Journal: JDIM

Volume 1, Issue 4

150 -- 153Jos Guillermo Rivero Rojas, Daisy Jacobs. A methodology for automated descriptor assignment
154 -- 161Yulin Wang. Estimation-based patchwork image watermarking technique
162 -- 171Michael Hahsler. Integrating Digital Document Acquisition into a University Library: A Case Study of Social and Organizational Challenges
172 -- 181Insoo Cho, Yongmoo Suh. A Model to Predict Whether an Online RPG Makes Gamers Loyal?
182 -- 187Gregor Retti. The LAURIN Inferface Suite: A package for newspaper clipping archives

Volume 1, Issue 3

117 -- 128Laure Berti-Equille. Quality-Based Recommendation of XML Documents
129 -- 135Eyas El-Qawasmeh. Handling overflow in integer addition in online computations
136 -- 141Saravanan Muthaiyah, Jude Ernest. Management approach to Scalable Databases in Web - the impact of Object and Relational Models
142 -- 146Kurt Englmeier. Inspiring creative talents - an example from an information portal for puppetry

Volume 1, Issue 2

55 -- 64F. Canan Pembe, Taflan O. Gundem. Indexing for XML-based Articles
65 -- 74Hafida Bouarfa, Mohamed Abed. Extension of CommonKads for Virtual Organizations
103 -- 113Patrick van Bommel. Bible Information Modelling

Volume 1, Issue 1

2 -- 0Pit Pichappan. Digital Information Science and Technology
3 -- 7Harald Krottmaier. Links to the Future
8 -- 19Ronnie Cheung. Indexing an intelligent video database using evolutionary control
20 -- 37Jong-Keun Cho, Si-Yeon Woo, Younghwan Lim. Design A Method for Detecting the Inconsistent Loops in the Specification of Multimedia Hyper-Presentation Using Petri-Net
38 -- 42Timothy C. Craven. Fine-tuning of Graphic Thesaurus Displays
43 -- 45Giorgio Da Bormida, Paul Lefrere, Roberto Vaccaro. The dawn of a new era for mobile and Ambient Learning: MOBIlearn
46 -- 0Emmanuelle Clement. Vision Online