Journal: J. High Speed Networks

Volume 2, Issue 4

325 -- 326Howard E. Motteler. Introduction
327 -- 354Ying-Dar Jason Lin, Tzu-Chieh Tsai, San-Chiao Huang, Mario Gerla. HAP: A New Model for Packet Arrivals
355 -- 371Imrich Chlamtac, Andrea Fumagalli. An Optical Data Double Ring Network
373 -- 404Kihong Park. Warp Control: A Dynamically Stable Congestion Protocol and Its Analysis
405 -- 428Errol L. Lloyd, Subramanian Ramanathan. Efficient Distributed Algorithms for Channel Assignment in Multihop Radio Networks

Volume 2, Issue 3

169 -- 0Anthony Chung. Guest Editorial
171 -- 208Israel Cidon, Inder S. Gopal, Prabandham M. Gopal, Roch Guérin, James P. Janniello, Marc A. Kaplan. The plaNET/ORBIT High Speed Network
209 -- 238Thomas F. La Porta, Malathi Veeraraghavan. Evaluation of Broadband UNI Signaling Protocol Techniques
239 -- 258Nen-Fu Huang, Shiann-Tsong Sheu. A General Bandwidth Allocation Scheme for Multi-Priority Traffic on DQDB Networks
259 -- 286Nen-Fu Huang, Chung-Ching Chiou. An Efficient Slot-Reuse Scheme for CRMA High-Speed Networks
287 -- 303Ender Ayanoglu, Richard D. Gitlin, Nihat Cem Oguz. Performance Improvement in Broadband Networks Using Forward Error Correction for Lost Packet Recovery
305 -- 323Jean-Chrysostome Bolot. Characterizing End-to-End Packet Delay and Loss in the Internet

Volume 2, Issue 2

99 -- 131Pawel Gburzynski, Jacek Maitan. Deflection Routing in Regular MNA Topologies
133 -- 144Deirdre C. Kostick, Kaj Tesink. Security for SMDS CNM
145 -- 168Khaled A. Aly, Patrick W. Dowd. Architecture and Analysis of Fast Packet Switches Based on Time-Multiplexed Photonic Fabrics

Volume 2, Issue 1

1 -- 25Robert J. Aiken, Hans-Werner Braun, Peter Ford, Kimberly C. Claffy. NSF Implementation Plan for Interagency Interim NREN
27 -- 62James P. G. Sterbenz, Gurudatta M. Parulkar. Design of a Gigabit Host-Network Interface
63 -- 79Robert Olshansky, Alan R. Bugos, Tad Hofmeister. Multigigabit, Multichannel Lightwave Networks Using Subcarrier Multiplexing
81 -- 98Nanying Yin, Michael G. Hluchyj. Analysis of the Leaky Bucket Algorithm for ON-OFF Data Sources