Journal: International Journal of Parallel Programming

Volume 31, Issue 6

407 -- 409Alex Orailoglu. Guest Editor s Introduction
411 -- 428Kubilay Atasu, Laura Pozzi, Paolo Ienne. Automatic Application-Specific Instruction-Set Extensions Under Microarchitectural Constraints
429 -- 449Nathan Clark, Hongtao Zhong, Wilkin Tang, Scott A. Mahlke. Automatic Design of Application Specific Instruction Set Extensions Through Dataflow Graph Exploration
451 -- 467José L. Ayala, Alexander V. Veidenbaum, Marisa Luisa López-Vallejo. Power-Aware Compilation for Register File Energy Reduction
469 -- 487G. Surendra, Subhasis Banerjee, S. K. Nandy. On the Effectiveness of Flow Aggregation in Improving Instruction Reuse in Network Processing Applications
489 -- 506Christopher Kachris, Nikolaos G. Bourbakis, Apostolos Dollas. A Reconfigurable Logic-Based Processor for the SCAN Image and Video Encryption Algorithm

Volume 31, Issue 5

339 -- 391Han-Saem Yun, Jihong Kim, Soo-Mook Moon. Time Optimal Software Pipelining of Loops with Control Flows
393 -- 406Keqin Li. On the Performance of Randomized Embedding of Reproduction Trees in Static Networks

Volume 31, Issue 4

251 -- 283Silvius Rus, Lawrence Rauchwerger, Jay Hoeflinger. Hybrid Analysis: Static & Dynamic Memory Reference Analysis
285 -- 303Richard L. Graham, Sung-Eun Choi, David J. Daniel, Nehal N. Desai, Ronald Minnich, Craig Edward Rasmussen, L. Dean Risinger, Mitchel W. Sukalski. A Network-Failure-Tolerant Message-Passing System for Terascale Clusters
305 -- 338Venkata K. Pingali, Sally A. McKee, Wilson C. Hsieh, John B. Carter. Restructuring Computations for Temporal Data Cache Locality

Volume 31, Issue 3

185 -- 196Daisuke Takahashi, Mitsuhisa Sato, Taisuke Boku. Performance Evaluation of the Hitachi SR8000 Using SPEC OMP2001 Benchmarks
197 -- 209Hideki Saito, Greg Gaertner, Wesley B. Jones, Rudolf Eigenmann, Hidetoshi Iwashita, Ron Lieberman, G. Matthijs van Waveren, Brian Whitney. Large System Performance of SPEC OMP Benchmark Suites
211 -- 223Hirofumi Nakano, Kazuhisa Ishizaka, Motoki Obata, Keiji Kimura, Hironori Kasahara. Static Coarse Grain Task Scheduling with Cache Optimization Using OpenMP
225 -- 249Seung-Jai Min, Ayon Basumallik, Rudolf Eigenmann. Optimizing OpenMP Programs on Software Distributed Shared Memory Systems

Volume 31, Issue 2

77 -- 105Alfredo Cristóbal-Salas, Andrei Tchernykh, Jean-Luc Gaudiot, Wen-Yen Lin. Non-Strict Execution in Parallel and Distributed Computing
107 -- 136Patricio Bulic, Veselko Gustin. An Extended ANSI C for Processors with a Multimedia Extension
137 -- 177Zhijian Lu, John Lach, Mircea R. Stan, Kevin Skadron. Alloyed Branch History: Combining Global and Local Branch History for Robust Performance

Volume 31, Issue 1

1 -- 2Kazuki Joe. Guest Editor s Introduction
3 -- 19Siegfried Benkner, Viera Sipková. Exploiting Distributed-Memory and Shared-Memory Parallelism on Clusters of SMPs with Data Parallel Programs
21 -- 33Minsoo Jeon, Dongseung Kim. Parallel Merge Sort with Load Balancing
35 -- 53J. Davison de St. Germain, Alan Morris, Steven G. Parker, Allen D. Malony, Sameer Shende. Performance Analysis Integration in the Uintah Software Development Cycle
55 -- 75Takeshi Iwashita, Masaaki Shimasaki. Block Red-Black Ordering: A New Ordering Strategy for Parallelization of ICCG Method