Journal: Journal of Computational Neuroscience

Volume 19, Issue 3

263 -- 289Wenxue Wang, Clay Campaigne, Bijoy K. Ghosh, Philip S. Ulinski. Two Cortical Circuits Control Propagating Waves in Visual Cortex
291 -- 310Mauro Ursino, Giuseppe Emiliano La Cara. Dependence of Visual Cell Properties on Intracortical Synapses Among Hypercolumns: Analysis by a Computer Model
311 -- 324T.-C. Chao, C.-M. Chen. Learning-Induced Synchronization and Plasticity of a Developing Neural Network
325 -- 356Shinji Doi, Sadatoshi Kumagai. Generation of Very Slow Neuronal Rhythms and Chaos Near the Hopf Bifurcation in Single Neuron Models
357 -- 378E. Bart, S. Bao, D. Holcman. Modeling the Spontaneous Activity of the Auditory Cortex
379 -- 397Bomje Woo, Donggyun Shin, Daeryook Yang, Jinhoon Choi. Reduced Model and Simulation of Neuron with Passive Dendritic Cable: An Eigenfunction Expansion Approach

Volume 19, Issue 2

107 -- 124Madeleine M. Lowery, Zeynep Erim. A Simulation Study to Examine the Effect of Common Motoneuron Inputs on Correlated Patterns of Motor Unit Discharge
125 -- 146M. A. Maier, Larry E. Shupe, Eberhard E. Fetz. Dynamic Neural Network Models of the Premotoneuronal Circuitry Controlling Wrist Movements in Primates
147 -- 180Marco A. Huertas, Jeffrey R. Groff, Gregory D. Smith. Feedback Inhibition and Throughput Properties of an Integrate-and-Fire-or-Burst Network Model of Retinogeniculate Transmission
181 -- 197Murat Sekerli, Robert J. Butera. Oscillations in a Simple Neuromechanical System: Underlying Mechanisms
199 -- 221Israel Nelken, Gal Chechik, Thomas D. Mrsic-Flogel, Andrew J. King, Jan W. H. Schnupp. Encoding Stimulus Information by Spike Numbers and Mean Response Time in Primary Auditory Cortex
223 -- 238Duncan E. Donohue, Giorgio A. Ascoli. Local Diameter Fully Constrains Dendritic Size in Basal but not Apical Trees of CA1 Pyramidal Neurons
239 -- 253Ulrike Dicke, Torsten Dau. A Functional Point-Neuron Model Simulating Cochlear Nucleus Ideal Onset Responses

Volume 19, Issue 1

5 -- 20Rotem Sela, Lee Segel, Itzchak Parnas, Hanna Parnas. Release of Neurotransmitter Induced by Ca:::2+:::-Uncaging: Reexamination of the Ca-Voltage Hypothesis for Release
21 -- 38A. E. Lindsay, K. A. Lindsay, J. R. Rosenberg. Increased Computational Accuracy in Multi-Compartmental Cable Models by a Novel Approach for Precise Point Process Localization
39 -- 51Sung-Il Kim, Jaeseung Jeong, Yongho Kwak, Yang In Kim, Seung Hun Jung, Kyoung J. Lee. Fractal Stochastic Modeling of Spiking Activity in Suprachiasmatic Nucleus Neurons
53 -- 70Eun-Hyoung Park, Ernest Barreto, Bruce J. Gluckman, Steven J. Schiff, Paul So. A Model of the Effects of Applied Electric Fields on Neuronal Synchronization
71 -- 85Klaus M. Stiefel, Valérie Wespatat, Boris S. Gutkin, Frank Tennigkeit, Wolf Singer. Phase Dependent Sign Changes of GABAergic Synaptic Input Explored ::::In-Silicio:::: and ::::In-Vitro::::
87 -- 98Jaeseung Jeong, Yongho Kwak, Yang In Kim, Kyoung J. Lee. Dynamical Heterogeneity of Suprachiasmatic Nucleus Neurons Based on Regularity and Determinism