Journal: IMPACT Comput. Sci. Eng.

Volume 4, Issue 4

269 -- 314Jens Lang, Artur Walter. A finite element method adaptive in space and time for nonlinear reaction-diffusion systems
315 -- 345W. Achtziger, Martin P. Bends√łe, Aharon Ben-Tal, Jochem Zowe. Equivalent displacement based formulations for maximum strength truss topology design

Volume 4, Issue 3

195 -- 216P. J. van der Houwen, Ben P. Sommeijer. Fractional runge-kutta methods with application to convection-diffusion equations
217 -- 249Alexander Bespalov, Yuri Kuznetsov, Olivier Pironneau, Marie-Gabrielle Vallet. Fictitious domains with separable preconditioners versus unstructured adapted meshes
250 -- 268Peter Maass, W. Treimer, U. Feye-Treimer. Tomographic methods for 2D reconstruction with the double crystal diffractometer

Volume 4, Issue 2

97 -- 123Jianping Zhu, Yung Ming Chen. Parameter estimation for multiphase reservoir models on hypercubes
124 -- 152Stefan Sauter, Gabriel Wittum. A multigrid method for the computation of eigenmodes of closed water basins
153 -- 193Michael Wulkow. Adaptive treatment of polyreactions in weighted sequence spaces

Volume 4, Issue 1

1 -- 45Folkmar A. Bornemann. An adaptive multilevel approach to parabolic equations III. 2D error estimation and multilevel preconditioning
46 -- 79Mitchell D. Smooke, V. Giovangigli. Numerical modeling of axisymmetric laminar diffusion flames
80 -- 96C.-H. Liu, Osama A. Kandil, Tin-Chee Wong. Passive control of supersonic asymmetric vortical flows around cones