Journal: J. High Speed Networks

Volume 6, Issue 4

237 -- 246Marco Ajmone Marsan, Andrea Bianco, E. Gibert Abos, Emilio Leonardi. A comparison of access strategies in all-optical slotted WDM rings with switched delay lines
247 -- 262David S. Ahn, Myung J. Lee. Optimal buffer allocation in ATM switches by effective cell loss
263 -- 291Panagiotis Thomas, Demosthenis Teneketzis. An approach to service provisioning with quality of service requirements in ATM networks
293 -- 307W. Meng, Ibrahim W. Habib, Tarek N. Saadawi. S++-GA: a high performance MAC protocol

Volume 6, Issue 3

163 -- 179Geoffrey G. Xie, Simon S. Lam. An efficient network architecture motivated by application-level QoS
181 -- 196Imrich Chlamtac, Viktória Elek, Andrea Fumagalli. A fair slot routing solution for scalability in all-optical packet switched networks
197 -- 206Ellen W. Zegura, Scott McFarland, Ojas Parekh. A survey and new results in renegotiated service
207 -- 214Agatino Sciuto. TCP over ATM: Performance results from a testing site
215 -- 219Scott Bradner. Virtual networking: Reflections on the status of ATM
221 -- 236Wen-Tsuen Chen, Chun-Fu Huang, Sheng-Chuan Ding. A scheme for QoS control in ATM switching systems

Volume 6, Issue 2

81 -- 92Anthony S. Acampora, Duanyang Guo. An information-theoretic bound for the capacity of multihop lightwave networks with non-uniform traffic patterns
93 -- 109Sherali Zeadally. An ATM multimedia architecture: Design, implementation, and performance
111 -- 121Hossam S. Hassanein, Ahmed E. Kamal, Vema J. Friesen. A performance comparison of cell-based local area networks
123 -- 139Khaled M. Elsayed, Harry G. Perros. Analysis of an ATM statistical multiplexer with heterogeneous Markovian on/off sources and applications to call admission control
141 -- 164Michael J. Donahoo, Kenneth L. Calvert, Ellen W. Zegura. Center selection and migration for wide-area multicast routing

Volume 6, Issue 1

1 -- 14Wen-Tsuen Chen, Wu-Yuin Hwang. A high-performance priority scheme for ATM switching systems
15 -- 31Jieh-Chian Wu, Alan E. Willner, John A. Silvester. Protocols to eliminate tuning penalties for packet-switched WDM star networks with large tuning latency
33 -- 52Giuseppe Anastasi, Luciano Lenzini. Performance evaluation of the MetaRing MAC protocol carrying asynchronous traffic
53 -- 65Peter E. Sholander, Henry L. Owen. The impact of mapping wander on the performance of SDH TU-11 and TU-l2 uniform pointer processors
67 -- 79Ashvanee Bissonauth, Ahmed E. Kamal. A round robin medium access protocol for MANs