Journal: International Journal of Parallel Programming

Volume 39, Issue 6

663 -- 693Yu-Min Lu, Peng-Sheng Chen. Probabilistic Alias Analysis of Executable Code
694 -- 716Håkan Sundell. Wait-Free Multi-Word Compare-and-Swap Using Greedy Helping and Grabbing
717 -- 745Masroor Hussain, Muhammad Abid, Mushtaq Ahmad, Ashfaq Khokhar, Arif Masud. A Parallel Implementation of ALE Moving Mesh Technique for FSI Problems using OpenMP
746 -- 782Kayhan M. Imre, Cesur Baransel, Harun Artuner. Efficient and Scalable Routing Algorithms for Collective Communication Operations on 2D All-Port Torus Networks
783 -- 808Brian Demsky. Using Discrete Event Simulation to Analyze Contention Managers
809 -- 837Seçkin Sanci, Veysi Isler. A Parallel Algorithm for UAV Flight Route Planning on GPU

Volume 39, Issue 5

533 -- 552Shaoshan Liu, Christine Eisenbeis, Jean-Luc Gaudiot. Value Prediction and Speculative Execution on GPU
553 -- 581Ralf Hoffmann, Thomas Rauber. Adaptive Task Pools: Efficiently Balancing Large Number of Tasks on Shared-address Spaces
582 -- 583Can Özturan, Dan Grigoras. Guest Editorial: Parallel and Distributed Computing
584 -- 614Anne Benoit, Hinde-Lilia Bouziane, Yves Robert. Optimizing the Reliability of Streaming Applications Under Throughput Constraints
615 -- 638George C. Caragea, Alexandros Tzannes, Fuat Keceli, Rajeev Barua, Uzi Vishkin. Resource-Aware Compiler Prefetching for Fine-Grained Many-Cores
639 -- 661Alper Sen, Baris Aksanli, Murat Bozkurt. Speeding Up Cycle Based Logic Simulation Using Graphics Processing Units

Volume 39, Issue 4

451 -- 472Shaoshan Liu, Ligang Wang, Xiao-Feng Li, Jean-Luc Gaudiot. Space-and-Time Efficient Parallel Garbage Collector for Data-Intensive Applications
473 -- 493Ying Qian, Ahmad Afsahi. Process Arrival Pattern Aware Alltoall and Allgather on InfiniBand Clusters
494 -- 521Luca Benini, R. Grottesi, S. Morigi, Martino Ruggiero. Parallel Rendering and Animation of Subdivision Surfaces on the Cell BE Processor
522 -- 532Kush K. Kella, Aasia Khanum. APCFS: Autonomous and Parallel Compressed File System

Volume 39, Issue 3

271 -- 295Christian Fensch, Marcelo Cintra. An Evaluation of an OS-Based Coherence Scheme for Tiled CMPs
296 -- 327Grigori Fursin, Yuriy Kashnikov, Abdul Wahid Memon, Zbigniew Chamski, Olivier Temam, Mircea Namolaru, Elad Yom-Tov, Bilha Mendelson, Ayal Zaks, Eric Courtois, François Bodin, Phil Barnard, Elton Ashton, Edwin V. Bonilla, John Thomson, Christopher K. I. Williams, Michael F. P. O Boyle. Milepost GCC: Machine Learning Enabled Self-tuning Compiler
328 -- 356Arnaud Grasset, Philippe Millet, Philippe Bonnot, Sami Yehia, Wolfram Putzke-Röming, Fabio Campi, Alberto Rosti, Michael Hübner, Nikolaos S. Voros, Davide Rossi, Henning Sahlbach, Rolf Ernst. The MORPHEUS Heterogeneous Dynamically Reconfigurable Platform
357 -- 374Rafael Tornero, Juan Manuel Orduña, Andres Mejia, Jose Flich, José Duato. A Communication-Driven Routing Technique for Application-Specific NoCs
375 -- 396Enrique Vallejo, Sutirtha Sanyal, Tim Harris, Fernando Vallejo, Ramón Beivide, Osman S. Unsal, Adrián Cristal, Mateo Valero. Hybrid Transactional Memory with Pessimistic Concurrency Control
397 -- 450Harm Munk, Eduard Ayguadé, Cédric Bastoul, Paul M. Carpenter, Zbigniew Chamski, Albert Cohen, Marco Cornero, Philippe Dumont, Marc Duranton, Mohammed Fellahi, Roger Ferrer, Razya Ladelsky, Menno Lindwer, Xavier Martorell, Cupertino Miranda, Dorit Nuzman, Andrea C. Ornstein, Antoniu Pop, Sebastian Pop, Louis-Noël Pouchet, Alex Ramírez, David Ródenas, Erven Rohou, Ira Rosen, Uzi Shvadron, Konrad Trifunovic, Ayal Zaks. ACOTES Project: Advanced Compiler Technologies for Embedded Streaming

Volume 39, Issue 2

143 -- 182Ghada F. El-Kabbany, Nayer M. Wanas, Nadia H. Hegazi, Samir I. Shaheen. A Dynamic Load Balancing Framework for Real-time Applications in Message Passing Systems
183 -- 201Kenneth A. Hawick, Arno Leist, Daniel P. Playne. Regular Lattice and Small-World Spin Model Simulations Using CUDA and GPUs
202 -- 231Simon Uzezi Ewedafe, Rio Hirowati Shariffudin. Parallel Implementation of 2-D Telegraphic Equation on MPI/PVM Cluster
232 -- 269Nasser Giacaman, Oliver Sinnen. Parallel Iterator for Parallelizing Object-Oriented Applications

Volume 39, Issue 1

1 -- 2Valentina Salapura, José E. Moreira, Sally A. McKee. Guest Editors Introduction
3 -- 32Daniele Paolo Scarpazza. Top-Performance Tokenization and Small-Ruleset Regular Expression Matching - A Quantitative Performance Analysis and Optimization Study on the Cell/B.E. Processor
33 -- 61Arrvindh Shriraman, Sandhya Dwarkadas. Analyzing Conflicts in Hardware-Supported Memory Transactions
62 -- 87Mehmet Belgin, Godmar Back, Calvin J. Ribbens. A Library for Pattern-based Sparse Matrix Vector Multiply
88 -- 114Rob van Nieuwpoort, John W. Romein. Correlating Radio Astronomy Signals with Many-Core Hardware
115 -- 142Jiayuan Meng, Kevin Skadron. A Performance Study for Iterative Stencil Loops on GPUs with Ghost Zone Optimizations