Journal: Int. J. Imaging Systems and Technology

Volume 9, Issue 6

407 -- 415Chris Basoglu, Donglok Kim, Robert J. Gove, Yongmin Kim. High-performance image computing with modern microprocessors
416 -- 422Vishal Markandey, Wissam Rabadi, Jeremiah Golston, Gene Frantz. Architectures and visual-processing applications of multimedia DSPs
423 -- 433Liyong Zhou, Vikram Chalana, Yongmin Kim. PC-based machine vision system for real-time computer-aided potato inspection
434 -- 441Christopher J. Read, Jeremiah Golston, Arne Füetterer, Enes Fazlic, Hiroshi Miyazawa. Implementing a videoconferencing system based on a single-chip signal and image processor
442 -- 454Warren S. Edwards, Christian Deforge, Yongmin Kim. Interactive three-dimensional ultrasound using a programmable multimedia processor
455 -- 462M. L. Egger, A. Herrmann Scheurer, C. Joseph, C. Morel. High-performance scalable parallel platform for volume reconstruction of PET data
463 -- 474J. V. Candy. Dynamic surface imaging for the space shuttle experiments
475 -- 483Peter Mattson, Donglok Kim, Yongmin Kim. Generalized image warping using enhanced lookup tables
484 -- 490Eric Sutton, Helen Na. Time-varying reconstruction of the ionosphere. 1. The algorithm
491 -- 499Eric Sutton, Helen Na. Time-varying reconstruction of the ionosphere. 2. Data source analysis

Volume 9, Issue 5

305 -- 319Mohammad Gharavi-Alkhansari, Thomas S. Huang. Causal fractal compression of video sequences using matching pursuit
320 -- 331Caterina Saraceno, Riccardo Leonardi. Indexing audiovisual databases through joint audio and video processing
332 -- 339Wenwu Zhu, Yao Wang, Ya-Qin Zhang. Jitter smoothing and traffic modeling for MPEG-2 video transport over ATM networks
340 -- 350Tülay Adali, Yue Joseph Wang, Nidhi Gupta. A blockwise relaxation labeling scheme and its application to edge detection in cardiac MR image sequences
351 -- 355Zhen Zhang, Randall E. Scarberry, Marwan A. Simaan. Quantitative measurement of texture orientation in biomedical images using an artificial neural network
356 -- 368Fred L. Fontaine, Sankar Basu. Wavelet-based solution to anisotropic diffusion equation for edge detection
369 -- 380Stephane Tramini, Marc Antonini, Michel Barlaud. Intraframe image decoding based on a nonlinear variational approach
381 -- 387Yuanmei Wang. Neural network approach to image reconstruction from projections
388 -- 394Chien-Ching Chiu, Po-Tsun Liu. Electromagnetic transverse electric-wave inverse scattering of a conductor by the genetic algorithm
395 -- 403Renzo Azaro, Salvatore Caorsi, Matteo Pastorino. A 3-GHz microwave imaging system based on a modulated scattering technique and on a modified Born approximation

Volume 9, Issue 4

189 -- 191Yun Q. Shi. Guest Editorial
192 -- 200Wen-Hung Liao, J. K. Aggarwal. Cooperative matching paradigm for the analysis of stereo image sequences
201 -- 213D. Cheng, Robert E. Mercer, John L. Barron, Paul Joe. Tracking severe weather storms in Doppler radar images
214 -- 229Mohammed A. Al-Mohimeed, C.-C. Li. Motion estimation and compensation based on almost shift-invariant wavelet transform for image sequence coding
230 -- 237Y. Q. Shi, S. Lin, Ya-Qin Zhang. Optical flow-based motion compensation algorithm for very low-bit-rate video coding
238 -- 247Dimitrios Tzovaras, Stavros Vachtsevanos, Michael G. Strintzis. Optimization of wireframe model adaptation and motion estimation in a rate-distortion framework
248 -- 256Yucel Altunbasak, A. Murat Tekalp. A hybrid video codec with block-based and mesh-based motion compensation modes
257 -- 273Zhong-Li He, Ming L. Liou, Philip. C. H. Chan, Chi-Ying Tsui. Generic VLSI architecture for block-matching motion estimation algorithms
274 -- 282Anthony Vetro, Huifang Sun. Frequency domain down-conversion of HDTV using an optimal motion compensation scheme
283 -- 293Brian C. Tom, Moon Gi Kang, Min-Cheol Hong, Aggelos K. Katsaggelos. Detection and removal of anomalies in digitized animation film
294 -- 304N. K. Bose, K. J. Boo. High-resolution image reconstruction with multisensors

