Journal: Journal of Computational Neuroscience

Volume 40, Issue 3

247 -- 268Yifan Gu, Pulin Gong. The dynamics of memory retrieval in hierarchical networks
269 -- 281Youngmin Park, Bard Ermentrout. Weakly coupled oscillators in a slowly varying world
283 -- 296Meredith McGee, Warren M. Grill. Modeling the spinal pudendo-vesical reflex for bladder control by pudendal afferent stimulation
297 -- 315Spencer Moran, Suzanne M Moenter, Anmar Khadra. A unified model for two modes of bursting in GnRH neurons
317 -- 329Guillaume Bellec, Mathieu Galtier, Romain Brette, Pierre Yger. Slow feature analysis with spiking neurons and its application to audio stimuli
331 -- 345Patrick Fletcher, Richard Bertram, Joël Tabak. From global to local: exploring the relationship between parameters and behaviors in models of electrical excitability
347 -- 362Ryota Kobayashi, Katsunori Kitano. Impact of slow K+ currents on spike generation can be described by an adaptive threshold model

Volume 40, Issue 2

113 -- 135Nickolas Kintos, Michael P. Nusbaum, Farzan Nadim. Convergent neuromodulation onto a network neuron can have divergent effects at the network level
137 -- 155Daniel B. Poll, Khanh Nguyen, Zachary P. Kilpatrick. Sensory feedback in a bump attractor model of path integration
157 -- 175Alexis M. Dubreuil, Nicolas Brunel. Storing structured sparse memories in a multi-modular cortical network model
177 -- 192Niklas Hübel, R. David Andrew, Ghanim Ullah. Large extracellular space leads to neuronal susceptibility to ischemic injury in a Na+/K + pumps-dependent manner
193 -- 206Erik C. Johnson, Douglas L. Jones, Rama Ratnam. A minimum-error, energy-constrained neural code is an instantaneous-rate code
207 -- 229Karthik Kumaravelu, David T. Brocker, Warren M. Grill. A biophysical model of the cortex-basal ganglia-thalamus network in the 6-OHDA lesioned rat model of Parkinson's disease
231 -- 245Bartholomew J. Bacak, Joshua Segaran, Yaroslav I. Molkov. Modeling the effects of extracellular potassium on bursting properties in pre-Bötzinger complex neurons

Volume 40, Issue 1

1 -- 26Chris Trengove, Markus Diesmann, Cees van Leeuwen. Dynamic effective connectivity in cortically embedded systems of recurrently coupled synfire chains
27 -- 50Robert I. Reznik, Ernest Barreto, Evelyn Sander, Paul So. Effects of polarization induced by non-weak electric fields on the excitability of elongated neurons with active dendrites
51 -- 64Tiecheng Wu, Jie Fan, Kim Seng Lee, Xiaoping Li. Cortical neuron activation induced by electromagnetic stimulation: a quantitative analysis via modelling and simulation
65 -- 82Warren D. Anderson, Hirenkumar K. Makadia, Rajanikanth Vadigepalli. Molecular variability elicits a tunable switch with discrete neuromodulatory response phenotypes
83 -- 0Warren D. Anderson, Hirenkumar K. Makadia, Rajanikanth Vadigepalli. Erratum to: Molecular variability elicits a tunable switch with discrete neuromodulatory response phenotypes
85 -- 101Grégory Dumont, Georg Northoff, André Longtin. A stochastic model of input effectiveness during irregular gamma rhythms
103 -- 111Martin Sauer, Wilhelm Stannat. Reliability of signal transmission in stochastic nerve axon equations