Journal: I. J. Comput. Appl.

Volume 10, Issue 3

149 -- 160Yongdong Wang, Michael Jurczyk. Impact of ATM Traffic Shaping on MPEG-2 Video Quality
161 -- 170Ahmed H. Kamal, James H. Graham, C. David Page Jr.. A Parallel Inductive Logic Programming Data Mining System for Drug Discovery
171 -- 184J. Wenny Rahayu, David Taniar, Lee Nung Kion, Eric Pardede. Study of Using an Object-Relational Paradigm in Building a Web Database Application
185 -- 197Rami Qahwaji. Detecting Edges in Noisy Face Database Images
198 -- 210S. R. Subramanya, Abdou Youssef, Bhagirath Narahari, Rahul Simha. Audio Data Indexing Using Discrete Cosine Transform