Journal: JDIM

Volume 12, Issue 6

341 -- 348Satith Sangpradid, Sunya Sarapirome. Weighting Parameters to Improve IHS Transformation in Data Fusion of THEOS Imagery
349 -- 356Allaoua Refoufi. Efficient Solutions for the Complement of wwR and the Complement of ww
357 -- 368Sajjaporn Waijanya, Anirach Mingkhwan. The Evaluations of Thai Poetry Translator to English with Prosody Keeping
369 -- 378Thanyaporn Boonyoung, Anirach Mingkhwan. Semantic Search: Document Ranking and Clustering Using Computer Science Ontology and N-Grams
379 -- 382Yanfang Liu, Jifei Zhang, Lanlan Yi, Xinna Li. Analysis on the Function Management and Utilization Rate of the Tourism Hospitality Management - Laboratory
383 -- 386Changming Li, Lihong Guo, Zhixin Li. Design of Decision-Making System of Emergency Logistics Information System Based on Data Mining
387 -- 389Nan Yao, YaJuan Guo, Jin Yu. Development and Realization of System of Digital Image Processing Based on MATLAB Platform
390 -- 394Ming Zhang, Bingjie Li, Jing-Sheng Ding, Haibo Shu. Research on the Mechanical Analysis of Weathered Rock Filling Subgrade on Highway
395 -- 406Sahar Bazargani, Julian Brinkley, Nasseh Tabrizi. The Feed Analyzer: Implementation and Evaluation
407 -- 420Zoubir Ouaret, Rachid Chalal, Omar Boussaid. An Approach for Generating an XML Data Warehouse Schema using Model Transformation Language
421 -- 428Qiong Gu, Xiangdong He, Xianming Wang. Study on Evolution Trends of Network Public Opinion Based on Hyperlink Analysis
429 -- 439Zhengping Zhu, Ren-fang Pan, Jie Ma, Zhe Chen, Pang-yun Zhong. Study on the Key Technology for Establishing a Cloud Platform-Oriented Digital Oilfield Based on High-performance Computing
440 -- 444Chunlei Gu. Research on Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Rotor Information Control Based on MRAS Algorithm

Volume 12, Issue 5

287 -- 291Huaxian Cai, Tian Tian, Yilin Cai. Linear Programming Problem for Nonlinear Convex Set Constraints Based on Nonlinear Neural Network
292 -- 302Mohammed kamel Benhaoua, Amit Kumar Singh, Abou El Hassan Benyamin. Heuristic for Accelerating Run-Time Task Mapping in NoC-based Heterogeneous MPSoCs
303 -- 310Zheng-Fang Fu, Hong Zhu. A Multi-resolution Image Fusion Algorithm Based on Multi-factor Weights
311 -- 320Tao Zhang, Yuanyuan Ma, Cheng Zhou, Tao Li. A Process-aware Security Task Scheduling Algorithm
321 -- 327Cui-cui Sun, Chunlong Yao, Xu Li, Kejun Lee. Detecting Crime Types Using Classification Algorithms
328 -- 332Biao Yang, Qin Yang, Ruien Kung. Two-row License Plate Extraction Based on CIELab Color Space in a Digital Image
333 -- 339Hongchang Ke, Hongbin Sun, Lei Gao, Hui Wang. A Video Image Compression Method based on Visually Salient Features

Volume 12, Issue 4

225 -- 234Zhenzhang Liu, Zhihui Hu, Lee K. Jonepun. Research on Composite SaaS Placement Problem Based on Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm with Performance Matching Degree Strategy
235 -- 245Zhen Ni, Qianmu Li, Tao Li, Yong Qi. A WSN Nodes Access Mechanism and Directed Diffusion in Emergency Circumstances
246 -- 254Zhihu Huang, Jinsong Leng. Text Extraction in Natural Scenes using Region-based Method
255 -- 266Marius-Octavian Olaru, Maurizio Vincini. Integrating Multidimensional Information for the Benefit of Collaborative Enterprises
267 -- 273Guixian Xu, Lirong Qiu, Hongfang Liu. Study on Hot Topic Discovery from Chinese Texts
274 -- 280Wei Weng, Shunzhi Zhu, Huarong Xu. Hierarchical Community Detection Algorithm based on Local Similarity

