Journal: I. J. Comput. Appl.

Volume 20, Issue 4

193 -- 194Dunren Che, Parisa Ghodous, Hassan Badir. Guest Editorial
195 -- 207Sogand Shirinbab, Lars Lundberg, David Erman. Performance Evaluation of Distributed Storage Systems for Cloud Computing
208 -- 220Dabin Ding, Fei Cao, Dunren Che, Michelle M. Zhu, Wen-Chi Hou. Budget Constrained Dataflow Scheduling for Minimized Completion Time on the Cloud
221 -- 235Mustafa Khaleel, Saad Alqithami, Michelle M. Zhu, Dunren Che, Wen-Chi Hou. A Cooperative Game Theory-based Approach for Energy-Aware Job Scheduling in Cloud
236 -- 244Genoveva Vargas-Solar, Catarina Ferreira Da Silva, Parisa Ghodous, José-Luis Zechinelli-Martini. Moving Energy Consumption Control into the Cloud by Coordinating Services
245 -- 254Rim Moussa, Hassan Badir. Data Warehouse Systems in the Cloud: Rise to the Benchmarking Challenge

Volume 20, Issue 3

137 -- 0Les Miller. Guest Editor's Note
138 -- 146Stuart H. Rubin. The Associative Directed Mining of Big Data for Creative Decision Support
147 -- 157Shoutao Li, Yongxue Ma, Xinglong Pei, Gordon Lee. An Electronic Hydraulic Braking Based Driver Assistance System Using Support Vector Machines
158 -- 164Yong Shi. Towards Analyzing Data to Find Nearest Neighbors
165 -- 174Baoying Wang, Marietta F. Wright. A Learning Software Tool on Genetics Statistics
175 -- 183Bernt Askildsen, Charles Tolle, Lance Weaver. Cloud Computing Software to Simplify HVAC Operational Performance Analysis
184 -- 191Sindoora Koneru, Bidyut Gupta, Narayan C. Debnath. A Novel DVR Based Multicast Routing Protocol with Hierarchical Pruning

Volume 20, Issue 2

65 -- 77Zijiang Yang, Shiyong Lu, Ping Yang, Andrey Kashlev. Trustworthy and Dynamic Mobile Task Scheduling in Data-Intensive Scientific Workflow Environments
78 -- 96Raouf Alomainy, Wei Li 0025. DDS: A Formal Framework and a Software Tool to Extract Object- Oriented Design State Space and Syntax-Based Metrics
82 -- 92Kris Sankaran, Siva Sankaran. A Hidden Markov Model Approach to Identifying Novel Functional Modules in Biological Networks
93 -- 100Johannes Georg Klotz, Steffen Schober, Martin Bossert. Boolean Models of Regulatory Networks: The Predecessor Problem
97 -- 110Ashraf M. Abdelbar, Donald C. Wunsch II. Search Context Awareness in Several Ant Colony Optimization Models
101 -- 111Jorge Júlvez, Marta Z. Kwiatkowska, Gethin Norman, David Parker. Evaluation of Sustained Stochastic Oscillations by Means of a System of Differential Equations
111 -- 126Pooja Jain, Deepak Dahiya. Knowledgeable Multi-Agent System for E-Commerce (KMASE) using Fuzzy C-Means Clustering and Case Based Reasoning
112 -- 122Juliana C. Correa, Gabriel P. Silva. Analysis and Performance Evaluation of Parallel BLAST
123 -- 130Anurag Nagar, Hisham Al-Mubaid. Similarity and Prioritization of Disease Proteins using GO Annotations
127 -- 136Matthew York, Matthew Hudnall, Kenneth G. Ricks. Advanced Mobile Applications for Law Enforcement
131 -- 141Hongbao Cao, Junbo Duan, Dongdong Lin, Yu-Ping Wang. Sparse Representation Based Clustering for Integrated Analysis of Gene Copy Number Variation and Gene Expression Date

Volume 20, Issue 1

1 -- 0Frederick C. Harris Jr.. Editor's Note
2 -- 9Baoying Wang, Aijuan Dong. Parallel Dynamic Fraud Detection on Market Basket Data
10 -- 22Mridul Khan, A. K. M. Zahiduzzaman, Mohammad Nahyan Quasem, Rashedur M. Rahman. Geospatial Data Mining on Education Indicators of Bangladesh
23 -- 31Suriayati Chuprat, Saiful Amri Mazlan. A Linear Programming Approach for Scheduling Divisible Real-Time Workloads
32 -- 45Ramesh K. Karne, Songjie Liang, Alexander L. Wijesinha, Patrick Appiah-Kubi. A Bare PC Mass Storage USB Driver
46 -- 53Ayoub Alsarhan, Emad E. Abdallah, Ibrahim Al-Oqily, Alaa Eddien Abdallah. An Economic Model for Resource Adaptation in 2D Mesh Multicomputer Networks
54 -- 63Feng Yu, Wen-Chi Hou, Michael Wainer, Cheng Luo. Sufficient Statistics for Re-Optimizing Repetitive Queries