Journal: Internet Technol. Lett.

Volume 5, Issue 6

0 -- 0Xin Wang, Xiaoyan Zheng, Jianshun Liu, Yongming Mao. Cooperative spectrum sensing algorithm based on cognitive users selection and Adaboost
0 -- 0Daniel Corujo, Augusto Neto 0001, Seil Jeon, Marília Curado. Internet technology letters special section on mobility support in slice-based network control for heterogeneous environment 2021
0 -- 0Kevin B. Costa, Felipe Sampaio Dantas da Silva, Douglas Braz Maciel, Charles H. F. dos Santos, Augusto J. V. Neto. On delivering cloud-network slicing networking and service management through EDCS slice granularity monitoring
0 -- 0Pramod C. Mane. Agents prefer sparse social clouds
0 -- 0Tasnim Nishat Islam, Saifur Rahman Sabuj. Compensation layer-added federated learning receiver: Design and implementation
0 -- 0João Pedro Fonseca, Vitor A. Cunha, João Alegria, José Quevedo, Daniel Corujo, Rui L. Aguiar. Hands-on Interdomain network slicing framework and evaluation
0 -- 0Paul Lachat, Nadia Bennani, Veronika Rehn-Sonigo, Lionel Brunie, Harald Kosch. Detecting inference attacks involving sensor data in a multi-database context: Issues & challenges
0 -- 0Aymen Dia Eddine Berini, Brahim Farou, Mohamed Amine Ferrag, Hamid Seridi, Herman Akdag. A new static path planning strategy for drones

Volume 5, Issue 5

0 -- 0Jing Wu. VR-Based improvement of aerobics teaching quality
0 -- 0Jinling Zhao. ICN-Enabled construction of undergraduates' online education platform and improvement of teaching reform effect
0 -- 0Ying Zhao. Software-defined ICN based efficient English translation mechanism
0 -- 0Wei Tian. Resource allocation of Folk-Art in Central Plains based on Information-Centric cloud platform
0 -- 0Shiyong Li. PSO-based traffic scheduling mechanism in information-centric networking
0 -- 0Kun Cao. ICN and AI driven physical education quality improvement
0 -- 0Miao Gao. ICN-Oriented secure propagation for smart ideology and politics
0 -- 0Zhilin Yang. Safety recognition and analysis in skiing with future internet framework support
0 -- 0Satamial Jinonic, Chaomin Luo, Hui Cheng, Lianbo Ma, Jie Li 0008. Artificial intelligence (AI) for hybrid information-centric networking (HICN): Part I
0 -- 0Weifeng Zhang. Information-centric networking driven psychology recognition and health conduction of undergraduates

Volume 5, Issue 4

0 -- 0Weiwei Jiang 0003. Deep learning based short-term load forecasting incorporating calendar and weather information
0 -- 0Binghao Yan, Qinrang Liu, Jianliang Shen, Liang Dong. Enabling fast path delay measurement using closeness centrality
0 -- 0Khagendra Joshi, Mohd Hamza Naim Shaikh, Sana Ali Naqvi, Vivek Ashok. On the performance of IRS-assisted OFDM system with non-ideal oscillator and amplifier
0 -- 0Guilherme Pimentel Telles, Ohara Kerusauskas Rayel, Guilherme Luiz Moritz. Weighted-Centroid localization using LoRaWAN network on large outdoor areas
0 -- 0Omar Abu-Ella. Exact capacity of downlink NOMA system
0 -- 0Deepraj Chowdhury, Saranda Poddar, Soham Banarjee, Riya Pal, Abrar Gani, Caroline Ellis, Rajesh Chand Arya, Sukhpal Singh Gill, Steve Uhlig. CovidXAI: explainable AI assisted web application for COVID-19 vaccine prioritization
0 -- 0Ruimeng Gan, Yangyang Wang, Zhe Xiao, Heng Zhang 0001, Xin Wang, Ming Yang. Energy-efficient DoS attack against remote state estimation
0 -- 0M. Joseph Auxilius Jude, V. C. Diniesh, Aarthi D, Abirami S. Wireless retransmission timeout algorithm for multi-hop vehicular network

