Journal: Inf. Services and Use

Volume 26, Issue 4

261 -- 269Dirk Lewandowski. Query types and search topics of German Web search engine users
271 -- 282Kasia Kurek, Peter A. Th. M. Geurts, Hans E. Roosendaal. The split between availability and selection
283 -- 291N. J. C. Kol, R. J. van Diessen, K. van der Meer. An improved Universal Virtual Computer approach for long-term preservation of digital objects
293 -- 301Rafael Ball, Dirk Tunger. Science indicators revisited - Science Citation Index versus SCOPUS: A bibliometric comparison of both citation databases
303 -- 308Tomaz Seljak, Ales Bosnjak. Researchers' bibliographies in COBISS.SI
309 -- 312. Aspects of using and producing information resources: EUSIDIC Annual Conference 2006
313 -- 0. Book review
315 -- 316. Press release

Volume 26, Issue 3

213 -- 221Carol Tenopir. Building bridges to information products and services
223 -- 240Nik Bessis, Charles Oppenheim. Making the DREAM reality: A SSM based model for the communication of design research
241 -- 248Manfred Hauer. Retrieval quality of library catalogues and new concepts. A comparison
249 -- 256M. Natarajan. Use of online technology for multimedia education
257 -- 258. Book review
259 -- 0. Book review

Volume 26, Issue 2

57 -- 58Arnoud de Kemp, Einar H. Fredriksson, Björn Ortelbach. Preface
61 -- 63Gottfried Honnefelder. The role of information in science and society
65 -- 72Nicole Dewandre. Scientific publications: A key factor of the European research area
73 -- 79Jürgen Renn. Towards a Web of culture and science
81 -- 83Derk Haank. Academic publishing is electronic publishing
87 -- 95David Hoole. The changing geography of an industry and a debate
97 -- 101Willy Stalmans. Publishing constraints experienced by a large European scientific society
103 -- 107Vitek Tracz. What shall we do? Challenges and opportunities of the coming changes in science publishing
109 -- 113Piero Attanasio. The impact of technology on European small and medium-sized publishers
117 -- 120Pieter Bolman. The significance of April 4th, a reflection
123 -- 127Martin White. The search for Eureka
129 -- 134Hans Jansen. Permanent access to electronic journals
135 -- 137Henk F. Moed. New developments in citation analysis and research evaluation
139 -- 144Stefan Decker. The social semantic desktop: Next generation collaboration infrastructure
147 -- 150Gudrun Gersmann. Providing and accessing scientific literature. How the German Research Foundation (DFG) supports scholarly communication
151 -- 157Matthew Cockerill. The economics of open access publishing
159 -- 163Rene Olivieri. New masters, new rules
165 -- 169Henning P. Nielsen. Science authorship - product support - information consumer
173 -- 175Mark Seeley. Impact of the Internet on the services aspect of the STM publishing business
177 -- 183Christian Sprang. Strategic change - in which direction?
185 -- 189Antje Sörensen. From copyright to access rights? How public policy might shape industry strategies
191 -- 197Martin Marlow. E-volution of Revolution: Some observations on emerging trends in content, technology and service provision
201 -- 204Herman P. Spruijt. Closing panel
207 -- 208. Dr. Ekkehard Hundt

Volume 26, Issue 1

1 -- 10Elliot R. Siegel, Robert A. Logan, Robert L. Harnsberger, Kathleen Cravedi, Jean A. Krause, Becky Lyon, Karen Hajarian, Jonathan Uhl, Angela B. Ruffin, Donald A. B. Lindberg. Information Rx: Evaluation of a new informatics tool for physicians, patients, and libraries
11 -- 12Elliot R. Siegel. Editor's introduction
13 -- 28. Information and data in e-science: Making seamless access a reality
29 -- 37Kurt N. Molholm. Standards and interoperability
39 -- 44Bernard Dumouchel, Jeffrey Demaine. Knowledge Discovery in the Digital Library: access tools for mining science
45 -- 55John R. Helliwell, Peter R. Strickland, Brian McMahon. The role of quality in providing seamless access to information and data in e-science; the experience gained in crystallography