Journal: IJSSCI

Volume 2, Issue 4

1 -- 15Bernard Widrow, Juan Aragon. Cognitive Memory: Human Like Memory
16 -- 31Witold Pedrycz. Granular Computing and Human-Centricity in Computational Intelligence
32 -- 44Yingxu Wang, Witold Pedrycz, George Baciu, Ping Chen, Guoyin Wang, Yiyu Yao. Perspectives on Cognitive Computing and Applications
45 -- 59Wei Feng, Haixia Wu. Delay-Range-Dependent Robust Stability for Uncertain Stochastic Neural Networks with Time-Varying Delays
60 -- 71Lúcio de Souza Coelho, Ben Goertzel, Cassio Pennachin, Chris Heward. Classifier Ensemble Based Analysis of a Genome-Wide SNP Dataset Concerning Late-Onset Alzheimer Disease
72 -- 100Yingxu Wang, Xinming Tan, Cyprian F. Ngolah, Philip Sheu. The Formal Design Models of a Set of Abstract Data Types (ADTs)

Volume 2, Issue 3

1 -- 20Carlos Ramirez, Benjamín Valdés. A General Knowledge Representation Model for the Acquisition of Skills and Concepts
21 -- 31Eddie C. L. Chan, George Baciu, S. C. Mak. Cognitive Location-Aware Information Retrieval by Agent-Based Semantic Matching
32 -- 51Haibin Zhu. Role-Based Autonomic Systems
52 -- 61Qiumei Pu, Yongcun Cao, Xiuqin Pan, Si-Yao Fu, Zeng-Guang Hou. Combining Ontology with Intelligent Agent to Provide Negotiation Service
62 -- 78Jirí Wiedermann. A High Level Model of a Conscious Embodied Agent
79 -- 105Yingxu Wang, Guangping Zeng, Cyprian F. Ngolah, Philip Sheu, C. Choy, Yousheng Tian. The Formal Design Model of a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS+): Static and Dynamic Behaviors

Volume 2, Issue 2

1 -- 18Witold Kinsner, Hong Zhang. Multi-Fractal Analysis for Feature Extraction from DNA Sequences
19 -- 43Chandra Das, Pradipta Maji. Relevant and Non-Redundant Amino Acid Sequence Selection for Protein Functional Site Identification
44 -- 65Yingxu Wang, Xinming Tan, Cyprian F. Ngolah. Design and Implementation of an Autonomic Code Generator Based on RTPA
66 -- 85Yang Liu, Luyang Jiao, Guohua Bai, Boqin Feng. Feature Based Rule Learner in Noisy Environment Using Neighbourhood Rough Set Model
86 -- 104Shaohua Teng, Wei Zhang, Haibin Zhu, Xiufen Fu, Jiangyi Su, Baoliang Cui. A Least-Laxity-First Scheduling Algorithm of Variable Time Slice for Periodic Tasks
105 -- 122Yingxu Wang, Cyprian F. Ngolah, Guangping Zeng, Philip Sheu, C. Choy, Yousheng Tian. The Formal Design Model of a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS+): Conceptual and Architectural Frameworks

Volume 2, Issue 1

1 -- 23Takuo Suganuma, Hideyuki Takahashi, Norio Shiratori. Agent-Based Middleware for Advanced Communication Services in a Ubiquitous Computing Environment
24 -- 37Victor V. Kryssanov, Shizuka Kumokawa, Igor Goncharenko, Hitoshi Ogawa. Perceiving the Social: A Multi-Agent System to Support Human Navigation in Foreign Communities
38 -- 51Claude Moulin, Marco Luca Sbodio. Symbiotic Aspects in e-Government Application Development
52 -- 71Gilson Yukio Sato, Jean-Paul A. Barthès. CoPBoard: A Catalyst for Distributed Communities of Practice
72 -- 85Nilar Aye, Takuro Ito, Fumio Hattori, Kazuhiro Kuwabara, Kiyoshi Yasuda. Remote Conversation Support for People with Aphasia
86 -- 101Takuya Maekawa, Yutaka Yanagisawa, Takeshi Okadome. Estimating which Object Type a Sensor Node is Attached to in Ubiquitous Sensor Environment
102 -- 131Yingxu Wang, Yanan Zhang, Philip Sheu, Xuhui Li, Hong Guo. The Formal Design Model of an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM)