Journal: Int. J. Imaging Systems and Technology

Volume 22, Issue 4

195 -- 199Amir A. Khaliq, Ijaz M. Qureshi, Jawad A. Shah. Unmixing functional magnetic resonance imaging data using matrix factorization
200 -- 207Yi Zhang, Yi-Fei Pu, Wei-hua Zhang, Jinrong Hu, Han Wang, Ying Jie Lei, Jiliu Zhou. A novel noniterative metal artifact reduction method using coherence transport with fast marching in computed tomography
208 -- 213Xiaojie Duan, Fajie Duan, Changrong Lv. Three-dimensional shape reconstruction system based on fiber-optic interference fringe imaging
214 -- 225Chuen-Horng Lin, Chih-Yang Lin, Yu-Jung Cheng, Yung-Kuan Chan. An automatic evaluation system for contrast-detail phantom images in digital radiography
226 -- 232Jun Shi, Shali Xiao, Lifeng Liu, Yufen Wu. Study of X-ray imaging with toroidally bent crystal
233 -- 240Hang Yang, Zhongbo Zhang, Danyang Wu. Image deconvolution using incomplete Fourier measurements
241 -- 244In-Uk Song, Yong-An Chung, Sung Woo Chung, Ryoong Huh. Clinical value of cardiac I-123 metaiodobenzylguanidine scintigraphy between Parkinson's disease and Parkinson's disease associated dementia
245 -- 249Eun Ji Han, Sang-Hoon Lee, Hyung Sun Sohn, Yong-An Chung, Soo Kyo Chung. Assessment of testicular uptake in flourine-18 fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography/computed tomography

Volume 22, Issue 3

153 -- 160T. L. Tan, Kok-Swee Sim, Chih Ping Tso, A. K. Chong. Contrast enhancement of computed tomography images by adaptive histogram equalization-application for improved ischemic stroke detection
161 -- 165Malaya Kumar Nath, Samarendra Dandapat. Differential entropy in wavelet sub-band for assessment of glaucoma
166 -- 171Salbiah Samsudin, Somaya Adwan, Hamzah Arof, Z. S. Saleh, F. Ibrahim. A new approach to medical image stitching using minimum average correlation energy filter and peak to side-lobe ratio
172 -- 176Stephane Chauvie, Margherita Obertino, Alberto Papaleo, Marta Ruspa, Ada Solano, Luigi Gozzoli, Attilio Gagliano, Alberto Biggi. A method for the visual analysis of early-stage Parkinson's disease based on virtual MRI-derived SPECT images
177 -- 184Hyungmin Kim, Alan Chiu, Shinsuk Park, Seung-Schik Yoo. Image-guided navigation of single-element focused ultrasound transducer
185 -- 193Hsin M. Shieh, Hsin-Chun Yu, Yu-Ching Hsu, Ruei Yu. Resolution enhancement of nondestructive testing from B-scans

Volume 22, Issue 2

103 -- 113Shangbing Gao, Jian Yang, Yunyang Yan. A local modified chan-vese model for segmenting inhomogeneous multiphase images
114 -- 120Gengsheng L. Zeng. Filtered backprojection algorithm can outperform iterative maximum likelihood expectation-maximization algorithm
121 -- 131Yong Hwan Kim, Jong-Hwan Lee. Group inference of default-mode networks from functional magnetic resonance imaging data: comparison of random- and mixed-effects group statistics
132 -- 136Chih-Feng Chen, Ling-Wei Hsu, Chun-Chung Lui, Chen-Chang Lee, Hsu-Huei Weng, Yuan-Hsiung Tsai, Ho-Ling Liu. trans derived from DCE-MRI of brain tumors
137 -- 144Angélica R. Jiménez-Sánchez, Israel Santillán, Juvenal Rodriguez-Resendiz, Carlos A. Gonzalez-Gutierrez, Jorge D. Mendiola-Santibáñez. Morphological contrast index based on the Weber's law
145 -- 152Huanxiang Lu, Lutz-Peter Nolte, Mauricio Reyes. Interest points localization for brain image using landmark-annotated atlas

Volume 22, Issue 1

1 -- 0Jongho Lee. Guest editorial: Special issue on neuroimaging
2 -- 17Andrew Newberg, Daniel Monti, Aleeze Moss, Abass Alavi. Positron emission tomography in neurological and psychiatric disorders
18 -- 22Zang Hee Cho, Chang-Ki Kang, Chan-A. Park, Suk-Min Hong, Sang-Hoon Kim, Seung-Taek Oh, Young-Bo Kim. Microvascular functional MR angiography with ultra-high-field 7 t MRI: Comparison with BOLD fMRI
23 -- 32Taek-Soo Kim, Jongho Lee, Jin Hyung Lee, Gary H. Glover, John M. Pauly. Analysis of the BOLD characteristics in pass-band bSSFP fMRI
33 -- 36Ze Wang, Zhengjun Li, John Pluta, John A. Detre. Improving fMRI activation detection sensitivity using intervoxel coherence mapping
37 -- 43Xiaoyun Liang, Jacques-Donald Tournier, Richard A. J. Masterton, Alan Connelly, Fernando Calamante. k-space sharing 3D GRASE pseudocontinuous ASL method for whole-brain resting-state functional connectivity
44 -- 52Alpay Özcan, Kenneth H. Wong, Linda Larson-Prior, Zang Hee Cho, Seong K. Mun. Background and mathematical analysis of diffusion MRI methods
53 -- 66Jacques-Donald Tournier, Fernando Calamante, Alan Connelly. MRtrix: Diffusion tractography in crossing fiber regions
67 -- 72Nikola Stikov. Improving the accuracy of cross-relaxation imaging
73 -- 80June-Sic Kim, Chun Kee Chung, Hang Joon Jo, Jong-Min Lee, Jun Soo Kwon. Regional thinning of cerebral cortical thickness in first-episode and chronic schizophrenia
81 -- 96István Ákos Mórocz, Firdaus Janoos, Peter van Gelderen, David Manor, Avi Karni, Zvia Breznitz, Michael von Aster, Tammar Kushnir, Ruth Shalev. Time-resolved and spatio-temporal analysis of complex cognitive processes and their role in disorders like developmental dyscalculia
97 -- 102Joon Hwan Jang, Je-Yeon Yun, Wi Hoon Jung, Geumsook Shim, Min Soo Byun, Jae Yeon Hwang, Sung Nyun Kim, Chi-Hoon Choi, Jun Soo Kwon. The impact of genetic variation in comt and bdnf on resting-state functional connectivity