Journal: Int. J. Imaging Systems and Technology

Volume 19, Issue 4

277 -- 282Jeong-Won Jeong, Dae C. Shin, Vasilis Z. Marmarelis. Image fusion methodology for efficient interpretation of multiband images in 3D high-resolution ultrasonic transmission tomography
283 -- 289Ken'ichi Fujimoto, Mio Musashi, Tetsuya Yoshinaga. Reduced model of discrete-time dynamic image segmentation system and its bifurcation analysis
290 -- 298D. Shiloah Elizabeth, A. Kannan, H. Khanna Nehemiah. Computer-aided diagnosis system for the detection of bronchiectasis in chest computed tomography images
299 -- 305Wei Chien, Chi-Hsien Sun, Chien-Ching Chiu. Image reconstruction for a partially immersed imperfectly conducting cylinder by genetic algorithm
306 -- 315Jafar Mansouri, Morteza Khademi. An adaptive scheme for compressed video steganography using temporal and spatial features of the video signal
316 -- 322Chunhua Yang, Canhui Xu, Weihua Gui, Kaijun Zhou. Application of highlight removal and multivariate image analysis to color measurement of flotation bubble images
323 -- 331Byung Jun Kang, Kang Ryoung Park. A study on restoration of iris images with motion-and-optical blur on mobile iris recognition devices
332 -- 339Kuo-Cheng Liu. Color-edge detection based on discrimination of noticeable color contrasts
340 -- 349Zhao-Guang Liu, Yu Wang. Intra mode selection in downsizing video transcoder based on H.264
350 -- 355Xiao Hua Chen, Chun-zhi Li. Cross-band fusion by energy weight as solution to illumination and arch restrictions in palm-print recognition
356 -- 361Jing-Ming Guo, Chih-Yu Lin. Complexity-reduced and contrast-enhanced halftoning with hybrid model
362 -- 368Yung-Kuan Chan, Ching-Lin Wang. An image compression method based on multiple models for the probabilities of patterns

Volume 19, Issue 3

167 -- 174Huei-Yung Lin, Wen-Nung Lie, Min Liang Wang. A framework of view-dependent planar scene active camouflage
175 -- 178S. Selvakumar Raja, Mala John. EM algorithm-based adaptive custom thresholding for image denoising in wavelet domain
179 -- 186Eui Chul Lee, Hyeon Chang Lee, Kang Ryoung Park. Finger vein recognition using minutia-based alignment and local binary pattern-based feature extraction
187 -- 198Ali Reza Vard, Payman Moallem, Ahmad Reza Naghsh-Nilchi. Texture-based parametric active contour for target detection and tracking
199 -- 207Mohamad M. Awad, Kacem Chehdi. Satellite image segmentation using hybrid variable genetic algorithm
208 -- 220Miguel A. Patricio, Jesús García, Antonio Berlanga, José M. Molina. Visual data association for real-time video tracking using genetic and estimation of distribution algorithms
221 -- 226Gengsheng L. Zeng. Compensating for nonstationary blurring by further blurring and deconvolution
227 -- 235Shiguo Lian. Secure video distribution scheme based on partial encryption
236 -- 243Dalcimar Casanova, Jarbas J. de Mesquita Sá Junior, Odemir Martinez Bruno. Plant leaf identification using Gabor wavelets
244 -- 259Nanda Surendran, Xun W. Xu, Oliver Stead, Heather Silyn-Roberts. Contemporary technologies for 3D digitization of Maori and Pacific Island artifacts
260 -- 270Chuen-Horng Lin, Yung-Kuan Chan, Chun-Chieh Chen. Detection and segmentation of cervical cell cytoplast and nucleus
271 -- 276Yan Yan, Gengsheng Lawrence Zeng. Attenuation map estimation with SPECT emission data only

Volume 19, Issue 2

37 -- 38Reneta P. Barneva, Valentin E. Brimkov. Guest editorial: Contemporary challenges in combinatorial image analysis
39 -- 49Reneta P. Barneva, Valentin E. Brimkov, Kamen Kanev. Combining ubiquitous direction-sensitive digitizing with a multimedia electronic dictionary for enhanced understanding
50 -- 68Leonardo Marques Rocha, Fabio A. M. Cappabianco, Alexandre Xavier Falcão. Data clustering as an optimum-path forest problem with applications in image analysis
69 -- 79Jan Cech, Radim Sára. Languages for constrained binary segmentation based on maximum a posteriori probability labeling
80 -- 90Yunqian Ma, Petr Císar, Aniruddha Kembhavi. Motion segmentation and activity representation in crowds
91 -- 99Md. Atiqur Rahman Ahad, Joo Kooi Tan, Hyoungseop Kim, Seiji Ishikawa. Temporal motion recognition and segmentation approach
100 -- 110Rafael Beserra Gomes, Lucas M. Oliveira, Laurindo S. Britto Neto, Tiago S. Santos, Gilbran S. Andrade, Bruno M. Carvalho, Luiz M. G. Gonçalves. Producing stylized videos using the AnimVideo rendering tool
111 -- 119Su Wang, Hongyu Lu, Zhengrong Liang. A theoretical solution to MAP-EM partial volume segmentation of medical images
120 -- 131João P. Papa, Alexandre X. Falcão, Celso T. N. Suzuki. Supervised pattern classification based on optimum-path forest
132 -- 139Gabriele Pulcini. Computing surfaces via pq-permutations
140 -- 145T. Kalyani, V. Rajkumar Dare, D. Gnanaraj Thomas. Recognizability of iso-picture languages by Wang systems
146 -- 157Benedek Nagy, Robin Strand. Neighborhood sequences in the diamond grid: Algorithms with two and three neighbors
158 -- 166Kunio Aizawa, Shojiro Tanaka, Koyo Motomura, Ryosuke Kadowaki. Algorithms for connected component labeling based on quadtrees

Volume 19, Issue 1

1 -- 4Hua Lee. Resolution trade-off analysis for aperture size and signaling bandwidth of diffraction tomography based on spatial-frequency spectral coverage
5 -- 9Imen Fourati Kallel, Mohamed Salim Bouhlel, Jean-Christophe Lapayre, Éric Garcia. Control of dermatology image integrity using reversible watermarking
10 -- 13Julius Butime, Luis Galo Corzo, Luis Fontan, Íñigo Gutiérrez García, Ainhoa Galarza, Iñaki Sancho. Conoscopic holograms analysis using variations of the Hough transform
14 -- 26Nikos A. Nikolaou, Nikos Papamarkos. Color reduction for complex document images
27 -- 36Alfred M. Bruckstein, Robert J. Holt, Arun N. Netravali. Iterative algorithm for optimal fiducials under weak perspective projection