Journal: Int. J. Imaging Systems and Technology

Volume 8, Issue 6

505 -- 0Z.-P. Liang. Guest editorial
506 -- 512Kenneth M. Hanson, Gregory S. Cunningham, Robert J. McKee. Uncertainty assessment for reconstructions based on deformable geometry
513 -- 518Zhi-Pei Liang, Hao Pan, Richard L. Magin, Narendra Ahuja, Thomas S. Huang. Automated image registration by maximization of a region similarity metric
519 -- 528Gordon E. Sarty. k-plane coordinate reconstruction method for magnetic resonance imaging: Mathematical foundations
529 -- 543Ramesh Venkatesan, E. Mark Haacke. 1-weighted imaging, and image interpolation
544 -- 550Fernando E. Boada, Joseph S. Gillen, Douglas C. Noll, Gary X. Shen, Keith R. Thulborn. Data acquisition and postprocessing strategies for fast quantitative sodium imaging
551 -- 557Zhi-Pei Liang, Hong Jiang, Christopher P. Hess, Paul C. Lauterbur. Dynamic imaging by model estimation
558 -- 564M. R. Smith, L. Chen, Y. Hui, T. Mathews Jr., J. Yang, X. Zeng. Alternatives to the use of the DFT in MRI and spectroscopic reconstructions
565 -- 571Vincenza Viti, Caterina Petrucci, Piero Barone. Prony methods in NMR spectroscopy
572 -- 581Keith R. Thulborn, Steve D. Uttecht, Carlos Betancourt, S. Lalith Talagala, Fernando E. Boada, Gary X. Shen. Functional, physiological, and metabolic toolbox for clinical magnetic resonance imaging: Integration of acquisition and analysis strategies

Volume 8, Issue 5

419 -- 426Pavel Shkarin, Richard G. S. Spencer. Time domain simulation of Fourier imaging by summation of isochromats
427 -- 431Ming-Ting Sun, Dave Boyer, Mike Lukacs. Video bridging for multipoint video conferencing
432 -- 437Iwaki Akiyama. Tomographic reconstruction technique for pulsed-echo imaging
438 -- 443Piero Tortoli, Francesco Guidi, Gabriele Guidi, P. Berti, Carlo Atzeni. Novel instrument for high-resolution ultrasound flow imaging
444 -- 449Kai-Chieh Liang, Jin Li, C. C. Jay Kuo. Embedded wavelet coder with multistage vector quantization
450 -- 456Gary E. Ford, Adel I. El-Fallah. Inhomogeneous surface diffusion for image filtering
457 -- 461Kaoru Arakawa. Fuzzy rule-based image processing
462 -- 467M. P. Kiskinova. Elemental and chemical imaging of interfaces with the scanning photoemission microscope on ELETTRA
468 -- 479Iole Moccagatta, Raj Talluri. MPEG-4 video verification model: Status and directions
480 -- 490Wen-Shiang Vincent Shih, Wei-Chung Lin, Chin-Tu Chen. Morphologic field morphing: Contour model-guided image interpolation
491 -- 504C.-H. Chen, G. G. Lee. Image segmentation using multiresolution wavelet analysis and expectation-maximization (EM) algorithm for digital mammography

Volume 8, Issue 4

337 -- 342P. Lobel, Christian Pichot, Laure Blanc-Féraud, Michel Barlaud. Microwave imaging: Reconstructions from experimental data using conjugate gradient and enhancement by edge-preserving regularization
343 -- 358Peter T. Gough, David W. Hawkins. Unified framework for modern synthetic aperture imaging algorithms
359 -- 376Geoffrey Shippey. Simple algorithms for sonar imaging and bathymetry with a linear swept-frequency (chirp) source
377 -- 385Behzad Kamgar-Parsi, B. Johnson, D. L. Folds, Edward O. Belcher. High-resolution underwater acoustic imaging with lens-based systems
386 -- 395Vittorio Murino, Andrea Trucco. Markov-based methodology for the restoration of underwater acoustic images
396 -- 406R. G. Yaccarino, Yahya Rahmat-Samii. Microwave antenna imaging, diagnostics, and phaseless reconstructions
407 -- 412Stephanie J. Lockwood, Hua Lee. Pulse-echo microwave imaging for NDE of civil structures: Image reconstruction, enhancement, and object recognition
413 -- 418Robert Y. Li, Earnest Sherrod, Jung Kim, Gao Pan. Fast image vector quantization using a modified competitive learning neural network approach

