Journal: Journal of Computational Neuroscience

Volume 15, Issue 3

307 -- 320Norbert Michael Mayer, J. Michael Herrmann, Theo Geisel. Shaping of Receptive Fields in the Visual Cortex During Retinal Maturation
321 -- 333Garrett B. Stanley, Roxanna M. Webber. A Point Process Analysis of Sensory Encoding
335 -- 345Dingzhou Li, Weiping Zhou, Ivo Drury, Robert Savit. Linear and Nonlinear Measures and Seizure Anticipation in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
347 -- 356Jan Karbowski. How Does Connectivity Between Cortical Areas Depend on Brain Size? Implications for Efficient Computation
357 -- 365A. Delorme. Early Cortical Orientation Selectivity: How Fast Inhibition Decodes the Order of Spike Latencies
367 -- 389Peter Roper, Joseph Callaway, Talent Shevchenko, Ryoichi Teruyama, William Armstrong. AHP s, HAP s and DAP s: How Potassium Currents Regulate the Excitability of Rat Supraoptic Neurones

Volume 15, Issue 2

131 -- 142Adrien E. Desjardins, Yue-Xian Li, Stefan Reinker, Robert M. Miura, Richard S. Neuman. The Influences of ::::I::::::h:: on Temporal Summation in Hippocampal CA1 Pyramidal Neurons: A Modeling Study
143 -- 157David McMillen, Nancy Kopell. Noise-Stabilized Long-Distance Synchronization in Populations of Model Neurons
159 -- 202Alex M. Thomson. Presynaptic Frequency- and Pattern-Dependent Filtering
203 -- 221C. J. Aine, J. M. Stephen, R. Christner, D. Hudson, E. Best. Task Relevance Enhances Early Transient and Late Slow-Wave Activity of Distributed Cortical Sources
223 -- 232Arash Hadipour Niktarash. Transmission of the Subthalamic Nucleus Oscillatory Activity to the Cortex: A Computational Approach
233 -- 245Tim Kiemel, Kevin M. Gormley, Li Guan, Thelma L. Williams, Avis H. Cohen. Estimating the Strength and Direction of Functional Coupling in the Lamprey Spinal Cord
247 -- 269Clyde S. Miller, Don H. Johnson, John P. Schroeter, Lay L. Myint, Raymon M. Glantz. Visual Responses of Crayfish Ocular Motoneurons: An Information Theoretical Analysis
271 -- 281Thomas Nowotny, Mikhail I. Rabinovich, Ramón Huerta, Henry D. I. Abarbanel. Decoding Temporal Information Through Slow Lateral Excitation in the Olfactory System of Insects
283 -- 298David J. Pinto, Stephanie R. Jones, Tasso J. Kaper, Nancy Kopell. Analysis of State-Dependent Transitions in Frequency and Long-Distance Coordination in a Model Oscillatory Cortical Circuit

Volume 15, Issue 1

5 -- 17Marta García-Sánchez, Ramón Huerta. Design Parameters of the Fan-Out Phase of Sensory Systems
19 -- 28Burak Güçlü, Stanley J. Bolanowski, Lorraine Pawson. End-to-End Linkage (EEL) Clustering Algorithm: A Study on the Distribution of Meissner Corpuscles in the Skin
29 -- 41Mark Flynn, Yidao Cai, Douglas A. Baxter, Terry Crow. A Computational Study of the Role of Spike Broadening in Synaptic Facilitation of Hermissenda
43 -- 51John R. Clay. A Novel Mechanism for Irregular Firing of a Neuron in Response to Periodic Stimulation: Irregularity in the Absence of Noise
53 -- 69Georgi S. Medvedev, C. J. Wilson, J. C. Callaway, Nancy Kopell. Dendritic Synchrony and Transient Dynamics in a Coupled Oscillator Model of the Dopaminergic Neuron
71 -- 90Corey D. Acker, Nancy Kopell, John A. White. Synchronization of Strongly Coupled Excitatory Neurons: Relating Network Behavior to Biophysics
91 -- 103Boris S. Gutkin, Bard Ermentrout, Michael Rudolph. Spike Generating Dynamics and the Conditions for Spike-Time Precision in Cortical Neurons
105 -- 121Yidao Cai, Douglas A. Baxter, Terry Crow. Computational Study of Enhanced Excitability in Hermissenda: Membrane Conductances Modulated by 5-HT