Journal: IJMDEM

Volume 3, Issue 4

1 -- 30Stuart Harvey Rubin, Roumen Kountchev, Mariofanna G. Milanova, Roumiana Kountcheva. Multispectral Image Compression, Intelligent Analysis, and Hierarchical Search in Image Databases
31 -- 51Kai Schlegel, Florian Stegmaier, Sebastian Bayerl, Harald Kosch, Mario Döller. Exploring Different Optimization Techniques for an External Multimedia Meta-Search Engine
52 -- 74Elvan Gulen, Turgay Yilmaz, Adnan Yazici. Multimodal Information Fusion for Semantic Video Analysis
75 -- 87Bilegsaikhan Naidan, Magnus Lie Hetland. Bregman Hyperplane Trees for Fast Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search

Volume 3, Issue 3

1 -- 19Robert Mertens, Po-Sen Huang, Luke R. Gottlieb, Gerald Friedland, Ajay Divakaran, Mark Hasegawa-Johnson. On the Applicability of Speaker Diarization to Audio Indexing of Non-Speech and Mixed Non-Speech/Speech Video Soundtracks
20 -- 44Tomas Homola, Vlastislav Dohnal, Pavel Zezula. On Combining Sequence Alignment and Feature-Quantization for Sub-Image Searching
45 -- 65Abhishek Bhattacharya, Zhenyu Yang, Deng Pan. Query Adaptation Techniques in Temporal-DHT for P2P Media Streaming Applications
66 -- 82Song Gao, Chengcui Zhang, Wei-bang Chen. Color Image Segmentation: From the View of Projective Clustering

Volume 3, Issue 2

1 -- 19Håvard Espeland, Håkon Kvale Stensland, Dag Haavi Finstad, Pål Halvorsen. Reducing Processing Demands for Multi-Rate Video Encoding: Implementation and Evaluation
20 -- 40Felipe Lacet S. Ferreira, Tiago Maritan Ugulino de Araújo, Felipe Hermínio Lemos, Gutenberg Pessoa Botelho Neto, José Ivan Bezerra Vilarouca Filho, Guido Lemos de Souza Filho. Generating Window of Sign Languages on ITU J.200-Based Middlewares
41 -- 57Steven Pigeon, Stéphane Coulombe. K-Means Based Prediction of Transcoded JPEG File Size and Structural Similarity
58 -- 75Hiroko Mitarai, Atsuo Yoshitaka. Emocap: Video Shooting Support System for Non-Expert Users

Volume 3, Issue 1

1 -- 16Roberto Tronci, Luca Piras, Giorgio Giacinto. Performance Evaluation of Relevance Feedback for Image Retrieval by "Real-World" Multi-Tagged Image Datasets
17 -- 35Bo Yang 0005, Mareboyana Manohar. Location-Aware Caching for Semantic-Based Image Queries in Mobile AD HOC Networks
36 -- 48Simon Clippingdale, Mahito Fujii. Video Face Tracking and Recognition with Skin Region Extraction and Deformable Template Matching
49 -- 62Klaus Schoeffmann, David Ahlström. An Evaluation of Color Sorting for Image Browsing