Volume 9, Issue 2-3

67 -- 68Gabor T. Herman, Attila Kuba. Guest editorial: Discrete tomography
69 -- 77Elena Barcucci, Alberto Del Lungo, Maurice Nivat, Renzo Pinzani. Medians of polyominoes: A property for reconstruction
78 -- 84Jolyon A. Browne, Mathew Koshy, James H. Stanley. On the application of discrete tomography to CT-assisted engineering and design
85 -- 98Michael T. Chan, Gabor T. Herman, Emanuel Levitan. Bayesian image reconstruction using image-modeling Gibbs priors
99 -- 100A. Fazekas, Gabor T. Herman, Samuel Matej. On processing binary pictures via their projections
101 -- 109Peter Gritzmann, D. Prangenberg, Sven de Vries, Markus Wiegelmann. Success and failure of certain reconstruction and uniqueness algorithms in discrete tomography
110 -- 117J. H. B. Kemperman, A. Kuba. Reconstruction of two-valued matrices from their two projections
118 -- 125T. Yung Kong, Gabor T. Herman. On which grids can tomographic equivalence of binary pictures be characterized in terms of elementary switching operations?
126 -- 131Samuel Matej, Gabor T. Herman, Avi Vardi. Binary tomography on the hexagonal grid using Gibbs priors
132 -- 134S. K. Patch. Iterative algorithm for discrete tomography
135 -- 146Florent Retraint, Françoise Peyrin, Jean-Marc Dinten. Three-dimensional regularized binary image reconstruction from three two-dimensional projections using a randomized ICM algorithm
147 -- 154Pablo M. Salzberg, Pedro I. Rivera-Vega, Ariel Rodríguez. Network flow model for binary tomography on lattices
155 -- 173Yehuda Vardi, D. Lee. Discrete Radon transform and its approximate inversion via the EM algorithm
174 -- 180Andrew E. Yagle. An explicit closed-form solution to the limited-angle discrete tomography problem for finite-support objects
181 -- 188Emanuele Salerno. Superresolution capabilities of the Gerchberg method in the band-pass case: An eigenvalue analysis

Volume 9, Issue 1

1 -- 13Hyeokho Choi, David C. Munson Jr.. Direct-Fourier reconstruction in tomography and synthetic aperture radar
14 -- 23Emanuele Salerno. Microwave tomography for compact-support dielectric objects
24 -- 28Luc Vignaud. Inverse synthetic aperture radar imaging of satellites
29 -- 37Hao Wu, Yongmin Kim. Fast wavelet-based multiresolution image registration on a multiprocessing digital signal processor
38 -- 45Fionn Murtagh, Jean-Luc Starck, Mireille Louys. Very-high-quality image compression based on noise modeling
46 -- 50P. Jonathon Phillips, Yehuda Vardi, Stanley M. Dunn, Monte S. Buchsbaum, Jacqueline L. Spiegel-Cohen. Automatic MR-PET registration algorithm
51 -- 59Lorenzo Capineri, P. Grande, J. A. G. Temple. Advanced image-processing technique for real-time interpretation of ground-penetrating radar images
60 -- 65C. J. Grootveld, A. Segal, B. Scarlett. Regularized modified Newton-Raphson technique applied to electrical impedance tomography