Journal: J. High Speed Networks

Volume 27, Issue 3

203 -- 204Alireza Souri, Mu-Yen Chen. AI-enabled learning techniques for Internet of Things communications
205 -- 214Xin Niu, Jingjing Jiang. Single node repair algorithm for a multimedia cloud storage system based on network coding
215 -- 224Xiaohong Yan, Zhigang Zhao, Yongqiang Liu. Real-time on-site inspection system for power transmission based on heterogeneous computing
225 -- 235Xiaotao Ju. Energy-efficient routing sensing technology of wireless sensor networks based on Internet of Things
237 -- 250Cong Huang, Ying Huang. Urban rail transit signal and control based on Internet of Things
251 -- 264Guanqun Cai. Accurate mining of location data in the communication field based on big data
265 -- 278Liuxing Li. A complete robust control network based on skewed temporal logic
279 -- 289Jie Chen, Yukun Chen, Jiaxin Lin. Application of Internet of Things intelligent image-positioning studio classroom in English teaching
291 -- 304Wanxin Hu, Fen Cheng. Application research of urban subway traffic mode based on behavior entropy in the background of big data

Volume 27, Issue 2

101 -- 119Shanthi Kumaraguru, M. R. Ebenezar Jebarani. Trust aware routing using sunflower sine cosine-based stacked autoencoder approach for EEG signal classification in WSN
121 -- 138Koné Kigninman Désiré, Eya Dhib, Nabil Tabbane, Olivier Asseu. QoS and QoE aware multi objective resource allocation algorithm for cloud gaming
139 -- 149S. Shaffath Hussain Shakir, A. Rajesh 0001. Improved calendar disc scheduler for LTE advanced networks with HARQ
151 -- 167Santosh Ashokrao Darade, M. Akkalakshmi. Load balancing strategy in software defined network by improved whale optimization algorithm
169 -- 182Sampa Rani Bhadra, Ashok Kumar Pradhan, Utpal Biswas. Multi-hop traffic grooming routing and wavelength assignment using split light trail in WDM all optical mesh networks
183 -- 202V. Srilakshmi, K. Anuradha, Chigarapalle Shoba Bindu. Incremental text categorization based on hybrid optimization-based deep belief neural network

Volume 27, Issue 1

1 -- 12Khuram Khalid, Isaac Woungang, Sanjay K. Dhurandher, Jagdeep Singh, Leonard Barolli. A fuzzy-based check-and-spray geocast routing protocol for opportunistic networks
13 -- 31Lyes Badis, Mourad Amad, Djamil Aïssani, Sofiane Abbar. P2PCF: A collaborative filtering based recommender system for peer to peer social networks
33 -- 44Ermioni Qafzezi, Kevin Bylykbashi, Phudit Ampririt, Makoto Ikeda, Keita Matsuo, Leonard Barolli. A fuzzy-based approach for resource management in SDN-VANETs: Effect of trustworthiness on assessment of available edge computing resources
45 -- 66Huiqiang Lian, Bing Liu, Pengyuan Li 0006. A fuel sales forecast method based on variational Bayesian structural time series
67 -- 82C. H. Koteswara Rao, Kunwar Singh, Anoop Kumar. Oblivious stable sorting protocol and oblivious binary search protocol for secure multi-party computation
83 -- 99Jinhua Fu, WenHui Zhou, Mixue Xu, Xueming Si, Chao Yuan, Yongzhong Huang. New public blockchain protocol based on sharding and aggregate signatures