Journal: J. Cellular Automata

Volume 5, Issue 6

419 -- 420Henryk Fuks, Anna T. Lawniczak. 13th International Workshop on Cellular Automata: AUTOMATA 2007
421 -- 429María E. Lárraga, Luis Alvarez-Icaza. A Cellular Automaton Model for Traffic Flow with Safe Driving Policies
431 -- 443Danuta Makowiec. On Cellular Automata Modeling of Cardiac Pacemaker
445 -- 467Angelo B. Mingarelli. A Classification Scheme for Fuzzy Cellular Automata with Applications to ECA
469 -- 480Donny Cheung, Carlos A. Pérez-Delgado. Cellular Automata as a Model of Physical Systems
491 -- 507Marko Puljic, Robert Kozma. Broad-band Oscillations by Probabilistic Cellular Automata
509 -- 524Gabriel Andrés Wainer, Rodrigo Castro. A Survey on the Application of the Cell-DEVS Formalism

Volume 5, Issue 4-5

273 -- 287Markus Redeker. Flexible Time and the Evolution of One-Dimensional Cellular Automata
289 -- 313Genaro Juárez Martínez, Andrew Adamatzky, Harold V. McIntosh. Localization Dynamics in a Binary Two-dimensional Cellular Automaton: the Diffusion Rule
315 -- 331Weifeng Jin, Fangyue Chen, Guanrong Chen, Lin Chen, Fangfang Chen. Complex Symbolic Dynamics of Chua s Period-2 Rule 37
333 -- 351F. Michel Dekking, Leonard van Driel, Anne Fey. Stability in One-dimensional Random Boolean Cellular Automata
353 -- 381Edward J. Powley, Susan Stepney. Counting Preimages of Homogeneous Configurations in 1-Dimensional Cellular Automata
383 -- 401Angelo Schranko, Pedro P. B. de Oliveira. Towards the Definition of Conservation Degree for One-Dimensional Cellular Automata Rules
409 -- 414Tommaso Toffoli. Conceptual Background for the Quad Prize
415 -- 417Edward J. Powley. Quad Prize Submission: Simulating Elementary CAs with Trid CAs

Volume 5, Issue 3

167 -- 0Anna T. Lawniczak, Ramón Alonso-Sanz. Editorial
169 -- 183Silvio Capobianco, Tommaso Toffoli. Dissipative CA Computation Without Power Sources?
185 -- 206Ferdinand Peper, Jia Lee, Teijiro Isokawa. Brownian Cellular Automata
207 -- 225Nick Owens, Susan Stepney. Investigations of Game of Life Cellular Automata Rules on Penrose Tilings: Lifetime, Ash, and Oscillator Statistics
227 -- 240Hidenosuke Nishio, Thomas Worsch. Changing the Neighborhood of Cellular Automata: Local Structure, Equivalence and Isomorphism
241 -- 272Ville Lukkarila. Sensitivity and Topological Mixing are Undecidable for Reversible One-dimensional Cellular Automata

Volume 5, Issue 1-2

1 -- 28Valeriy K. Bulitko, Burton Voorhees. Index Permutations and Classes of Additive Cellular Automata Rules with Isomorphic STD
29 -- 49Ramón Alonso-Sanz, Larry Bull. One-Dimensional Coupled Cellular Automata with Memory: Initial Investigations
51 -- 78Valeriy K. Bulitko, Burton Voorhees. Cycle Structure of Baker Transformation in One Dimension
79 -- 105Petre Anghelescu, Silviu Ionita, Emil Sofron. Encryption Technique with Programmable Cellular Automata (ETPCA)
107 -- 120Adam Clarridge, Kai Salomaa. An Improved Cellular Automata Based Algorithm for the 45-Convex Hull Problem
121 -- 138Weifeng Jin, Fangyue Chen, Guanrong Chen, Lin Chen, Fangfang Chen. Extending the Symbolic Dynamics of Chua s Bernoulli-Shift Rule 56
139 -- 155Debdeep Mukhopadhyay. Group Properties of Non-linear Cellular Automata
157 -- 166David J. Ettestad, Joaquin O. Carbonara. Formulas for the Number of States of an Interesting Finite Cellular Automaton and a Connection to Pascal s Triangle