Journal: IJMDEM

Volume 5, Issue 4

1 -- 21Qiusha Zhu, Mei-Ling Shyu, Haohong Wang. VideoTopic: Modeling User Interests for Content-Based Video Recommendation
22 -- 35Shashank Mujumdar, Dror Porat, Nithya Rajamani, L. V. Subramaniam. A Multi-Stage Framework for Classification of Unconstrained Image Data from Mobile Phones
36 -- 52Roland Schmitz, Shujun Li, Christos Grecos, Xinpeng Zhang. Towards Robust Invariant Commutative Watermarking-Encryption Based on Image Histograms
53 -- 65Lydia Weiland, Felix Hanser, Ansgar Scherp. Requirements to a Search Engine for Semantic Multimedia Content