Journal: J. Cellular Automata

Volume 7, Issue 5-6

363 -- 384Machi Zawidzki, Marcin Bator. Application of Evolutionary Algorithm for Optimization of the Sequence of Initial Conditions for the Cellular Automaton-Based Shading
385 -- 392Adam P. Goucher. Gliders in Cellular Automata on Penrose Tilings
393 -- 430Genaro Juárez Martínez, Juan Carlos Seck Tuoh Mora, Hector Zenil. Computation and Universality: Class IV versus Class III Cellular Automata
431 -- 453Nazma Naskar, Sukanta Das, Biplab K. Sikdar. Characterization of Nonlinear Cellular Automata Having Only Single Length Cycle Attractors
455 -- 488Henryk Fuks. Construction of Local Structure Maps for Cellular Automata
489 -- 507Martin Kutrib, Andreas Malcher. The Size Impact of Little Iterative Array Resources
509 -- 514Udayan B. Darji, Steve W. Seif. A Note on Decidability of Cellularity

Volume 7, Issue 4

287 -- 302Fangyue Chen, Lun Shi, Guanrong Chen, Weifeng Jin. Chaos and Gliders in Periodic Cellular Automaton Rule 62
303 -- 319Wit Forys, Janusz Matyja. p>3
321 -- 334Seyyed Amir Hadi Minoofam, Mohammad Mahdi Dehshibi, Azam Bastanfard, Parvin Eftekhari. Ad-hoc Ma'qeli Script Generation Using Block Cellular Automata
335 -- 362Nirmalya Sundar Maiti, Soumyabrata Ghosh, Biplab K. Sikdar, Parimal Pal Chaudhuri. Rule Vector Graph (RVG) To Design Linear Time Algorithm for Identifying the Invertibility of Periodic-Boundary Three Neighborhood Cellular Automata

Volume 7, Issue 3

199 -- 206Junbiao Guan. Notes on Symbolic Representations of Dynamical Systems
207 -- 221Yifan Zhao, H. M. Guo, Stephen A. Billings. Application of Totalistic Cellular Automata for Noise Filtering in Image Processing
223 -- 241Salimur Choudhury, Kai Salomaa, Selim G. Akl. A Cellular Automaton Model for Wireless Sensor Networks
243 -- 258Yifan Zhao, H. M. Guo, Stephen A. Billings. Identification of Hybrid Cellular Automata Using Image Segmentation Methods
259 -- 284Maurice Margenstern. Universal Cellular Automata with Two States in the Hyperbolic Plane
285 -- 0. Book Review

Volume 7, Issue 2

81 -- 82Nazim Fatès. Preface
83 -- 113Johannes Gütschow, Vincent Nesme, Reinhard F. Werner. Self-similarity of Cellular Automata on Abelian Groups
115 -- 150Leemon Baird, Barry Fagin. Conserved Energy Functions for Cellular Automata: Finding Nontrivials Faster Through a Complete Theory of the Trivials
151 -- 165Eric Goles Ch., Andrés Moreira. Number-Conserving Cellular Automata and Communication Complexity: A Numerical Exploration Beyond Elementary CAs
167 -- 177Hidenosuke Nishio. A Generalization of Automorphism Classification of Cellular Automata
179 -- 197Sandip Karmakar, Debdeep Mukhopadhyay, Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury. CAvium - Strengthening Trivium Stream Cipher Using Cellular Automata

Volume 7, Issue 1

1 -- 3Dominique Désérable, Rolf Hoffmann. Preface
5 -- 29Nikolaos Vlassopoulos, Nazim Fatès, Hugues Berry, Bernard Girau. Large-scale Simulations on FPGAs: Finding the Asymptotic Critical Threshold of the Greenberg-Hastings Cellular Automata
47 -- 65Patrick Ediger, Rolf Hoffmann, Dominique Désérable. Routing in the Triangular Grid with Evolved Agents
67 -- 80Georgios Ch. Sirakoulis, Ioannis Karafyllidis. Cellular Automata and Power Consumption