Journal: IS Management

Volume 13, Issue 4

7 -- 18Brian Jeffery. Enterprise Client/Server Computing - Second-Generation Concepts and Strategies
19 -- 24Robert A. Rouse. Retooling for Client/Server Applications - Establishing an Enterprise Learning Institute
25 -- 32Steven Rabin. Client/Server Performance Engineering - A Primer on Making Applications Perform
33 -- 40Fritz H. Grupe. Building a Large Expert System - Insights from the Human Services Field
41 -- 46Kenneth P. Prager. Managing for Flexibility - The New Role of the Aligned IT Organization
47 -- 51Albert L. Lederer, Robert C. Mahaney. Using Case Tools in Strategic IS Planning
52 -- 56Mohsen Attaran. Barriers to Effective CIM Implementation
57 -- 59William R. King. Achieving Global Strategic Advantage
60 -- 62Richard Dué. The New Productivity Metrics
63 -- 65E. Ted Prince. Toward The New Age Data Warehouse
66 -- 68Nathan J. Muller. Integrating into the Global Client/Server Network - An Evaluation of Internet Applications
69 -- 72Paul Gray. Computing Redux

Volume 13, Issue 3

7 -- 14Paul Gray. The Global Information Infrastructure
15 -- 24James A. Senn. Capitalizing on Electronic Commerce - The Role of the Internet in Electronic Markets
25 -- 36Lawrence K. Cooper, Dennis J. Duncan, John Whetstone. Is Electronic Commerce Ready for the Internet? A Case Study of a Financial Services Provider
37 -- 44Nathan J. Muller. Expanding the Help Desk Through the World Wide Web
45 -- 49Amarnath Prakash. The Internet as a Global Strategic IS Tool
50 -- 57Keith Overton, Mark N. Frolick, Ronald B. Wilkes. s
58 -- 65Michael A. Mische, Warren Bennis. Reinventing through Reengineering
66 -- 77Hugh J. Watson, Margaret T. O'Hara, Candice G. Harp, Gigi G. Kelly. s
78 -- 80William R. King. IS and the Learning Organization
81 -- 83Hugh W. Ryan. Converging on The Customer
84 -- 86N. Dean Meyer. Why Chargebacks Fail
87 -- 89David McKee. Resurrecting IS Talent - Maximizing the Potential of Mainframe Professionals
90 -- 92Ruth A. Guthrie, Lenard D. Austin. Competitive Implications of the Internet
93 -- 96Paul Gray. Internet '95: The How and Why

Volume 13, Issue 2

7 -- 13John Gallaugher, Suresh C. Ramanathan. Choosing a Client/Server Architecture - A Comparison of Two-and Three-Tier Systems
14 -- 18Carol V. Brown, Ephraim R. McLean, Detmar W. Straub. Partnering Roles of the IS Executive
19 -- 25Yannis A. Pollalis. A Systemic Approach to Change Management - Integrating IS Planning, BPR, and TQM
26 -- 31Clinton O. Longenecker, Jack L. Simonetti, Mark Mulias. Survival Skills for the IS Professional
32 -- 37Raghu Nath, Albert L. Lederer. Team Building for is Success
38 -- 48James J. Kubie, L. A. Melkus, C. Richard Johnson Jr., G. A. Flanagan. User-Centered Design for Productive Systems
49 -- 57T. M. Rajkumar, Robert Dawley. Designing and Managing Client/Server DBMSs
58 -- 63Gerhard Plenert. Decision Support in the Leading Industry - A Case Study of a User-Developed System
64 -- 72Michael E. Whitman, Michael L. Gibson. Enterprise Modeling for Strategic Support
73 -- 75William R. King. Strategic Issues In Groupware
76 -- 78John van den Hoven. End-User Access Tools - Enterprise Data at Your Fingertips
79 -- 82Holmes Miller. The Multiple Dimensions of Information Quality
83 -- 85Stewart L. Stokes. A Line in the Sand - Maintaining Work-Life Balance
86 -- 88Lou Graham, Lance Eliot. Strategic Tips for Case Implementation
89 -- 91Robert L. Glass. The End of the Outsourcing Era
92 -- 95Paul Gray. IS Productivity

Volume 13, Issue 1

7 -- 11John P. Murray. Making Customer Service a Priority
12 -- 17Duane L. Piede. Restructuring Internal Services - Perspectives from the Energy Utility Business
18 -- 22Sheila M. Jacobs, Mary Van Sell. Telecommuniting: Issue For The IS Manager
23 -- 28Ruth A. Guthrie, Paul Gray. Junk Computing - Is it Bad for an Organization?
29 -- 37Louis Fried. Automatic Speech Recognition - An Emerging Interface for Multimedia Applications
38 -- 43Barbara J. Haley, Hugh J. Watson. Using Lotus Notes in EISs
44 -- 48Pam Hager. Rightsizing for Client/Server Success - A Six-Step Planning Process
49 -- 58T. M. Rajkumar, Robert Dawley. Designing and Managing Client/Server DBMSs
59 -- 61James A. Ward. Measurement Management - What You Measure Is What You Get
62 -- 64Roger T. Sobkowiak, Ronald E. LeBleu. Repositioning HR Information Systems - Empowering Employees Through Information
65 -- 67Larry P. English. Redefining Information Management - IM as an Effective Business Enabler
68 -- 72Richard Dué. The Value of Information
73 -- 75Milam W. Aiken, Bassam Hasan, Mahesh Vanjani. Total Quality Management: a GDSS Approach
76 -- 78Stewart L. Stokes. Coping With Change At The Top
79 -- 81Bjarne Rostaing. Software And Sanity
82 -- 85Paul Gray. Big Books