Journal: JDIM

Volume 10, Issue 6

351 -- 364Sofiane Mounine Hemam, Khaled-Walid Hidouci. D3-P2P: Managing Distributed and Replicated Database in P2P Environment by Using Quorum System
365 -- 372Imran Sarwar Bajwa, Behzad Bordbar, Mark G. Lee, Kyriakos Anastasakis. NL2 Alloy: A Tool to Generate Alloy from NL Constraints
373 -- 378Feifei Tao, Huimin Wang, Gaofeng Liu. Application Study on Visual Discussion Technique in Group Decision Making of Sudden Disasters
379 -- 388Maheen Bakhtyar, Asanee Kawtrakul, Junaid Baber, Sher Muhammad Doudpota. Creating Multi-level Class Hierarchy for Question Classification with NP analysis and WordNet
389 -- 398Julian Szymanski. Effective Implementation of Basic Operations for Information Retrieval
399 -- 409Laurent Kirsch, Jean Botev, Steffen Rothkugel. Snippets and Component-Based Authoring Tools for Reusing and Connecting Documents
410 -- 420Marwan Hassani, Thomas Seidl 0001. Distributed Weighted Clustering of Evolving Sensor Data Streams with Noise
421 -- 429Yanru Guo, Dion Hoe-Lian Goh, Kavita Ilangovan, Shengnan Jiao, Xiaotian Yang. Investigating Factors Influencing Non-use and Abandonment of Microblogging Services

Volume 10, Issue 5

277 -- 283Jian-sheng Peng, Xing Li, Zhi-qiang Qin, Wei Li. Swarm-Robot System Based on Wireless sensor Network
284 -- 288Xinwu Li. A New Customer Classification Algorithm for Electronic Commerce Enterprises
289 -- 294Yun Ling, Yi Ouyang. Real-time Fault-tolerant Scheduling Algorithm for Distributed Computing Systems
295 -- 300Junwei Liu, Jianyi Kong, Min Zhou, Xingdong Wang. An Intelligent Communication Path Planning Method of Metallurgical Equipment Multi-Dimensional Information Space
301 -- 307Chonghuan Xu. A Novel method of Data Stream Classification Based on Incremental Storage Tree
308 -- 311Qianzhao Lei. Applications of Numerical Calculation in Engineering Design
312 -- 319Xianfu Cheng. Functional Requirements Analysis-Based Method for Product Platform Design in Axiomatic Design
320 -- 323Gong-fa Li, Yuan He. Design of the Fuzzy Intelligent Controller of Air Compressor
324 -- 331Liang Hu, Jia Zhao, Gaochao Xu, Yan Ding, Jianfeng Chu. A Survey on Data Migration Management in Cloud Environment
332 -- 340Bei Wang, Dongsheng Liu. University Teachers' Performance Appraisals Model Based on DEA and AHP
341 -- 346Shujiang Fan, Yi Zhao, Honghua Xie, Chuang Li. Risk Evaluation of Rural Financial Organization Operation Based on the BP Neural Network

Volume 10, Issue 4

219 -- 229Vijayalakshmi Murlidhar, Bernard Menezes, Mihir Sathe, Goutam Murlidhar. A Clustering Based Forecast Engine for Retail Sales
230 -- 235Quanyin Zhu, Pei Zhou, Suqun Cao, Yunyang Yan, Jin Ding. A Novel RDB-SW Approach for Commodities Price Dynamic Trend Analysis Based on Web Mining
236 -- 244Peiqing Zhang, Bjarne E. Helvik. Modeling Push-based Live P2P Streaming by Stochastic Activity Networks
245 -- 253Atif Latif, Klaus Tochtermann. Webbing Semantified Scholarly Communication Datasets for Improved Resource Discovery
254 -- 261Binh Minh Nguyen, Viet D. Tran, Ladislav Hluchý. Developing and Deploying Cloud Services Based on Abstraction Approach
262 -- 271Eduardo da Silva, Mehran Misaghi, Luiz Carlos Pessoa Albini. True: A Trust Evaluation Service for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Resistant to Malicious Attacks
272 -- 0Daisy Jacobs. Book Review: Web Search Engine Research - Dirk Lewandowski (ISBN 978-1-78052-636-2, Publisher: Emerald Publishing)

