Journal: Journal of Computational Neuroscience

Volume 28, Issue 3

361 -- 374Andrey V. Olypher, Astrid A. Prinz. Geometry and dynamics of activity-dependent homeostatic regulation in neurons
375 -- 387Beth A. Lopour, Andrew J. Szeri. A model of feedback control for the charge-balanced suppression of epileptic seizures
389 -- 403Anna Y. Kuznetsova, Marco A. Huertas, Alexey S. Kuznetsov, Carlos A. Paladini, Carmen C. Canavier. Regulation of firing frequency in a computational model of a midbrain dopaminergic neuron
405 -- 424Joshua H. Goldwyn, Eric Shea-Brown, Jay T. Rubinstein. Encoding and decoding amplitude-modulated cochlear implant stimuli - a point process analysis
425 -- 441Philip J. Hahn, Cameron C. McIntyre. Modeling shifts in the rate and pattern of subthalamopallidal network activity during deep brain stimulation
443 -- 458Theodore Vo, Richard Bertram, Joël Tabak, Martin Wechselberger. Mixed mode oscillations as a mechanism for pseudo-plateau bursting
459 -- 476Carlo R. Laing, Thomas Frewen, Ioannis G. Kevrekidis. Reduced models for binocular rivalry
477 -- 494Anthony R. Kellems, Saifon Chaturantabut, Danny C. Sorensen, Steven J. Cox. Morphologically accurate reduced order modeling of spiking neurons
495 -- 507Kouroush Sadegh Zadeh, Sameer B. Shah. Mathematical modeling and parameter estimation of axonal cargo transport
509 -- 526Christoph Börgers, Martin Krupa, Stan Gielen. The response of a classical Hodgkin-Huxley neuron to an inhibitory input pulse
527 -- 538Peter Stratton, Gordon Wyeth, Janet Wiles. Calibration of the head direction network: a role for symmetric angular head velocity cells
539 -- 555Erin Munro, Christoph Börgers. Mechanisms of very fast oscillations in networks of axons coupled by gap junctions
557 -- 565Roberto Maestri, Maria Teresa La Rovere, Elena Robbi, Gian Domenico Pinna. Fluctuations of the fractal dimension of the electroencephalogram during periodic breathing in heart failure patients
567 -- 578German Andres Enciso, Michael Rempe, Andrey V. Dmitriev, Konstantin E. Gavrikov, David Terman, Stuart C. Mangel. A model of direction selectivity in the starburst amacrine cell network
579 -- 594Jens Kremkow, Laurent U. Perrinet, Guillaume S. Masson, Ad Aertsen. Functional consequences of correlated excitatory and inhibitory conductances in cortical networks
595 -- 603Ali Bülent Usakli. Modeling of movement-related potentials using a fractal approach
605 -- 616Jonathan D. Drover, Nicholas D. Schiff, Jonathan D. Victor. Dynamics of coupled thalamocortical modules
617 -- 0Tomas Kulvicius, Minija Tamosiunaite, James Ainge, Paul Dudchenko, Florentin Wörgötter. Erratum to: Odour supported place cell model and goal navigation in rodents
619 -- 0Minija Tamosiunaite, James Ainge, Tomas Kulvicius, Bernd Porr, Paul Dudchenko, Florentin Wörgötter. Erratum to: Path-finding in real and simulated rats: assessing the influence of path characteristics on navigation learning
621 -- 0Minija Tamosiunaite, Bernd Porr, Florentin Wörgötter. Erratum to: Self-influencing synaptic plasticity: recurrent changes of synaptic weights can lead to specific functional properties

Volume 28, Issue 2

177 -- 192Ata Özkaya, Mehmet Korürek. Estimating short-run and long-run interaction mechanisms in interictal state
193 -- 209Zachary P. Kilpatrick, Paul C. Bressloff. Spatially structured oscillations in a two-dimensional excitatory neuronal network with synaptic depression
211 -- 228Liam Paninski. Fast Kalman filtering on quasilinear dendritic trees
229 -- 245Douglas Zhou, Yi Sun, Aaditya V. Rangan, David Cai. Spectrum of Lyapunov exponents of non-smooth dynamical systems of integrate-and-fire type
247 -- 266Yi Sun, Douglas Zhou, Aaditya V. Rangan, David Cai. Pseudo-Lyapunov exponents and predictability of Hodgkin-Huxley neuronal network dynamics
267 -- 284Stefano Cardanobile, Stefan Rotter. Multiplicatively interacting point processes and applications to neural modeling
285 -- 303Martin Pienkowski, Jos J. Eggermont. Nonlinear cross-frequency interactions in primary auditory cortex spectrotemporal receptive fields: a Wiener-Volterra analysis
305 -- 321Sachin S. Talathi, Dong-Uk Hwang, Paul R. Carney, William L. Ditto. Synchrony with shunting inhibition in a feedforward inhibitory network
323 -- 346Jasmin Léveillé, Massimiliano Versace, Stephen Grossberg. Running as fast as it can: How spiking dynamics form object groupings in the laminar circuits of visual cortex
347 -- 359Shigeru Kubota, Tatsuo Kitajima. Possible role of cooperative action of NMDA receptor and GABA function in developmental plasticity

Volume 28, Issue 1

1 -- 17Sukbin Lim, John Rinzel. Noise-induced transitions in slow wave neuronal dynamics
19 -- 27Nima Mesgarani, Jonathan B. Fritz, Shihab A. Shamma. A computational model of rapid task-related plasticity of auditory cortical receptive fields
29 -- 45Stuart D. Wick, Martin T. Wiechert, Rainer W. Friedrich, Hermann Riecke. Pattern orthogonalization via channel decorrelation by adaptive networks
47 -- 64Babette Dellen, Ralf Wessel, John W. Clark, Florentin Wörgötter. Motion processing with wide-field neurons in the retino-tecto-rotundal pathway
65 -- 76Amparo Gil, Virginia González-Vélez. Exocytotic dynamics and calcium cooperativity effects in the calyx of Held synapse: a modelling study
77 -- 89Berton A. Earnshaw, Paul C. Bressloff. A diffusion-activation model of CaMKII translocation waves in dendrites
91 -- 106Louis Tao, Andrew T. Sornborger. Dimensionally-reduced visual cortical network model predicts network response and connects system- and cellular-level descriptions
107 -- 130François Rivest, John Kalaska, Yoshua Bengio. Alternative time representation in dopamine models
131 -- 136Max J. Kurz, Jyhgong Gabriel Hou. Levodopa influences the regularity of the ankle joint kinematics in individuals with Parkinson's disease
137 -- 154Nicole Voges, Christian Guijarro, Ad Aertsen, Stefan Rotter. Models of cortical networks with long-range patchy projections
155 -- 175Rita Almeida, Anders Ledberg. A biologically plausible model of time-scale invariant interval timing