Journal: IJMHCI

Volume 12, Issue 3

1 -- 20Sanjay Dhingra, Shelly Gupta. Behavioural Intention to Use Mobile Banking: An Extension of UTAUT2 Model
21 -- 45Ajay K. Gupta 0006, Udai Shanker. A Literature Review of Location-Aware Computing Policies: Taxonomy and Empirical Analysis in Mobile Environment
46 -- 59Chiho Ok. How Growing Older Leads to Different Patterns in Smartphone Usage Among Genders: Evidence From Korea

Volume 12, Issue 2

1 -- 21Helge Nissen, Monique Janneck. Layout Optimization for Online Questionnaires on Mobile Devices
22 -- 39Muhammad Nazrul Islam, Md. Arman Ahmed, A. K. M. Najmul Islam. Chakuri-Bazaar: A Mobile Application for Illiterate and Semi-Literate People for Searching Employment
40 -- 52Hugh Kellam. Developing Interactive Mobile Learning Experiences for Healthcare Professionals: Content and Community of Practice Recommendations
53 -- 71Zixi Liu, Jian Yang, Lin Ling. Exploring the Influence of Live Streaming in Mobile Commerce on Adoption Intention From a Social Presence Perspective

Volume 12, Issue 1

1 -- 21Isaac Kofi Mensah, Luo Chuanyong, Guohua Zeng. Factors Determining the Continued Intention to Use Mobile Money Transfer Services (MMTS) Among University Students in Ghana
22 -- 41Ornella Mich, Gianluca Schiavo, Michela Ferron, Nadia Mana. Framing the Design Space of Multimodal Mid-Air Gesture and Speech-Based Interaction With Mobile Devices for Older People
42 -- 57Don Donghee Shin, Park Beede, Mohammed Ibahrine, Bouziane Zaid. Thumb Movement and Touch-Based Interaction Heuristics in Smart Devices: Advances in Human and Smart Device Interaction