Journal: J. High Speed Networks

Volume 20, Issue 4

193 -- 0Francesco Palmieri. A perspective of the journal's life in the last three years
195 -- 208Vahid Sattari Naeini. Application of M/D/1/K queuing model to performance analysis of IEEE 802.16 mesh networks
209 -- 221Luigi Catuogno, Clemente Galdi. Achieving interoperability between federated identity management systems: A case of study
223 -- 237Edgard Jamhour, Manoel Camillo Penna. A reversible CTMC model for availability analysis of shared mesh restoration schemes for WDM networks
239 -- 252Kunagorn Kunavut. Experimental performance analysis of topology control in mobile ad hoc networks based on local information no topology heuristic
253 -- 262Asad Ali, Kanza Ali. Delay sensitive routing algorithm
263 -- 276Sanghita Bhattacharjee, Subhansu Bandyopadhyay. Interference aware energy efficient multipath routing in multihop wireless networks

Volume 20, Issue 3

131 -- 143Bakhta Meroufel, Ghalem Belalem. Lightweight coordinated checkpointing in cloud computing
145 -- 152Pierluigi Salvo Rossi, Domenico Ciuonzo. EDMA-based schemes for cognitive radio systems with channel state information
153 -- 168Ashraf Elgohary, Tarek S. Sobh, Sayed A. Nouh, Mohammed Zaki. An efficient and dependable protocol for critical MANETs
169 -- 177I-Fen Chao, Chuei-Sheng Chiou. A high-performance QoS-enhanced proportional fair scheduling algorithm over downlink OFDMA-based networks
179 -- 192Chin-Ling Chen, Tsung-Min Kuo, Tzay-Farn Shih. Design of a secure communication and handoff protocol for VANETs

Volume 20, Issue 2

67 -- 77Atif Hameed, Da-cheng Yang, Xian-ling Wang, Weiwei Zhang. A multi-point transmission scheme for cross-tier interference mitigation in downlink heterogeneous networks
79 -- 93Anwar Alyatama. Fairness in orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing optical networks
95 -- 112Jianqiang Tang, Huachun Zhou, Ying Liu, Hongke Zhang. Efficient source mobility support in content-centric networking
113 -- 129Mohamed Oulmahdi, Christophe Chassot, Ernesto Exposito. Energy saving mechanisms on high communication layers

Volume 20, Issue 1

1 -- 10Sourabh Bharti, K. K. Pattanaik. Dynamic distributed flow scheduling for effective link utilization in data center networks
11 -- 27Vahid Abedifar, Mohammad Eshghi. An optimized design of optical networks using evolutionary algorithms
29 -- 40Zuoxiang Deng, Yanmin Zhu, Minglu Li. On efficient replication-based routing in vehicular networks
41 -- 53Zhihe Liang, Chunli Xie. On DRC-cycle covering in optical networks
55 -- 66Shinji Sakamoto, Elis Kulla, Tetsuya Oda, Makoto Ikeda, Leonard Barolli, Fatos Xhafa. A comparison study of Hill Climbing, Simulated Annealing and Genetic Algorithm for node placement problem in WMNs