Journal: J. Cellular Automata

Volume 14, Issue 5-6

335 -- 349Klitos Christodoulou, Savvas A. Chatzichristofis, Georgios Ch. Sirakoulis, Panayiotis Christodoulou. RandomBlocks: A Transparent, Verifiable Blockchain-based System for Random Numbers
351 -- 396Kojiro Kobayashi. Nonexistence of Minimal-time Solutions for Some Variations of the Firing Squad Synchronization Problem having Simple Geometric Configurations
397 -- 416GilTak Kong, Katsunobu Imai, Tom Nakanishi. The Structure of Hierarchical Motion Representation of 2-state Number Conserving Cellular Automata
417 -- 433Un-Sook Choi, Sung Jin Cho, Han-Doo Kim, Min Jeong Kwon. Analysis of 90/150 CA Corresponding to the Power of Irreducible Polynomials
435 -- 477Saliha Djenaoui, Pierre Guillon 0001. The Generic Limit Set of Cellular Automata
479 -- 498Sara Dridi, Franco Bagnoli, Samira El Yacoubi. Markov Chains Approach for Regional Controllability of Deterministic Cellular Automata, via Boundary Actions

Volume 14, Issue 3-4

171 -- 190Janusz Matyja. Extensions of One-Sided Surjective CA with Certain Measure-Theoretic Properties
191 -- 212Marcin Dembowski, Barbara Wolnik, Witold Bolt, Jan M. Baetens, Bernard De Baets. Two-dimensional Affine Continuous Cellular Automata Solving the Relaxed Density Classification Problem
213 -- 223Rezki Chemlal. Equicontinuous Factors of One Dimensional Cellular Automata
225 -- 240Alejandro Raúl Hernández-Montoya, Horacio Tapia-McClung. A Diffusion Approach to the Dynamics of Conway's Game of Life (GoL): Emergence of Multiple Power Law Fluctuation Regimes
241 -- 262Fatih Temiz, Ferhat Sah, Hasan Akin. Reversibility of a Family of 2D Cellular Automata Hybridized by Diamond and Cross Rules Over Finite Fields and an Application to Visual Cryptography
263 -- 288Philippe Collard. λCA : A Peer Learning Cellular Automaton

Volume 14, Issue 1-2

1 -- 26Janusz Matyja. Topological and Measure-Theoretic Properties of Certain Open, Topologically Mixing and Strongly Transitive CA
27 -- 49Supreeti Kamilya, Sumit Adak, Sukanta Das, Biplab K. Sikdar. SACAs: (Non-uniform) Cellular Automata that Converge to a Single Fixed Point
51 -- 68Elisabet Edvardsson, Eva Mossberg. The Q-toothpick Cellular Automaton
69 -- 93Zakaria Laboudi, Salim Chikhi. Computational Mechanisms for Solving the Density Classification Task by Cellular Automata
95 -- 128Andrew Wuensche, Edward Coxon. Pulsing Dynamics in Randomly Wired Glider Cellular Automata
129 -- 152Eduardo P. M. Câmara Júnior, Luiz Filipe M. Vieira, Marcos Augusto M. Vieira. Topology Control in Underwater Sensor Networks Using Cellular Automata
153 -- 170Mrwan Margem, Osman S. Gedik. ReCA) in Sequence Learning