Journal: Int. J. Imaging Systems and Technology

Volume 3, Issue 4

279 -- 299Yuan-Fang Wang, Jeng-Feng Lee, Jih-Fang Wang. Unification scheme for 3D surface reconstruction using physically based models
300 -- 310Yuan-Fang Wang, Jih-Fang Wang. Surface modeling using deformable templates
311 -- 317Sabri A. Mahmoud. Use of fourier and hartley transforms in motion estimation: A comparative study
318 -- 333M. Moghaddam, Weng Cho Chew, M. L. Oristaglio. Comparison of the born iterative method and tarantola's method for an electromagnetic time-domain inverse problem
334 -- 353Richard Y. Chiao, Hua Lee. Recent advances in scanning tomographic acoustic microscopy
354 -- 365Helen Na, Hua Lee. Orthogonal decomposition technique for ionospheric tomography

Volume 3, Issue 3

187 -- 188Eugene Veklerov. Guest editorial
189 -- 200Georgy L. Gimel'farb. Intensity-based computer binocular stereo vision: Signal models and algorithms
201 -- 212Andrei Bezruk. Nonlinear prediction based on a two-level markovian image model and a comparison analysis
213 -- 221Evgeny V. Shchepin, G. M. Nepomnyashchii. Character recognition via critical points
222 -- 226V. M. Kiyko, M. I. Schlesinger. Width-independent fast skeletonization algorithm for binary pictures
227 -- 243Georgy L. Gimel'farb, Alexey Zalesny. Low-level bayesian segmentation of piecewise-homogeneous noisy and textured images
244 -- 248V. V. Matsello. Drawings recognition using two-dimensional graph grammars
249 -- 256D. A. Denisov, M. V. Plaksin. Object synthesis in remote sensing imagery understanding
257 -- 261Oleg R. Musin. Fast geometric transformations for image processing
262 -- 268M. A. Brodsky, V. N. Strakhov. On the uniqueness of determination of a polyhedron by its edges with applications to the inverse potential problem
269 -- 277V. V. Alexandrov, N. D. Gorsky. Can a computer vision system work like the human one?

Volume 3, Issue 2

65 -- 0Charles Elachi. From the guest editor ..
67 -- 75J. L. Anderson, S. A. Collins, K. P. Klaasen, T. H. Reilly. Planetary cameras
76 -- 91M. C. Malin, G. E. Danielson, M. A. Ravine, T. A. Soulanille. Design and development of the mars observer camera
92 -- 107David J. Diner, Carol J. Bruegge, John V. Martonchik, Graham W. Bothwell, Eric D. Danielson, Elmer L. Floyd, Virginia G. Ford, Larry E. Hovland, Kenneth L. Jones, Mary L. White. A multiangle imaging spectroradiometer for terrestrial remote sensing from the earth observing system
108 -- 120David W. Juergens, James E. Duval, Robert F. Lockhart, Yves Langevin, Vittorio Formisano, Giancarlo Bellucci. Visible and infrared mapping spectrometer for exploration of comets, asteroids, and the saturnian system of rings and moons
121 -- 130Thomas J. Magner, Vincent V. Salomonson. Moderate resolution imaging spectrometer-tilt (modis-t)
131 -- 143Alexander F. H. Goetz, Curtiss O. Davis. High resolution imaging spectrometer (Hiris): Science and instrument
144 -- 156Anne B. Kahle, Frank D. Palluconi, Simon J. Hook, Vincent J. Realmuto, Graham W. Bothwell. The advanced spaceborne thermal emission and reflectance radiometer (Aster)
157 -- 166Daniel F. Stanfill IV. Using image pyramids for the visualization of large terrain data sets
167 -- 185Charles Elachi. Spaceborne imaging radars

Volume 3, Issue 1

1 -- 12J. V. Candy, D. R. Manatt, F. L. Barnes, J. A. Becker, E. A. Henry, M. J. Brinkman. Rotational band identification: A model-based detection and estimation approach
13 -- 17Robert Y. Li. Planar-surface matching approach for estimating target location using laser range imagery
18 -- 26Lakshman S. Tamil, A. K. Jordan. Optical waveguides for imaging applications: Design by an inverse scattering approach
27 -- 32Joseph Nodar, Bong Ho. Determination of attenuation-velocity products in a layered homogeneous medium
33 -- 39Fred Godtliebsen, Emil Spjsøtvoll. Comparison of statistical methods in MR imaging
40 -- 57T. M. McGee. Seismic reverberations and the remote estimation of properties of underwater soils
58 -- 63A. Saleh, Hojjat Adeli. Solid modeling of space stations in a concurrent processing environment
64 -- 0Enders A. Robinson. Microwave imaging techniques, by Bernard D. Steinberg and Harish M. Subbaram, Wiley Series in Remote Sensing, Jin Au Kong, Ed., John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, 1991, 361 pp., $64.95, hardbound, ISBN 0-471-50078-X