Volume 5, Issue 3

0 -- 0Elisa Rojas, Eder Ollora Zaballa, Victoria Noci. Towards visual programming abstractions in Software-Defined Networking
0 -- 0Tianchen Shao, Deepraj Chowdhury, Sukhpal Singh Gill, Rajkumar Buyya. IoT-Pi: A machine learning-based lightweight framework for cost-effective distributed computing using IoT
0 -- 0Luiz Filipe M. Vieira, Marcos A. M. Vieira. On Braess's paradox and routing algorithms
0 -- 0Hanumantharao Bitra, Palanisamy Ponnusamy, Srinivasarao Chintagunta. Reduction of PAPR in OTFS using normalized μ-law and A-law companding transform
0 -- 0Samarjit Roy, Anwesha Mukherjee, Debashis De. OrangeMusic: An orange computing-inspired recommender framework in internet of music things
0 -- 0Sarbani Ghose, Ahmed El-Shafie 0001. Enhanced physical layer security for energy harvesting relay-aided systems using joint relaying scheme
0 -- 0Xi Chen, Yani Liu, Junkun Zhang. Traffic prediction for Internet of Things through support vector regression model
0 -- 0Alexandre Daniel Gomes Figueiredo, Miguel Luís, André Zúquete. Trading hardware with medium reservation to tackle scalability in low-cost, single-channel LoRa networks
0 -- 0Ayushman Buragohain, Bhabesh Mali, Santanu Saha, Pranav Kumar Singh. A deep transfer learning based approach to detect COVID-19 waste
0 -- 0Yang Zhang, Kaixin Zhao, Gang Ren, Mingdong Zhu. A node positioning method for IoT based on LSSVR and optimized particle swarm algorithm

Volume 5, Issue 2

0 -- 0Stefano Scanzio, Francesco Xia, Gianluca Cena, Adriano Valenzano. Predicting Wi-Fi link quality through artificial neural networks
0 -- 0Pragun Mangla, Shefali Arora, Mohinder Pal Singh Bhatia. Intelligent audio analysis techniques for identification of music in smart devices
0 -- 0Weiwei Jiang 0003. TaxiBJ21: An open crowd flow dataset based on Beijing taxi GPS trajectories
0 -- 0Luigi Alfredo Grieco. Editorial of the founder EiC "summing up 2021"
0 -- 0Lijun Chen, Luca Sciullo, Angelo Trotta. Design and performance evaluation of mobile personal big data management system based on ICN
0 -- 0Eric Hideo Yoshitome, João Vitor Rodrigues da Cruz, Marcos Eduardo Pivaro Monteiro, João Luiz Rebelatto. LoRa-aided outdoor localization system: RSSI or TDoA?
0 -- 0Ajay Verma, Righa Tandon, Pradeep Kumar Gupta 0001. TrafC-AnTabu: AnTabu routing algorithm for congestion control and traffic lights management using fuzzy model
0 -- 0Amir Zarezadeh Reihani, Mohammad Behdadfar, Mohammadali Sebghati. Artificial neural network-based adaptive modulation for elastic optical networks
0 -- 0Weiwei Jiang 0003. Internet traffic matrix prediction with convolutional LSTM neural network
0 -- 0Polyxeni Tsompanoglou, Sophia G. Petridou, Petros Nicopolitidis, Georgios Papadimitriou 0001. Quantitative model checking for assessing the energy impact of a MITM attack on EPONs
0 -- 0Weiwei Jiang 0003. Internet traffic prediction with deep neural networks

Volume 5, Issue 1

0 -- 0Arindam Dutta, Dibakar Sil, Aniruddha Chandra, Sarbani Palit. CNN based musical instrument identification using time-frequency localized features
0 -- 0Shisrut Rawat, Aishwarya Srinivasan, Vinayakumar Ravi, Uttam Ghosh. Intrusion detection systems using classical machine learning techniques vs integrated unsupervised feature learning and deep neural network
0 -- 0Ajay Arunachalam, Henrik Andreasson. RaspberryPi-Arduino (RPA) powered smart mirrored and reconfigurable IoT facility for plant science research
0 -- 0Sushant Sharma, Nitin Gupta 0006. Federated learning based caching in fog computing for future smart cities
0 -- 0Halgurd S. Maghdid, Kayhan Zrar Ghafoor, Abdulbasit Al-Talabani, Ali Safaa Sadiq, Pranav Kumar Singh, Danda B. Rawat. Enabling accurate indoor localization for different platforms for smart cities using a transfer learning algorithm
0 -- 0Sweta Bhattacharya, Siva Rama Krishnan Somayaji, Thippa Reddy Gadekallu, Mamoun Alazab, Praveen Kumar Reddy Maddikunta. A review on deep learning for future smart cities
0 -- 0Akarsh Aggarwal, Anuj Rani, Pavika Sharma, Manoj Kumar 0009, Achyut Shankar, Mamoun Alazab. Prediction of Landsliding using Univariate Forecasting Models
0 -- 0Rajlaxmi Patil, Rajshekhar Biradar, Vinayakumar Ravi, Poornima Biradar, Uttam Ghosh. Network traffic anomaly detection using PCA and BiGAN