Journal: J. Cellular Automata

Volume 15, Issue 4

243 -- 259Barbara Wolnik, Mrozek Nikodem, Adam Dzedzej, Bernard De Baets. Three-dimensional Rotation-symmetric Number-conserving Cellular Automata
261 -- 304Eric Goles, Fabiola Lobos, Pedro Montealegre, Eurico L. P. Ruivo, Pedro P. B. de Oliveira. Computational Complexity of the Stability Problem for Elementary Cellular Automata
305 -- 311Pedro C. S. Costa, Fernando De Melo. Coarse Graining of Partitioned Cellular Automata

Volume 15, Issue 3

147 -- 173José Manuel Gómez Soto, Andrew Wuensche. The Variant-Rule Another Logically Universal Rule
175 -- 193H. A. Del Faro-Odi, Raquiel R. López-Martínez, M. E. Rodríguez-Achach, Alejandro Raúl Hernández-Montoya. Thermal and Superthermal Income Classes in a Wealth Alike Distribution Generated by Conway's Game of Life Cellular Automaton
195 -- 206Un-Sook Choi, Sung Jin Cho, Han-Doo Kim, Sung Won Kang. New Synthesis of Even-cell 90/150 MWCA
207 -- 222Yuki Nishida 0002, Sennosuke Watanabe, Akiko Fukuda, Yoshihide Watanabe. q-state Vector-valued Fuzzy Cellular Automata
223 -- 242Martin Kutrib, Thomas Worsch. Self-Verifying Cellular Automata

Volume 15, Issue 1-2

1 -- 2Samira El Yacoubi, Stefania Bandini, Giancarlo Mauri. Preface
3 -- 15Mohcine Chraibi, Bernhard Steffen, Jun Zhang. The Automatic Generation of an Efficient Floor Field for CA Simulations in Crowd Management
17 -- 36Salvatore Di Gregorio. The Representation Role for Basic Operations Embodied in Cellular Automata: A Suitability Example for Addition of Natural Numbers in Redundant vs Conventional Numeral Systems
37 -- 52Yoshihiko Kayama, Yuka Koda, Ikumi Yazawa. Fractal Arrangement for 2D Cellular Automata and its Implementation in Outer-totalistic Rules
53 -- 73Iliasse Abdennour, Mustapha Ouardouz, Abdes Samed Bernoussi. Cellular Automata Approach for Electrical and Thermal Behaviors of Photovoltaic Panels
75 -- 95Alex Graudenzi, Davide Maspero, Chiara Damiani. FBCA, A Multiscale Modeling Framework Combining Cellular Automata and Flux Balance Analysis
97 -- 112Jan Stepien, Janusz Stafiej. Potential Oscillations in Cellular Automaton Based Model for Passivation of Metal Surface
113 -- 129Franco Bagnoli, Raúl Rechtman. Damage Spreading, Chaos and Regional Synchronization of a Probabilistic Cellular Automaton
131 -- 146Tien Thao Nguyen, Luidnel Maignan. Some Cellular Fields Interrelations and Optimizations in FSSP Solutions