmanuel A. Caral. Lessons from ICANN: Is self-regulation of the Internet fundamentally flawed?
32 -- 54Mira T. Sundara Rajan. Moral Rights in Information Technology: A New Kind of 'Personal Right'?
55 -- 73Katarzyna Kryczka. Ready to join the EU Information Society? Implementation of E-commerce Directive 2000/31/EC in the EU acceding countries - the example of Poland
74 -- 100Gbenga Oduntan. The Evidentiary Issues Arising from the Proposed Use of the Satellite Based Vehicle Monitoring System and Electronic Logbooks in the FishCAM Project within the European Union
101 -- 122Rebecca Ong. Consumer Based Electronic Commerce: A Comparative Analysis of the Position in Malaysia and Hong Kong
123 -- 152Mohamed Wahab. Globalisation and ODR: Dynamics of Change in E-Commerce Dispute Settlement
123 -- 156Bela Chatterjee. Internet Law in Canada (3rd Ed.)