Volume 12, Issue 3

165 -- 175Liang Zhang, Lifang Peng, C. A. Phelan. Novel Recommendation of User-based Collaborative Filtering
176 -- 182Guixian Xu, Lirong Qiu, Lu Yang. Tibetan Text Clustering Based on Machine Learning
183 -- 191Li Li, Hongbing Wang. Multi-strategy Query Expansion Method Based on Semantics
192 -- 200Shan-hui Zhang, Chaoying Yang, Steffen Thomas. Design Knowledge and Process Management Method Based on 3D CAD System
201 -- 215M. Asif Naeem, Noreen Jamil. An Efficient Stream-based Join to Process End User Transactions in Real-Time Data Warehousing

Volume 12, Issue 2

67 -- 72Debao Yuan, Xi-Min Cui, Wangyang Xu, Er-dong Liu, Shiwei Yu. Research on the Application of SIFT Algorithm in UAV Remote Sensing Image Feature Extraction
73 -- 92Víctor M. Prieto, Manuel Álvarez, Fidel Cacheda. Soft-404 Pages, A Crawling Problem
93 -- 101Sheng-li Pei. Acupuncture System Based on Computer Techniques and Database Diagnosis
102 -- 107Min Yang, Qianmu Li, Yaoliang Song. A SEIR Model Epidemic of Virus on the Online Social Network
108 -- 113Wang Fan. Evaluation Model for Internet Cloud Data Structure Audit System
114 -- 119Hua Hu. Research on Ontology Construction and Information Extraction Technology Based on WordNet
120 -- 125Zhang Jing. Research on Analysis of Factors Influencing Terrestrial Transmission Efficiency of Satellite Data Files
126 -- 132Yuanni Liu, Hong Tang, Guofeng Zhao. CAMPSNA: A Cloud Assisted Mobile Peer to Peer Social Network Architecture
133 -- 138Weihua Ma, Hong Zhang, Qianmu Li, Bin Xia. Analysis of Information Management and Scheduling Technology in Hadoop
139 -- 150Xianghe Wei, Hong Zhang, Zhen Liu, Qianmu Li, Bin Xia. An Indirect Security Trust Method Based on Credibility Evaluation
151 -- 158Guo-Dong Li, Guo-min Zhao, Wen-Xia Xu, Shengzhuo Yao. Research on Application of Image Encryption Technology Based on Chaotic of Cellular Neural Network

Volume 12, Issue 1

1 -- 7Jian-ming Zheng, Meng-jie He, Er-dong Liu, Qilong Yuan, Ji-ming Xiao, Ao-fei Tang. Adaptive Fuzzy PID Control for Servo Motor Direct-drive Pump Control System
8 -- 17Liang Xiao, Xin-long Ma. The Influence of Government Intervention on Logistics Enterprise's Adoption of Information Technology
18 -- 25Bei Wang, Dongsheng Liu. The Performance Evaluation of University Scientific Research Project Management Based on the FAHP
26 -- 30Jiong Mu, Lijia Xu, Haibo Pu. Study on College Student Credit Evaluation and Prediction Based on RF Algorithm
31 -- 35Jianjun Chen. Tensor Graph-optimized Linear Discriminant Analysis
36 -- 43Zaixiang Huang, Zhongmei Zhou, Tianzhong He. Resolving Rule Conflicts Based on Naïve Bayesian Model for Associative Classification
44 -- 51Anna Rohunen, Matti Eteläperä, Kari Liukkunen, Tero Tulppo, Kai Wen Chan. Implementing and Evaluating a Smart-M3 Platform-based Multi-vendor Micropayment System Pilot in the Context of Small Business
52 -- 60Sophie Wrobel, Marcel Heupel, Simon Thiel. An Adaptive Trust Metric Allowing CRM Operators to Protect Sensitive Data During Interaction in Online Social Media