Journal: Int. J. Imaging Systems and Technology

Volume 2, Issue 4

249 -- 250T. S. Huang. Guest editorial
251 -- 266Hsien-Che Lee. Chromatic edge detection: Idealization and reality
267 -- 284James M. Keller, Young-Bo Seo. Local fractal geometric features for image segmentation
285 -- 295Claus-E. Liedtke, Arnold Blömer, Thomas Gahm. Knowledge-Based configuration of image segmentation processes
296 -- 314Eamon B. Barrett, Paul M. Payton, Michael H. Brill, Nils N. Haag. Invariants under image perspective transformations: Theory and examples
315 -- 328Kevin W. Bowyer, Charles R. Dyer. Aspect graphs: An introduction and survey of recent results
329 -- 344Scott T. Acton, Alan C. Bovik. Feature classification techniques in model-based object recognition
345 -- 355Amit Bandopadhay, John Aloimonos. Image motion estimation by clustering
356 -- 370Olivier D. Faugeras, Nassir Navab, Rachid Deriche. Information contained in the motion field of lines and the cooperation between motion and stereo
371 -- 379Xinhua Zhuang, Yunxin Zhao, Thomas S. Huang. Residual-Based robust estimation and image-motion analysis
380 -- 384Stephen J. Maybank. Properties of essential matrices
385 -- 394Chang Wen Chen, Thomas S. Huang. Nonrigid object motion and deformation estimation from three-dimensional data

Volume 2, Issue 3

157 -- 168K. Eisenloffel, H. Adeli. Imaging techniques for cable network structures
169 -- 182Dmitry B. Goldgof, Thomas S. Huang, Hua Lee. Terrain analysis from curvature profiles
183 -- 199John Rasure, Danielle Argiro, Tom Sauer, Carla S. Williams. Visual language and software development environment for image processing
200 -- 202Hua Lee, Richard Y. Chiao. Tomographic reconstruction of multiple-layer specimens with the scanning tomographic acoustic microscope
203 -- 208A. Korpel, D. J. Mehrl, S. Samson. Beam profiling by vibrating knife edge: Implications for near-field optical scanning microscopy
209 -- 218Helen Na, Hua Lee. Resolution analysis of tomographic reconstruction of electron density profiles in the Ionosphere
219 -- 230Hsueh-Jyh Li, Sheng-Hui Yang, Ta-Yung Liu, Shih-Liang Yen, Yuhsyen Shen, Nabil H. Farhat. Microwave imaging of moving objects
231 -- 238Jorge Morales, George A. McMechan. Imaging of earthquake sources
239 -- 247Glenn R. Heidbreder. Maximum entropy methods in coherent radar imaging

Volume 2, Issue 2

65 -- 0Weng Cho Chew. Guest editorial
66 -- 75Margaret Cheney, David Isaacson, Jonathan C. Newell, S. Simske, J. Goble. NOSER: An algorithm for solving the inverse conductivity problem
76 -- 95F.-C. Lin, Michael A. Fiddy. Image estimation from scattered field data
96 -- 111Y. M. Wang, Weng Cho Chew. Limited-Angle inverse scattering problems and their applications for geophysical explorations
112 -- 118Shin-Yee Lu, James G. Berryman. Inverse scattering, seismic traveltime tomography, and neural networks
119 -- 126R. E. Kleinman, P. M. Van Den Berg. Nonlinearized approach to profile inversion
127 -- 133Kostas T. Ladas, George A. Tsihrintzis. Contour reconstruction in diffraction tomography
134 -- 143James H. Justice. Layer-Stripping direct traveltime inversion for seismic data
144 -- 156Jean-Charles Bolomey, Christian Pichot. Microwave tomography: From theory to practical imaging systems

Volume 2, Issue 1

1 -- 12Raymon L. Brown. Wavelet estimation: A first step toward increasing image resolution
13 -- 24A. J. Berkhout, A. Van Der Schoot, R. Romijn. Seismic imaging by shot record migration: A case study
25 -- 36Sung J. Kwon, Song B. Park, Whan W. Kim. Solution of convergence problem in ultrasound inverse scattering tomography
37 -- 46Hsueh-Jyh Li, Ta-Yung Liu, Sheng-Hui Yang. Superhigh image resolution for microwave imaging
47 -- 51J. J. Attard, P. J. McDonald. 2 material using solid echoes
52 -- 54Sidney Lees. New examples of a recursive algorithm for calculating the echo pattern from a multilayered structure: Application to four-layered structures
55 -- 62Zse-Cherng Lin, Hua Lee, Thomas S. Huang. Estimating rigid-body motion from three-dimensional data without matching point correspondences