Journal: International Journal of Parallel Programming

Volume 3, Issue 4

273 -- 287Flavio R. Dias Velasco, Celso de Renna e Souza. Sequential syntactical decoding
289 -- 327Sheila A. Greibach. W-grammars
329 -- 343Bruce H. McCormick, Sadali N. Jayaramamurthy. Time series model for texture synthesis
345 -- 362André Bouckaert. Computer diagnosis of goiters. The optimal size of optimal subsymptomatologies

Volume 3, Issue 3

189 -- 196Jay Earley. Syntax extension using a run time model
197 -- 216Gary Lindstrom. Algorithms for list structure condensation
217 -- 250Jack Minker, Gordon J. van der Brug. Representations of the language recognition problem for a theorem prover
251 -- 271Hung Chi Lai, Tomoyasu Nakagawa, Saburo Muroga. Redundancy check technique for designing optimal networks by branch-and-bound method

Volume 3, Issue 2

105 -- 122Jack Minker, James R. McSkimin, Daniel H. Fishman. MRPPS - An interactive refutation proof procedure system for question-answering
123 -- 128Seiichi Nishihara, Hiroshi Hagiwara. A full table quadratic search method eliminating secondary clustering
129 -- 139Abraham Kandel. Application of fuzzy logic to the detection of static hazards in combinational switching systems
141 -- 151Eugene S. Santos. One-way acceptors and languages
153 -- 166C. A. Mateescu, Ion O. Stamatescu. On an information processing model applied to optical illusions and computer simulations
167 -- 188Michael Stonebraker. The choice of partial inversions and combined indices

Volume 3, Issue 1

1 -- 31Jacques Cohen, Laurent Trilling, Peter Wegner. A nucleus of a theorem-prover described inAlgol -68
33 -- 57Edward K. Bowdon Sr., Sandra A. Mamrak, Fred R. Salz. A simulation tool for performance evaluation of the IBM 360/75
59 -- 70James P. Ignizio, R. M. Harnett. Heuristically aided set-covering algorithms
71 -- 89André Bouckaert. Computer diagnosis of goiters. IV. Optimal planning of physical observations
91 -- 101Ben Shneiderman. A model for optimizing indexed file structures