Journal: I. J. Comput. Appl.

Volume 9, Issue 3

126 -- 138Kenneth G. Ricks, John M. Weirs, B. Earl Wells. SADL: Simulation Architecture Description Language
139 -- 146A. S. C. Sinha, Sergey Edward Lyshevski, Ramana Pidaparti. Control of Uncertain Systems with Infinite Delays
147 -- 157James H. Graham, Patricia A. S. Ralston. Intelligent Computer-Based Monitoring and Fault Isolation for Industrial Processes
158 -- 166Spyros Tragoudas, Yaakov L. Varol. Disjoint Paths with Length Constraints
167 -- 176S. R. Subramanya, Abdou Youssef, Nikitas A. Alexandridis, Punpiti Piamsa-nga. Distributed Algorithms for Image Classification and Content-Based Retrieval using Image Classes
177 -- 184Hoon Oh. The AEDF/NP Scheduling Algorithm in the Hard Real-Time Operating Systems