Journal: J. High Speed Networks

Volume 22, Issue 4

253 -- 264C. Xu, G. F. Zhao, Y. Liu, S. M. M. Gilani. Charactering network latency in China: A view from gateway
265 -- 280Alok R. Prusty, Srinivas Sethi, Ajit Kumar Nayak. A hybrid multi-hop mobility assisted heterogeneous energy efficient cluster routing protocol for Wireless Ad hoc Sensor Networks
281 -- 291Ziliang Ren, Yong Qin, Zhi Zhao, Jiuchao Feng. A nonlinear dynamical chaotic signal reconstruction method in wireless sensor networks with unknown statistics
293 -- 307Taesung Kim, Seungkwang Lee, Dooho Choi, Hyunsoo Yoon. Protecting secret keys in networked devices with table encoding against power analysis attacks
309 -- 319Heejung Byun. A reaction-diffusion mechanisms for node scheduling design of wireless sensor networking systems
321 -- 333Andrei M. Sukhov, M. A. Astrakhantseva, A. K. Pervitsky, S. S. Boldyrev, A. A. Bukatov. Generating a function for network delay

Volume 22, Issue 3

177 -- 192Mahmood Ahmadi, Ehsan Zadkhosh. A customized and reconfigurable VLIW-based packet classifier on ρ-VEX
193 -- 204Fagui Liu, Dacheng Deng. QoS-aware service composition with user preferences and multiple constraints
205 -- 221Amel Faiza Tandjaoui, Mejdi Kaddour. A joint power control, time-sharing and routing scheme to minimize spectrum utilization in wireless mesh networks
223 -- 230Weidong Yang, Ze-Ming Gao, Ke Wang, Hong-Yue Liu. A privacy-preserving data aggregation mechanism for VANETs
231 -- 240Meriem Guerar, Mohamed Benmohammed, Vincent Alimi. Color wheel pin: Usable and resilient ATM authentication
241 -- 251Xian-cui Xiao, Xiang-Wei Zheng. A proposal of survivable virtual network embedding algorithm

Volume 22, Issue 2

77 -- 93D. G. Narayan, Uma Mudenagudi. A cross-layer optimization for delay-aware load balancing in multi-radio wireless mesh networks
95 -- 111Ashok Kumar Pradhan, Kunal Das, Atreye Ghosh, Tanmay De. Resource efficient multicast traffic grooming in WDM mesh networks
113 -- 124Qun Wang, Chao Hu, Xianglin Wei, Bo Xu, Yuan Li. VAStream: Virtual adaptive substream partition and scheduling in data-driven P2P live streaming
125 -- 151Sundaresan Krishnan, Prasanna Chaporkar. On-line algorithm for optimizing throughput performance of wireless LANs
153 -- 167Hao Wang, Zhihua Zheng, Lei Wu, Debiao He. New large-universe multi-authority ciphertext-policy ABE scheme and its application in cloud storage systems
169 -- 176Zi-Yi Yang, Jun Sang, Daxiang Hong, Tong Wang, Zhili Xiang. Personality as a metric for topic models on social networks

Volume 22, Issue 1

1 -- 13Anwar Alyatama. Dynamic spectrum allocation for orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing optical networks with survivability and multicasting
15 -- 34Jian Mao, Ruilong Wang, Yue Chen, Yaoqi Jia. Detecting injected behaviors in HTML5-based Android applications
35 -- 42Xiaoling Tao, Deyan Kong, Yong Wang. A parallelized network traffic classification framework based on selective ensemble and diversity measures
43 -- 53Fen Cai, Hui Yu. Index data distribution strategy in a distributed network
55 -- 64Jian Mao, Hanjun Ma, Yue Chen, Yaoqi Jia, Zhenkai Liang. Automatic permission inference for hybrid mobile apps
65 -- 76Sherenaz W. Al-Haj Baddar, Alessio Merlo, Mauro Migliardi. Generating statistical insights into network behavior using SKETURE