Journal: IJSSCI

Volume 1, Issue 4

1 -- 16Yingxu Wang. On Visual Semantic Algebra (VSA): A Denotational Mathematical Structure for Modeling and Manipulating Visual Objects and Patterns
17 -- 35Ping Chen, Wei Ding 0003, Chengmin Ding. A Lexical Knowledge Representation Model for Natural Language Understanding
36 -- 60Ádám Csapó, Barna Reskó, Morten Lind, Péter Baranyi. A Generic Framework for Feature Representations in Image Categorization Tasks
61 -- 89Ning Fang, Xiangfeng Luo, Weimin Xu. Measuring Textual Context Based on Cognitive Principles
90 -- 110Yucong Duan. A Dualism Based Semantics Formalization Mechanism for Model Driven Engineering
111 -- 137Yingxu Wang, Cyprian F. Ngolah, Hadi Ahmadi, Philip Sheu, Shi Ying. The Formal Design Model of a Lift Dispatching System (LDS)

Volume 1, Issue 3

1 -- 15Yingxu Wang. On Cognitive Computing
16 -- 35W. Kinsner. Challenges in the Design of Adoptive, Intelligent and Cognitive Systems
36 -- 52Ricardo R. Jorge, Gerardo Reyes Salgado, Vianey Guadalupe Cruz Sánchez. An Enhanced Petri Net Model to Verify and Validate a Neural-Symbolic Hybrid System
53 -- 66Jun Zhao, Guoyin Wang. System Uncertainty Based Data-Driven Knowledge Acquisition
67 -- 80Luis Fernando de Mingo López, Nuria Gómez Blas, Fernando Arroyo, Juan Castellanos. Hierarchical Function Approximation with a Neural Network Model
81 -- 91Bo Zhang, Franklin W. Schwartz, Daoqin Tong. Application of Artificial Neural Computation in Topex Waveform Data: A Case Study on Water Ratio Regression
92 -- 116Yingxu Wang. The Formal Design Model of a Telephone Switching System (TSS)

Volume 1, Issue 2

1 -- 19Yingxu Wang, Shushma Patel. Exploring the Cognitive Foundations of Software Engineering
20 -- 30Capers Jones. Positive and Negative Innovations in Software Engineering
31 -- 53Yingxu Wang. On the Cognitive Complexity of Software and its Quantification and Formal Measurement
54 -- 72Yann-Gaël Guéhéneuc. A Theory of Program Comprehension: Joining Vision Science and Program Comprehension
73 -- 90G. S. Mahalakshmi, T. V. Geetha. Requirements Elicitation by Defect Elimination: An Indian Logic Perspective
91 -- 100Sanjay Misra. Measurement of Cognitive Functional Sizes of Software
101 -- 115Sugumar Mariappanadar. Motivational Gratification: An Integrated Work Motivation Model with Information System Design Perspective

Volume 1, Issue 1

1 -- 17Yingxu Wang. On Abstract Intelligence: Toward a Unifying Theory of Natural, Artificial, Machinable, and Computational Intelligence
18 -- 31Witold Pedrycz. Hierarchies of Architectures of Collaborative Computational Intelligence
32 -- 50Eric Bouillet, Mark Feblowitz, Zhen Liu, Anand Ranganathan, Anton Riabov. Semantic Matching, Propagation and Transformation for Composition in Component-Based Systems
51 -- 63Jeffrey J. P. Tsai, Jia Zhang, Jeff J. S. Huang, Stephen J. H. Yang. Supporting CSCW and CSCL with Intelligent Social Grouping Services
64 -- 86Yingxu Wang, Lotfi A. Zadeh, Yiyu Yao. On the System Algebra Foundations for Granular Computing
87 -- 99Marina L. Gavrilova. Adaptive Computation Paradigm in Knowledge Representation: Traditional and Emerging Applications
100 -- 111Janusz Kacprzyk, Slawomir Zadrozny. Protoforms of Linguistic Database Summaries as a Human Consistent Tool for Using Natural Language in Data Mining
112 -- 125Du Zhang. Machine Learning and Value-Based Software Engineering