Volume 8, Issue 3

225 -- 239Paul B. Bell Jr., Barbara Safiejko-Mroczka. Preparing whole mounts of biological specimens for imaging macromolecular structures by light and electron microscopy
240 -- 254James N. Turner, Hakan Ancin, Douglas E. Becker, Donald H. Szarowski, Maria Holmes, Nate O'Connor, Michael Wang, Timothy Holmes, Badrinath Roysam. Automated image analysis technologies for biological 3D light microscopy
255 -- 262S. Davis Kent, Hua Lee. Scanning tomographic acoustic microscopy: Development and applications
263 -- 276Sungmin Choi, Xiao-Wu Tang, D. G. Cory. Constant time imaging approaches to NMR microscopy
277 -- 284S. E. Hurlston, Gary P. Cofer, G. Allan Johnson. Optimized radiofrequency coils for increased signal-to-noise ratio in magnetic resonance microscopy
285 -- 292Erik Petersen, Kimberlee Potter, John Butler, Kenneth W. Fishbein, Walter Horton, Richard G. S. Spencer, Eric W. McFarland. Bioreactor and probe system for magnetic resonance microimaging and spectroscopy of chondrocytes and neocartilage
293 -- 300Ratneshwar Lal, Roger Proksch. Multimodal atomic force microscopy: Biological imaging using atomic force microscopy combined with light fluorescence and confocal microscopies and electrophysiologic recording
301 -- 312Robert J. Holt, Arun N. Netravali. Motion and structure from line correspondences under orthographic projection
313 -- 321M. G. Konicki, Hojjat Adeli. A three-dimensional animation system for seismic response of multistory structures
322 -- 335Qing Zhu, Bernard Steinberg. Modeling and correction of incoherent wavefront distortion

Volume 8, Issue 2

149 -- 150Eric W. Mc Farland. Guest editorial: Advances and applications of biological microscopy: From atomic force microscopy (AFM) to magnetic resonance microscopy (MRM)
151 -- 161S. Kasas, N. H. Thomson, B. L. Smith, P. K. Hansma, J. Miklossy, H. G. Hansma. Biological applications of the AFM: From single molecules to organs
162 -- 167Filip Braet, Ronald De Zanger, Steffan Kämmer, Eddie Wisse. in vitro
168 -- 174R. García, J. Tamayo, C. Bustamante. Scanning tunneling microscopy imaging and selective modification of purple membranes
175 -- 187Bruce F. McEwen, Amy B. Heagle. Electron microscopic tomography: A tool for probing the structure and function of subcellular components
188 -- 203G. Margaritondo, Gelsomina De Stasio. Synchrotron spectromicroscopy for the life sciences: General considerations and special procedures
204 -- 213Heung-Rae Lee, Luiz DaSilva, Gary Ford, Waleed Haddad, Ian McNulty, James Trebes, Yin Yeh. A novel iterative optimizing quantization technique and its application to X-ray tomographic microscopy for three-dimensional reconstruction from a limited number of views
214 -- 223Peter H. Bartels, Thomas Gahm, D. Thompson. Automated microscopy in diagnostic histopathology: From image processing to automated reasoning

Volume 8, Issue 1

1 -- 2Michael P. André, Joie P. Jones. Editorial
3 -- 10Frederic L. Lizzi, Michael Astor, Tian Liu, Cheri X. Deng, D. Jackson Coleman, Ronald H. Silverman. Ultrasonic spectrum analysis for tissue assays and therapy evaluation
11 -- 25Ernest J. Feleppa, Tian Liu, Andrew Kalisz, Mary C. Shao, Neil Fleshner, Victor Reuter, William R. Fair. Ultrasonic spectral-parameter imaging of the prostate
26 -- 37Thomas R. Nelson, Dolores H. Pretorius. Interactive acquisition, analysis, and visualization of sonographic volume data
38 -- 44Jian-Feng Chen, J. Brian Fowlkes, Paul L. Carson, Jonathan M. Rubin. Determination of scan-plane motion using speckle decorrelation: Theoretical considerations and initial test
45 -- 51A. J. Healey, S. Leeman, J. P. Weight. Space-time imaging of transient ultrasound fields
52 -- 60Laurence Wilson, Michael Neale. in vivo results
61 -- 68Joie Pierce Jones. Applications of acoustical microscopy in diagnostic medicine
69 -- 81Flemming Forsberg, Barry B. Goldberg, Yunqiu Wu, Ji-Bin Liu, Daniel A. Merton, Nandkumar M. Rawool. Harmonic imaging with gas-filled microspheres: Initial experiences
82 -- 88Claude B. Sirlin, Michael S. Girard, Gregory C. Steinbach, Kristine G. Baker, Susan K. Broderdorf, Lisa A. Hall, Robert F. Mattrey. Effect of ultrasound transmit power on liver enhancement with Imagent® US, a PFC-stabilized microbubble contrast agent
89 -- 103Jonathan Ophir, Faouzi Kallel, Tomy Varghese, Michel Bertrand, Ignacio Céspedes, Hari Ponnekanti. Elastography: A systems approach
104 -- 109L. Gao, Kevin J. Parker, S. K. Alam, Deborah J. Rubens, Robert M. Lerner. Theory and application of sonoelasticity imaging
110 -- 125Mathias Fink, Christian Dorme. Aberration correction in ultrasonic medical imaging with time-reversal techniques
126 -- 136Jian-yu Lu. Limited diffraction array beams
137 -- 147Michael P. André, Helmar S. Janée, Peter J. Martin, Gregory P. Otto, Brett A. Spivey, Douglas A. Palmer. High-speed data acquisition in a diffraction tomography system employing large-scale toroidal arrays