Volume 10, Issue 3

157 -- 167Maria Niarou, Sofia Stamou. Exploring Lexicographic Ontologies for Hierarchically Organizing the Greek Wikipedia Articles
168 -- 173Shibo Zhang, Xuer Sun. The Development and Application of Learning Support Service System for Normal Students' Work placement
174 -- 186P. (Fiona) Tulinayo, Patrick van Bommel, Henderik Alex Proper. From a System Dynamics Causal Loop Diagram to an Object-Role Model: A stepwise Approach
187 -- 193Chang Hao, Dai Dao Ming. Experimental Evaluation for Impact Factors of Online Signature Verification
194 -- 201Daniel Günther, Nathan Kerr, Paul Müller. A Strategic Search Method for Requirement-Aware Functional-Block Selection and Composition in a Flexible Network
202 -- 211Lujiang Zhang, Xiaohui Hu, Shiyin Qin. Word Combination Kernel for Text Categorization
212 -- 0Daisy Jacobs. Book Review: Web Search Engine Research - Dirk Lewandowski (ISBN 978-1-78052-636-2, Publisher: Emerald Publishing)

Volume 10, Issue 2

59 -- 63Wu Yun. Research and Practice of Characteristic Teaching Resources Sharing and Interactive Platform
64 -- 70Zhongmei Zhou, Xuejun Wang, Guiying Pan. CMCCR: Classification Based on Multiple Class-Correlation Rules
71 -- 78Zhao Liang. Review on Virtual Human's Affective Model and Related Applied Algorithm
79 -- 85Yuxin Mao. SERCID: A Secure Mechanism for Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks
86 -- 93Wei Wang. Mechanism Analysis of Protocols Based on the FPCPN Model
94 -- 98Wang Lijun, Xu Xin, Xu Guang. A Feature Points Matching Algorithm Based on Wavelet Analysis
99 -- 103Xi Li, Zheng Ren, Yanling Shi. An Equivalent Circuit Model for On-chip Inductors with Gradual Changed Structure
104 -- 108Ji-Chen Yang. Story Segmentation of Xinwenlianbo based on Three-level Criterion of Content Analysis
109 -- 113Sun Ming, Qinghong Shang, Chen Bo. A Taxonomic relationship Learning Approach for Log Ontology Content Event
114 -- 120Chang Su, Lili Zheng, Xiaohai Si, Fengjun Shang. Low Overhead Geometric On-demand Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
121 -- 125Haizhu Chen, Jianyun Lu. A Constrained Optimization Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Membrane Computing
126 -- 130QingQing Zhou, Qifeng Zhou, Yongpeng Ning, Fan Yang, Jiayan Lei, Run Tian, Minda Liu. A Comparison of Pattern Classification Approaches for Structural Damage Identification
131 -- 135Li Li Song, Jun Xie, Zheng-dong Huang. Semantic-Oriented Integration and Simulation-based Analysis Approach for Healthcare Information Systems (HIS)
136 -- 141Yuanzhi Wang, Xiao Luo. Research on Face Recognition Based on Wavelet Transform and PCA-ANN
142 -- 146Yongqin Wei, Yinjing Guo. Research and Analysis of Improved Extraction Based on Information Processing Technology
147 -- 152Qiming Tian. Exploration in to Reform in Computer Application Technology Major in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on Tripartite Linkage
153 -- 0Daisy Jacobs. Book Review: Marina Santini - Automatic Identification of Genre in Web Pages: A new perspective (Language: English ISBN-10: 3847306871 ISBN-13: 978-3847306870, Publisher: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing)

Volume 10, Issue 1

1 -- 9Koya Tamura, Kenji Hatano, Hiroshi Yadohisa. A Retrieval Method Based on Language Model Considering Neighboring Contents
10 -- 19Dion Hoe-Lian Goh, Chei Sian Lee, Alton Yeow-Kuan Chua. Playing Games with Information: Investigating Perceptions of a Mobile Content Sharing Game
20 -- 28S. Suganthi, R. Nadarajan. Middleware Model for Adapting Dynamic Requirements
29 -- 38Imane Zaoui, Faouzia Wadjinny, Dalila Chiadmi, Laila Benhlima. A Personalization Layer for Mediation Systems
39 -- 49Yi-Hui Chen, Chin-Chen Chang. Image Tamper Detection and Recovery Based on Dual Watermarks Sharing Strategy
50 -- 54Zhuang Liu, Zhiyi Fang. A New Range-Free Localization Algorithm in Wireless sensor networks Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm by Control on Adrenaline Levels
55 -- 0Daisy Jacobs. Book Review: Marina Santini - Automatic Identification of Genre in Web Pages: A new perspective (Language: English ISBN-10: 3847306871 ISBN-13: 978-3847306870, Publisher: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing)