Journal: JDIM

Volume 11, Issue 6

383 -- 390Ruixian Yang. Bibliometrical Analysis on the Big Data Research in China
391 -- 399Yang Liu, Yunlong Ding. The Modeling of Genetic and Tabu Search Algorithm Based BP Neural Network in the Risk Analysis of Investment
400 -- 408Christian Wartena. Segmentation Strategies for Passage Retrieval from Internet Video using Speech Transcripts
409 -- 417Yanjun Tong. Study on Computer Audit Based on OLAP Technology
418 -- 422Jing Cao, Min Liu, Lijun Cao. Research on Digital Library Personalized Information Service Model Based on Agent Model
423 -- 429Yunsheng Zhong. Secure Digital Certificate Design Based on the RSA Algorithm
430 -- 434Rui Sun, Xiaoyan Wang. Research on the Service Modeling Method of Information Management Software based on the Petri Net Model
435 -- 440Jinling Li, Haixiang Guo, Kejun Zhu, Deyun Wang, Jinglu Hu. Differential Evolution for Rule Extraction and Its application in Recognizing Oil Reservoir
441 -- 445Xiaoxing Lv, Baihai Zhang. Research on Transmission Based on Collaboration Coding in WSNs
446 -- 452Xiaoxin Lv, Baihai Zhang. Security Analysis and Evaluation of Random Linear Network coding under Wiretapping Attack
453 -- 461Haitao Wu, Shi Ying, Xiangyang Jia, Liqiang Zhang, Xu Chen. Robustness Analysis of Social Network based on a Dynamic Model
462 -- 469Xianliang Yang, Lianlian Jia, Songling Wang. A Leakage Monitoring System of Pipeline in Heating Network
470 -- 475Bing Xu, Zhende Li, Shiyi Xie. Rotation Invariant Texture Image Retrieval Based on Log-Polar and NSCT
476 -- 481Dong Sun, Dan Liu. A Novel RFID Authentication Protocol with Ownership Transfer
482 -- 488Wei Liu, Lanfei Zhao, Jianqiang Deng. Research on an Adaptive Algorithm of Service Selection in Pervasive Computing

Volume 11, Issue 5

321 -- 326Jian Ni, Xifei Wei. Application of Finite Volume Method for Solving Two-dimensional Navier Stokes Equations
327 -- 334Aimin Wang, Jie Li. The Research of Algorithm for Data Mining Based on Fuzzy Theory
335 -- 341Jie Li, Aimin Wang. The Research on Giant Complex System using Intelligent Decision Support System
342 -- 351Yang Zhang, Xueling Zhu, Qiang Li, Tonghe Liu. Modeling and Simulation of DIGSILENT-based Micro-grid System
352 -- 358De-Yu Tang, Jin Yang. A New Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm with Space Zoomed Factor and Gravity Attractor
359 -- 365Donghong YShan, WeiYao Li. Research on Cluster Analysis of High Dimensional Space Based on Fuzzy Extension
366 -- 377Arpad Gellert, Adrian Florea. Investigating a New Design Pattern for Efficient Implementation of Prediction Algorithms
378 -- 384Lei Yan, Zheng Yu, Ning Han, Jinhao Liu. Improved Image Fusion Algorithm for Detecting Obstacles in Forests
385 -- 389Yuting Zhou, Jianbin Nie, Ning Han, Deying Li, Chen Chen. Tuning of PID Controller for Air Conditioning Unit Based on Adaptive Genetic Algorithm
390 -- 395Haifeng Zhu. Digital Information Facial Recognition Based on PCA and Its Improved Algorithm
396 -- 399Dmitry Ustalov, Mikhail Goldshtein. Orchestrating the Natural Language Processing Software in the Cloud Computing Environment

Volume 11, Issue 4

261 -- 266Yang Wang, Run-hua Zhang. Research on Management of Mobile Communication Network Centralized Alarm
267 -- 276Hanan El Bakkali. Enhancing Workflow Systems Resiliency by Using Delegation and Priority Concepts
277 -- 283Wei Qi. The Analysis of Network Structure Model and Innovation Network Characteristics for Industrial Cluster: using Complicated Network Perspective
284 -- 289Jian Ni, Yuduo Li. The Integration of PCA, FLD and Gabor Two-dimensional Wavelet Transformation using Facial Expression Feature Extraction
290 -- 297Li-Dong Huang, Xiao-chun Shen. The Study on Information Characteristics Analysis using Information Diffusion Method
298 -- 306Yaxin Sun, Chang Liu, Xingang Cui. The Design and Implementation of Library's User Training System Based on Moodle
307 -- 313Boubaker Kahloula, Karim Bouamrane. An Efficient use of a Mapping Knowledge Base

Volume 11, Issue 3

175 -- 178Li Zhang, Weixi Zhang. The Computer Design of Practical Filter
179 -- 183Ying Yuan, Cuirong Wang, Cong Wang. Fair Virtual Bandwidth Allocation Model in Virtual Data Centers
184 -- 189Tao Xu. A Novel Fault Identifying Method with Supervised Classification and Unsupervised Clustering
190 -- 193Zelun Li, Zhicheng Huang. Design of a Teaching Robot based on Fischertechnik Model
194 -- 196Huilong Jin, Jiaxing Chen. Study of Methods for Constructing Families of Odd-periodic Perfect Complementary Sequence Pairs
197 -- 201Jianli Ding, Yong Zhang. Parameters Selection in the Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Solving Gate and Runway Combinational Optimization Problem
202 -- 206Jian-hua Li, Yiwen Wang, Yijun Wang, Yi Chen, Guo-Cheng Wang. Research on the Anti-perspective Correction Algorithm of QR Barcode
207 -- 212Shengchao Su, Wei Zhang. Fault Prediction of Nonlinear System Using Time Series Novelty Estimation
213 -- 219Yang Yang, Xiang Long, Biaobiao Shi. Spanning Tree Method for Minimum Communication Costs In Grouped Virtual MapReduce Cluster
220 -- 226Zhenquan Qin, Wenjing Liu, Huizhen Jiang, Weifeng Sun. A Diversity-based Multi-antenna Cooperative Detection Model in Cognitive Radio Network
227 -- 234Jianhong Zhang, Yuwei Xu, Zhipeng Chen. Augmented Broadcaster Identity-based Broadcast Encryption
235 -- 239Yufan Liu, Qinghua Chen. The Statistical Analysis of Family Names of Donators For WenChuan
240 -- 247Nan Liu, Sanyuan Zhang, Yin Zhang. Robust Zero-Watermarking Algorithm for CAD Models
248 -- 255Sidong Cui. Algorithm of Distributed Mining Community Structure Used in Sports Psychology Based on Local Information

Volume 11, Issue 2

87 -- 96Chunlai Chai. Modeling Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem and its Solution by Genetic Algorithm
97 -- 101Jiong Mu, Lijia Xu, Qiang Huang, Chaolin Li. Research on the E-commerce of Agricultural Products in Sichuan Province
102 -- 107Jiazhong Ouyang, Min Li. Study on Fuzzy Evaluation of Credit Risk of Corporate Bond
108 -- 114Yao Chen, Shi Ying, Liqiang Zhang, Juebo Wu. Exception Detection for Web Service Composition Using Improved Bayesian Network
115 -- 119Xiaopeng Li, Leilei Sun, Yonghong Liu. High Points Recognition Method of Scraped Surface Based on Background Subtraction
120 -- 124Gongfa Li, Zheng Li, Jianyi Kong, Guozhang Jiang, Liangxi Xie. Structure Optimization of Ladle Bottom Based on Finite Element Method
125 -- 130Zhonghua Yang, Ling Zhang. Information Sharing in Supply Chain: A Literature Review
131 -- 135Guozhang Jiang, Enyuan He, Gongfa Li, Jianyi Kong, Liangxi Xie. Production Procedure Optimization in Iron and Steel Enterprise
136 -- 145Tinggui Chen, Guanglan Zhou. Vehicle Routing Optimization Problem with Time-windows and its Solution by Genetic Algorithm
146 -- 153Mingshun Yang, Yan Li, Qilong Yuan. A Hybrid Method to Deformation Force of High-speed Cold Roll-beating Forming
154 -- 159Shuhua Xu. Regularized Orthogonal Local Fisher Discriminant Analysis
160 -- 164He Wang. Algorithm Research for Supply Chain Demand Prediction - Taking Fresh Agricultural Product Enterprises as Example
165 -- 169Huifeng Yan, Weifeng Wang, Jie Liu. Optimization and Application of Support Vector Machine Based on SVM Algorithm Parameters

Volume 11, Issue 1

1 -- 7Haishu Lu. Duopoly Game Models of Water Supply in the Presence of Market Power
8 -- 15Xiaomei Guo, Lihuang Cai. A Web-Based Virtual Lab for Accounting Skills Practice
16 -- 24Jianfeng Xu, Huzhen Song. The Study on PenduBot Control Linear Quadratic Regulator and Particle Swarm Optimization
25 -- 32Fen Liu. An Approach to Cultivate Talents of Information Management under the Combination of Information and Industrialization
33 -- 39Hailiang Meng, Xin-Quan Ge, Mingxia Xie. Research on Factors Affecting Farmers' Network Information Consumption
40 -- 45Jinhua Zhang, Yongqian Liu, De Tian. The Short-term Wind Power Forecast Based on Phase-space Reconstruction and Neural Networks
46 -- 53Xue-ling Zhu, Jia Liu, Fei Han. Study on Current Protection in Distribution Network with Distributed Generation
54 -- 61Luo Xiao. An Algorithm of Wavelet Data Compression Based on Wireless Sensor Network
62 -- 68Wei Fu, Mengling Shui, Yu-Ying Chen, Li Chen. The Research and Realization of Wireless Energy Consumption Detector Based on the Internet of Things
69 -- 75Wei Chen, Jiayi Shen, Jiabin Xue. Study on a Robot 3D Laser Radar Information Collection System
76 -- 82Donghong Shan, Zhaofeng Yang. Hierarchical Clustering Analysis Method Based on the Grid with Obstacle Space