Journal: JDIM

Volume 2, Issue 4

149 -- 150Francesca Bocchi, Andre Del, Frédéric Andrès. Editorial
151 -- 160Elham Andaroodi, Frédéric Andrès, Nigel Collier, Kinji Ono, Pierre Lebigre. A Visual Lexical Model of Caravanserais of Silk Roads, A Tool for Semantic Access to Architectural 3D Data
161 -- 163Francesca Bocchi. The city in four dimensions: the Nu.M.E. Project
171 -- 178Michael Pantelios, Labros Tsiknas, Sotiris P. Christodoulou, Theodore S. Papatheodorou. Haptics technology in Educational Applications, a Case Study
183 -- 185P. Vijayakumar, Uma Kanjilal, K. Subbaiah, T. A. V. Murthy. Implications of deploying proximity operators in web content processing
164170 -- 0Jens Olav Nygaard. Semiautomatic reconstruction of 3d buildings from map data and aerial laser scans
179182 -- 0Nikos Vassiliou, Joseph Psistakis, Paris A. Zafiris, Theodore S. Papatheodorou. Normal Mapping Technology: Parthenon Case Study

Volume 2, Issue 3

116 -- 121Georges Chalhoub, Samir Saad, Richard Chbeir, Kokou Yétongnon. Towards Fully Functional Distributed MultiMedia DBMS
122 -- 126Sugata Sanyal, Rangarajan Vasudevan, Ajith Abraham, Marcin Paprzycki. Grid Security and Integration with Minimal Performance Degradation
127 -- 131Giuseppe Psaila, Davide Brugali. Issues in Virtual Database Support for Decentralized Knowledge Discovery
132 -- 141Fausto Marincioni, Frances L. Lightsom, Rebecca L. Riall, Guthrie A. Linck, Thomas C. Aldrich, Michael J. Caruso. Integrating digital information for coastal and marine sciences
142 -- 0Latifur Khan, Qing Chen, Lei Wang. Change Detection in XML Documents for Fixed Structures using Exclusive-Or (XOR)

Volume 2, Issue 2

41 -- 43Giovanni Aloisio, Maria Mirto, Pradip K. Srimani, Pit Pichappan. Editorial
44 -- 47German Florez, Zhen Liu, Susan Bridges, Rayford B. Vaughn, Anthony Skjellum. Detecting Anomalies in High-Performance Parallel Programs
48 -- 53Said Mirza Pahlevi, Isao Kojima. OGSA-WebDB: An OGSA-Based System for Bringing Web Databases into the Grid
54 -- 60Giovanni Aloisio, Massimo Cafaro, Sandro Fiore, Maria Mirto. Early Experiences with the GRelC Library
61 -- 66Christoph Jung, Martin Einhoff, Stefan Noll. Grid Job Builder - A Workflow Editor for Computing Grids
67 -- 73Giovanni Aloisio, Massimo Cafaro, R. Cesari, C. Mangia, Gian Paolo Marra, M. Miglietta, Maria Mirto, U. Rizza, I. Schipa, A. Tanzarella. G-AQFS: Grid computing exploitation for the management of air quality in presence of complex meteorological circulations
74 -- 78Bing Wu, Matthew J. Dovey, Muan Hong Ng, Kaihsu Tai, Stuart E. Murdock, Hans Fangohr. A Web / Grid Portal Implementation of BioSimGrid: A Biomolecular Simulation Database
79 -- 86Shrideep Pallickara, Geoffrey Fox. Efficient Matching of Events in Distributed Middleware Systems
87 -- 92Mario Cannataro, Antonella Guzzo, Carmela Comito, Pierangelo Veltri. Ontology-based Design of Bioinformatics Workflows on PROTEUS
93 -- 96Minjun Wang, Geoffrey Fox, Shrideep Pallickara. Demonstrations of Collaborative Web Services and Peer-to-Peer Grids
97 -- 103Bill Vassiliadis, Kostas Giotopoulos, Konstantinos Votis, Spyros Likothanassi, Nikos Bogonikolos, Athanassios Tsakalidis. The Grid as an Application Service Provision enabler: Business and Architectural issues
104 -- 108Fabrizio Silvestri, Ranieri Baraglia, Paolo Palmerini, Massimo Serranó. On-line Generation of Suggestions for Web Users
109 -- 0Stan Kurkovsky, Bhagyavati, Arris Ray. Modeling a Grid-Based Problem-Solving Environment for Mobile Devices

Volume 2, Issue 1

2 -- 3Hanne Albrechtsen. Web-based collaboratories - from centres without walls to collaboratories in use
4 -- 8Clare Beghtol. The Iter Gateway to the Middle Ages and Renaissance: Collaboration Between Information Specialists and Subject Specialists in the Arts and Humanities
9 -- 12Cornelia Boldyreff, Phyo Kyaw, David Nutter, Stephen Rank. Supporting Collaborative Grid Application Development within the e-Science Community
13 -- 20Bryan Richard Cleal, Hans H. K. Andersen, Hanne Albrechtsen. Collaboration, communication and categorical complexity: A case study in Collaboratory evaluation
26 -- 29Preben Hansen, Kalervo Järvelin. Collaborative Information Searching in an Information-Intensive Work Domain: Preliminary Results
30 -- 0Adelheit Stein, Jürgen Keiper, Laura Bezerra, Holger Brocks, Ulrich Thiel. Collaborative Research and Documentation of European Film History: The COLLATE Collaboratory