Journal: Journal of Computational Neuroscience

Volume 10, Issue 3

231 -- 253Gustavo Deco, Josef Zihl. A Neurodynamical Model of Visual Attention: Feedback Enhancement of Spatial Resolution in a Hierarchical System
255 -- 280Scott A. Beardsley, Lucia M. Vaina. A Laterally Interconnected Neural Architecture in MST Accounts for Psychophysical Discrimination of Complex Motion Patterns
281 -- 302A. A. V. Hill, J. Lu, M. A. Masino, O. H. Olsen, Ronald L. Calabrese. A Model of a Segmental Oscillator in the Leech Heartbeat Neuronal Network
303 -- 311Mark C. W. van Rossum. The Transient Precision of Integrate and Fire Neurons: Effect of Background Activity and Noise
313 -- 331Jonathan E. Rubin, David Terman, Carson C. Chow. Localized Bumps of Activity Sustained by Inhibition in a Two-Layer Thalamic Network
333 -- 0. Erratum

Volume 10, Issue 2

127 -- 150Michael A. Smith, J. Douglas Crawford. Self-Organizing Task Modules and Explicit Coordinate Systems in a Neural Network Model for 3-D Saccades
151 -- 172Nathan R. Wilson, Deana A. Bodnar, Joseph F. Skovira, Bruce R. Land. Processing of Auditory Midbrain Interspike Intervals by Model Neurons
173 -- 186Allan D. Coop, George N. Reeke Jr.. The Composite Neuron: A Realistic One-Compartment Purkinje Cell Model Suitable for Large-Scale Neuronal Network Simulations
187 -- 193Christiane Linster, Thomas A. Cleland. How Spike Synchronization Among Olfactory Neurons Can Contribute to Sensory Discrimination
195 -- 211Esther Peterhans, Friedrich Heitger. Simulation of Neuronal Responses Defining Depth Order and Contrast Polarity at Illusory Contours in Monkey Area V2
213 -- 221Alexander Borst, J├╝rgen Haag. Effects of Mean Firing on Neural Information Rate

Volume 10, Issue 1

5 -- 23Rafal Bogacz, Malcolm W. Brown, Christophe G. Giraud-Carrier. Model of Familiarity Discrimination in the Perirhinal Cortex
25 -- 45Ying-Hui Liu, Xiao-Jing Wang. Spike-Frequency Adaptation of a Generalized Leaky Integrate-and-Fire Model Neuron
47 -- 69Don H. Johnson, Charlotte M. Gruner, Keith A. Baggerly, Chandran Seshagiri. Information-Theoretic Analysis of Neural Coding
71 -- 77Valentino Braitenberg. Brain Size and Number of Neurons: An Exercise in Synthetic Neuroanatomy
79 -- 97Jutta Kretzberg, Martin Egelhaaf, Anne-Kathrin Warzecha. Membrane Potential Fluctuations Determine the Precision of Spike Timing and Synchronous Activity: A Model Study
99 -- 120Bruce E. Shapiro. Osmotic Forces and Gap Junctions in Spreading Depression: A Computational Model