Journal: Journal of Computational Neuroscience

Volume 24, Issue 3

253 -- 276Jan Karbowski, Gary Schindelman, Christopher J. Cronin, Adeline Seah, Paul W. Sternberg. Systems level circuit model of ::::C. elegans:::: undulatory locomotion: mathematical modeling and molecular genetics
277 -- 290HeeSoo Kim, Shaowen Bao. Distributed representation of perceptual categories in the auditory cortex
291 -- 313Klas H. Pettersen, Espen Hagen, Gaute T. Einevoll. Estimation of population firing rates and current source densities from laminar electrode recordings
314 -- 329Anna Y. Kuznetsova, Richard C. Deth. A model for modulation of neuronal synchronization by D4 dopamine receptor-mediated phospholipid methylation
330 -- 345Corrado Calì, Thomas K. Berger, Michele Pignatelli, Alan Carleton, Henry Markram, Michele Giugliano. Inferring connection proximity in networks of electrically coupled cells by subthreshold frequency response analysis
346 -- 357Michael I. Ham, Luís M. A. Bettencourt, Floyd D. McDaniel, Guenter W. Gross. Spontaneous coordinated activity in cultured networks: Analysis of multiple ignition sites, primary circuits, and burst phase delay distributions
358 -- 373Joseph H. Tien, John Guckenheimer. Parameter estimation for bursting neural models
374 -- 397Nickolas Kintos, Michael P. Nusbaum, Farzan Nadim. A modeling comparison of projection neuron- and neuromodulator-elicited oscillations in a central pattern generating network

Volume 24, Issue 2

113 -- 136Jan Benda, Matthias Hennig. Spike-frequency adaptation generates intensity invariance in a primary auditory interneuron
137 -- 156Naoki Masuda, Shun-ichi Amari. A computational study of synaptic mechanisms of partial memory transfer in cerebellar vestibulo-ocular-reflex learning
157 -- 178Gerald P. Keith, J. Douglas Crawford. Saccade-related remapping of target representations between topographic maps: a neural network study
179 -- 194Paul Mullowney, Satish Iyengar. Parameter estimation for a leaky integrate-and-fire neuronal model from ISI data
195 -- 206Jicheng Wang, Bing Shen, James R. Roppolo, William C. de Groat, Changfeng Tai. Influence of frequency and temperature on the mechanisms of nerve conduction block induced by high-frequency biphasic electrical current
207 -- 221Michele Migliore, Gordon M. Shepherd. Dendritic action potentials connect distributed dendrodendritic microcircuits
222 -- 234Jorge F. Mejías, Joaquín J. Torres. The role of synaptic facilitation in spike coincidence detection
235 -- 252Alexander Casti, Fernand Hayot, Youping Xiao, Ehud Kaplan. A simple model of retina-LGN transmission

Volume 24, Issue 1

1 -- 20Shigeru Kubota, Tatsuo Kitajima. A model for synaptic development regulated by NMDA receptor subunit expression
21 -- 35Dominik Endres, Peter Földiák. Exact Bayesian bin classification: a fast alternative to Bayesian classification and its application to neural response analysis
37 -- 55Selva K. Maran, Carmen C. Canavier. Using phase resetting to predict 1: 1 and 2: 2 locking in two neuron networks in which firing order is not always preserved
57 -- 68Emmanuel Guigon, Pierre Baraduc, Michel Desmurget. Optimality, stochasticity, and variability in motor behavior
69 -- 79Liam Paninski, Adrian Haith, Gabor Szirtes. Integral equation methods for computing likelihoods and their derivatives in the stochastic integrate-and-fire model
81 -- 93Warren M. Grill, Meredith B. Cantrell, Matthew S. Robertson. Antidromic propagation of action potentials in branched axons: implications for the mechanisms of action of deep brain stimulation
95 -- 104Yihui Liu, Jing Yang, Sanjue Hu. Transition between two excitabilities in mesencephalic V neurons
105 -- 112Wolfgang Kinzel. On the stationary state of a network of inhibitory spiking neurons