Journal: IS Management

Volume 25, Issue 4

297 -- 298Janice C. Sipior. From the Editor
299 -- 301Hajo A. Reijers, Selma Limam Mansar, Michael Rosemann. From the Editors: Introduction and a Compass for Business Process Design
302 -- 318Andréa Magalhães Magdaleno, Claudia Cappelli, Fernanda Araujo Baião, Flávia Maria Santoro, Renata Araujo. Towards Collaboration Maturity in Business Processes: An Exploratory Study in Oil Production Processes
319 -- 331Guy Redding, Marlon Dumas, Arthur H. M. ter Hofstede, Adrian Iordachescu. Generating Business Process Models from Object Behavior Models
332 -- 343Monique H. Jansen-Vullers, P. A. M. Kleingeld, Mariska Netjes. Quantifying the Performance of Workflows
344 -- 355Ruopeng Lu, Shazia Wasim Sadiq, Guido Governatori. Measurement of Compliance Distance in Business Processes
356 -- 363Ray Hackney, Kevin C. Desouza, Zahir Irani. Constructing and Sustaining Competitive Interorganizational Knowledge Networks: An Analysis of Managerial Web-Based Facilitation
364 -- 371Johnny Jiung-Yee Lee. Complementary Effects of Information Technology Investment on Firm Profitability: The Functional Forms of the Complementarities
372 -- 373William R. King. Selecting High-Impact Information-Based Solutions
374 -- 375Robert L. Glass. Experience May Not be the Best Teacher After All
376 -- 380Paul Gray. Strategy, the Web, and Finance

Volume 25, Issue 3

197 -- 198Janice C. Sipior. From the Editor
200 -- 210Dinesh Batra, Thant Sin. The READY Model: Patterns of Dynamic Behavior in REA-Based Accounting Applications
211 -- 229She-I Chang, Cheng-Chih Wu, I-Cheng Chang. The Development of a Computer Auditing System Sufficient for Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 - A Study on the Purchasing and Expenditure Cycle of the ERP System
230 -- 243Jagdish Pathak, Amelia Baldwin. Audit Resource Planning Success in B2B E-Commerce: Development and Testing of a Measurement Scale
244 -- 257Marcus Heidmann, Utz Schäffer, Susanne Strahringer. Exploring the Role of Management Accounting Systems in Strategic Sensemaking
258 -- 265Sylvia Hsingwen Hsu. Allocation Information and Operational Strategies
266 -- 272Blaize Horner Reich, Chris Sauer, Siew Yong Wee. Innovative Practices for IT Projects
273 -- 286Zhenyu Huang, Brian D. Janz, Mark N. Frolick. A Comprehensive Examination of Internet-EDI Adoption
287 -- 289William R. King. Issues in IS Offshoring
290 -- 291Robert L. Glass. The Notion of an Information System Apgar Score
292 -- 296Paul Gray. The Loyal (?) Opposition, Crowds, and GIS

Volume 25, Issue 2

99 -- 100Janice C. Sipior. From the Editor
102 -- 112Barbara Wixom, Hugh J. Watson, Anne Marie Reynolds, Jeffrey A. Hoffer. Continental Airlines Continues to Soar with Business Intelligence
113 -- 120Thilini Ariyachandra, Mark N. Frolick. Critical Success Factors in Business Performance Management - Striving for Success
121 -- 131Zack Jourdan, R. Kelly Rainer Jr., Thomas E. Marshall. Business Intelligence: An Analysis of the Literature
132 -- 148Henning Baars, Hans-Georg Kemper. Management Support with Structured and Unstructured Data - An Integrated Business Intelligence Framework
149 -- 154Daniel J. Power. Understanding Data-Driven Decision Support Systems
155 -- 158Elaine Crable, James Brodzinski, Mark N. Frolick. The Intelligent New Business Electronic Application and Automated Underwriting Solution at The Western-Southern Life Insurance Company
159 -- 173Ruey-Shun Chen, Chia-Ming Sun, Marilyn M. Helms, Wen-Jang (Kenny) Jih. Role Negotiation and Interaction: An Exploratory Case Study of the Impact of Management Consultants on ERP System Implementation in SMEs in Taiwan
174 -- 187Pi-Sheng Deng. Applying a Market-Based Approach to the Development of a Sharing-Enabled KM Model for Knowledge-Intensive Small Firms
188 -- 189William R. King. Including the CIO in Top Management
190 -- 191Robert L. Glass. Divided by a Common Language: The Story of Requirements Triage
192 -- 196Paul Gray. Number Crunching for Fun and Profit

Volume 25, Issue 1

1 -- 2Janice C. Sipior. From the Editor
3 -- 7John T. Nosek, Margaret McManus. Collaboration Challenges: Bridging the IT Support Gap
8 -- 13Ilze Zigurs, Deepak Khazanchi. From Profiles to Patterns: A New View of Task-Technology Fit
14 -- 19Ned Kock. Designing E-Collaboration Technologies to Facilitate Compensatory Adaptation
20 -- 32Kelly McNamara Hilmer, Alan R. Dennis, Traci A. Carte. It s the Thought that Counts: The Mediating Effects of Information Processing in Virtual Team Decision Making
33 -- 44Barrett S. Caldwell, Ralph C. Palmer III, Haydee M. Cuevas. Information Alignment and Task Coordination in Organizations: An Information Clutch Metaphor
45 -- 56Dominic Thomas, Robert Bostrom. Building Trust and Cooperation through Technology Adaptation in Virtual Teams: Empirical Field Evidence
57 -- 70Chintan Amrit, Jos van Hillegersberg. Detecting Coordination Problems in Collaborative Software Development Environments
71 -- 82Judith Gebauer, Fei Lee. Enterprise System Flexibility and Implementation Strategies: Aligning Theory with Evidence from a Case Study
83 -- 88Robert Urwiler, Mark N. Frolick. ::::The IT Value Hierarchy::::: Using Maslow s Hierarchy of Needs as a Metaphor for Gauging the Maturity Level of Information Technology Use within Competitive Organizations
89 -- 90William R. King. Implications of Regional Versus Global Strategies to IS
91 -- 92Robert L. Glass. The EU - Pouring Trouble on Oiled Waters
93 -- 97Paul Gray. Big Questions and Operational Decisions