Journal: JDIM

Volume 9, Issue 6

227 -- 232Yingjie Xia, Mingzhe Zhu, Li Kuang, Xiaoqiang Ma. Applications Classification and Scheduling on Heterogeneous HPC Systems Using Experimental Research
233 -- 241Linhua Zhou, Yongping Zhang, Bo Guan. Application-level Solution for Data integration in Ubiquitous Computing Environment
242 -- 248Weifeng Sun, Cheng Guo, Peng Zhang, Ning Zhang, Haotian Wang. A Dynamic Role-Based Authorization Model in Grid Environment
249 -- 254Li Kuang, Liang Chen, Yingjie Xia. Reasoning on Context Satisfiability for Service Recommendation in Mobile Network
255 -- 260Mande Xie, Guoping Zhang. The Design and Challenges of Online Reprogramming System for Wireless Sensor Networks
261 -- 265Wenya Tian. Construction of a Teaching Resources Sharing Platform Based on Campus Network
266 -- 270Pingyuan Xi, Yandong Song. Application Research on BP Neural Network PID Control of the Belt Conveyor
271 -- 275Jianting Li, Hao-ming Wang, Ye Guo. Fusion User Browsing Behavior and User Interests Autonomous Control of Personalized Search Results Sort
276 -- 280Xinwu Li. Research on Color Consistency for Color Marketing in Network Transaction System Based on Color Management
281 -- 286Guoping Zhang, Mande Xie. The Design and Implementation of the Digital Down Converter Based on the Improved DDS and DSPBuilder Techniques
287 -- 291Xudong Zhu. The Performance Analysis of a Service Deployment System Based on the Centralized Storage

Volume 9, Issue 5

185 -- 192Mourad Abbas, Kamel Smaïli, Daoud Berkani. Evaluation of Topic Identification Methods on Arabic Corpora
193 -- 198Mohammad Hassan, Yaser A. Al-Lahham. Locality Preserving Scheme of Text Databases Representative in Distributed Information Retrieval Systems
199 -- 205Weimin He, Teng Lv. Querying and Ranking XML Documents Based on Data Synopses
206 -- 212S. M. Shamimul Hasan, Donald A. Adjeroh. Detecting Human Sentiment from Text using a Proximity-Based Approach
213 -- 218Kasi Periyasamy, Vinoth Perkinian. Reconfiguration of Graphical User Interface
219 -- 222Sulaiman Al Rayee. A Combined Measure of Semantic Web and Meta tag technology for Web Retrieval

Volume 9, Issue 4

135 -- 146Kevin H. Xu, Jingsong Zhang, Shelby Gao. Froglingo, a Programming Language empowered by a Total-Recursive-Equivalent Data Model
147 -- 152Hassan Ismail Abdalla. New Technique to Deal with Dynamic Data Mining in the Database
153 -- 158Sharmila Sankar, V. Sankaranarayanan. Route Maintenance using Link State Prediction for Dense Mobile Ad hoc Networks
159 -- 166Boutheina Smine, Rim Faiz, Jean-Pierre Desclés. A semantic annotation model for indexing and retrieving learning objects
167 -- 170Sofien Gannouni, Nasser Alrayes, Abdulmajeed Alameer Abdulrahman Alsaudi, Ahmad Alabdulkareem. b-mail: a Brain-Controlled Mail Client
171 -- 175Mohsin Naqvi, Kashif Hussain, Sohail Asghar, Simon Fong. Role of Segment Progressive Filter in Dynamic Data mining

Volume 9, Issue 3

99 -- 105M. Sandhya, T. R. Rangaswamy. A Secure and Efficient Authentication Protocol for Mobile RFID Systems
106 -- 110Nejmeddine Tagoug. Information System Decomposition Quality
111 -- 116Abdelaziz Hamdi, Abdelaziz Samet. Scanning-Beam Antenna on Metamaterials Coplanar Structure for Wireless Applications
117 -- 121Abdelaziz Hamdi, Abdelaziz Samet. Novel Scanned Beam Millimeter-Wave Antenna Using Micromachined Variable Capacitors on Coplanar Structures
122 -- 125Hassan Ismail Abdalla. Improving Data Management in a Distributed Environment
126 -- 131Imen Ketata, Riad Mokadem, Franck Morvan. Semantic Resource Discovery in Large Scale Environments

Volume 9, Issue 2

51 -- 54Tzong-Sun Wu, Han-Yu Lin, Ming-Lun Lee, Won-Yi Chen. Fast Remote User Authentication Scheme with Smart Card Based on Quadratic Residue
55 -- 63Sharifullah Khan, Iram Fatima, Rabia Irfan, Khalid Latif. A Refined Methodology for Automatic Keyphrase Assignment to Digital Documents
64 -- 71Sietse Overbeek, Patrick van Bommel. Elementary Patterns for Converting Textual and Visual Formalisms based on Set Theory and ORM
72 -- 78Toru Nakamura, Shunsuke Inenaga, Daisuke Ikeda, Kensuke Baba, Hiroto Yasuura. Password Based Anonymous Authentication with Private Information Retrieval
79 -- 86Masoud Makrehchi. Taxonomy-based Document Clustering
87 -- 94Shiow-Yuan Huang, Cheng-Chan Hung, Cheng-Chi Lee. A Practical U-Healthcare Network with Security and QoS

Volume 9, Issue 1

1 -- 8Tomás Nestorovic. Task-oriented Dialogue Agent Architecture
9 -- 18Andreas S. Rath, Didier Devaurs, Stefanie N. Lindstaedt. An Ontology-Based Approach for Detecting Knowledge Intensive Tasks
19 -- 26Dais George, Sebastian George. Application of Esscher Transformed Laplace Distribution in Web Server Data
27 -- 32Khaled Suwais, Azman Samsudin. LTSC-128: Stream Cipher Based on the Intractable Shortest Vector Problem in Lattice
33 -- 42Adrian Florea, Arpad Gellert, Traian Anghel, Delilah Florea. Enhanced Learning and Educational Management through Online Collaborative Technologies
43 -- 47Defa Hu, Qiaoliang Li. A practical and secure buyer-seller watermarking protocol