Journal: Journal of Computational Neuroscience

Volume 37, Issue 3

387 -- 401Runjing Liu, Mainak Patel, Badal Joshi. Encoding whisker deflection velocity within the rodent barrel cortex using phase-delayed inhibition
403 -- 415Sevgi Sengül, Robert Clewley, Richard Bertram, Joël Tabak. Determining the contributions of divisive and subtractive feedback in the Hodgkin-Huxley model
417 -- 437Axel Hutt, Laure Buhry. Study of GABAergic extra-synaptic tonic inhibition in single neurons and neural populations by traversing neural scales: application to propofol-induced anaesthesia
439 -- 457Vladislav Volman, Laurel J. Ng. Primary paranode demyelination modulates slowly developing axonal depolarization in a model of axonal injury
459 -- 480Rebecca A. Mease, Sangwook Lee, Anna T. Moritz, Randall K. Powers, Marc D. Binder, Adrienne L. Fairhall. Context-dependent coding in single neurons
481 -- 492Cong Wang, Louis Tao. Dimensional reduction of a V1 ring model with simple and complex cells
493 -- 504Andrea Pavan, Adriano Contillo, George Mather. Modelling fast forms of visual neural plasticity using a modified second-order motion energy model
505 -- 521Abbey B. Holt, Theoden I. Netoff. Origins and suppression of oscillations in a computational model of Parkinson's disease
523 -- 531Mathieu Lachance, André Longtin, Catherine E. Morris, Na Yu, Béla Joós. Stimulation-induced ectopicity and propagation windows in model damaged axons
533 -- 547Margarita Zachariou, Rüdiger Thul. Cannabinoid-mediated short-term plasticity in hippocampus
549 -- 568Bas-Jan Zandt, Sid Visser, Michel J. A. M. van Putten, Bennie ten Haken. A neural mass model based on single cell dynamics to model pathophysiology
569 -- 582Joshua Chang, David Paydarfar. Switching neuronal state: optimal stimuli revealed using a stochastically-seeded gradient algorithm
583 -- 591Konrad Engel, Sebastian Hanisch. Reconstruction of cell-electrode-adjacencies on multielectrode arrays
593 -- 594Nicolas Brunel, Xiao-Jing Wang. Erratum to: Effects of neuromodulation in a cortical network model of object working memory dominated by recurrent inhibition

Volume 37, Issue 2

193 -- 208Belén Sancristóbal, Raul Vicente, Jordi García-Ojalvo. Role of frequency mismatch in neuronal communication through coherence
209 -- 228Venkatakrishnan Ramaswamy, Arunava Banerjee. Connectomic constraints on computation in feedforward networks of spiking neurons
229 -- 242Amitabha Bose, Jorge Golowasch, Yinzheng Guan, Farzan Nadim. The role of linear and voltage-dependent ionic currents in the generation of slow wave oscillations
243 -- 257Dan Wilson, Jeff Moehlis. Locally optimal extracellular stimulation for chaotic desynchronization of neural populations
259 -- 280Goren Gordon, Ehud Fonio, Ehud Ahissar. Learning and control of exploration primitives
281 -- 291Yao Rong, Xixuan Han, Dongmei Hao, Liu Cao, Qing Wang, Mingai Li, Lijuan Duan, Yanjun Zeng. Applying support vector regression analysis on grip force level-related corticomuscular coherence
293 -- 304Man Yi Yim, Arvind Kumar, Ad Aertsen, Stefan Rotter. Impact of correlated inputs to neurons: modeling observations from in vivo intracellular recordings
305 -- 0Man Yi Yim, Arvind Kumar, Ad Aertsen, Stefan Rotter. Erratum to: Impact of correlated inputs to neurons: modeling observations from in vivo intracellular recordings
307 -- 315David M. T. Dekker, Jeroen J. Briaire, Johan H. M. Frijns. The impact of internodal segmentation in biophysical nerve fiber models
317 -- 332Pedro D. Maia, J. Nathan Kutz. Compromised axonal functionality after neurodegeneration, concussion and/or traumatic brain injury
333 -- 344Charlotte Le Mouel, Kenneth D. Harris, Pierre Yger. Supervised learning with decision margins in pools of spiking neurons
345 -- 355Dan Wilson, Jeff Moehlis. A Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman approach for termination of seizure-like bursting
357 -- 376Martin Krupa, Stan C. A. M. Gielen, Boris S. Gutkin. Adaptation and shunting inhibition leads to pyramidal/interneuron gamma with sparse firing of pyramidal cells
377 -- 386Shouguo Zhao, Guangning Yang, Jicheng Wang, James R. Roppolo, William C. de Groat, Changfeng Tai. Effect of non-symmetric waveform on conduction block induced by high-frequency (kHz) biphasic stimulation in unmyelinated axon

Volume 37, Issue 1

1 -- 8S. Floor Campfens, Herman van der Kooij, Alfred C. Schouten. Face to phase: pitfalls in time delay estimation from coherency phase
9 -- 28Horacio G. Rotstein, Farzan Nadim. Frequency preference in two-dimensional neural models: a linear analysis of the interaction between resonant and amplifying currents
29 -- 48Sam Carroll, Kresimir Josic, Zachary P. Kilpatrick. Encoding certainty in bump attractors
49 -- 63Bernard Grandjean, Marc A. Maier. Model-based prediction of fusimotor activity and its effect on muscle spindle activity during voluntary wrist movements
65 -- 80Andrea Stocco, Christian Lebiere. Inhibitory synapses between striatal projection neurons support efficient enhancement of cortical signals: A computational model
81 -- 104Jiwei Zhang, Douglas Zhou, David Cai, Aaditya V. Rangan. A coarse-grained framework for spiking neuronal networks: between homogeneity and synchrony
105 -- 124Vera M. Dadok, Heidi E. Kirsch, Jamie W. Sleigh, Beth A. Lopour, Andrew J. Szeri. A probabilistic framework for a physiological representation of dynamically evolving sleep state
125 -- 148Filippo Cona, M. Lacanna, Mauro Ursino. A thalamo-cortical neural mass model for the simulation of brain rhythms during sleep
149 -- 160Lei Xiao, Pu-Ming Zhang, Si Wu, Pei-Ji Liang. Response dynamics of bullfrog ON-OFF RGCs to different stimulus durations
161 -- 180Victor J. Barranca, Daniel C. Johnson, Jennifer L. Moyher, Joshua P. Sauppe, Maxim S. Shkarayev, Gregor Kovacic, David Cai. Dynamics of the exponential integrate-and-fire model with slow currents and adaptation
181 -- 191Anton V. Chizhov, E. Yu. Smirnova, K. Kh. Kim, A. V. Zaitsev. A simple Markov model of sodium channels with a dynamic threshold