Journal: J. High Speed Networks

Volume 8, Issue 4

241 -- 263Srinivas Vutukury, J. J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves. A practical framework for minimum-delay routing in computer networks
265 -- 280Jaehyung Park, Hyunsoo Yoon. Novel recursive multicast algorithms in multistage interconnection networks for ATM switches
281 -- 301Y. Frank Jou, Arne A. Nilsson, Fuyung Lai. Performance modeling of a finite capacity polling system with ATM bursty and correlated input traffic
303 -- 309Guangzhi Li, Rahul Simha. On bounds for the wavelength assignment problem on optical ring networks

Volume 8, Issue 3

149 -- 171Gurusamy Mohan, C. Siva Ram Murthy. Efficient wavelength rerouting in WDM single-fiber and multi-fiber networks with and without wavelength conversion
173 -- 193Victor W. C. Yau, Krzysztof Pawlikowski. CA-STAR: a centrally-arbitrated broadcast-and-select star architecture for lightwave networks
195 -- 210Israel Cidon, Tony Hsiao, Asad Khamisy, Abhay K. Parekh, Raphael Rom, Moshe Sidi. OPENET: an open and efficient control platform for ATM networks[1]This work was performed in and sponsored by Sun Microsystems Labs
211 -- 224Sang-Jo Yoo, Seong Dae Kim. Traffic modeling and QoS prediction for MPEG-coded video services over ATM networks using scene level statistical characteristics
225 -- 240David A. Maltz, Pravin Bhagwat. TCP Splice for application layer proxy performance

Volume 8, Issue 2

87 -- 100Melbourne Barton, Li-Fung Chang. Error protection for ATM-based wireless networking systems[1]Copyright of this work retained by Bellcore, but permission to publish it is granted to the Publisher
113 -- 133Christian Sinner, Michael Wolf. Distributed and dynamic resource allocation in wireless ATM access networks
135 -- 147Te-Kai Liu, John A. Silvester. Congestion control policies for wireless multimedia CDMA networks

Volume 8, Issue 1

3 -- 16Jonathan S. Turner. Terabit burst switching
17 -- 34Lih Y. Lin, Evan L. Goldstein, Leda M. Lunardi, Robert W. Tkach. Optical crossconnects for high-capacity lightwave networks
35 -- 57H. Jonathan Chao, Xiaolei Guo, Cheuk-Hung Lam, Ti-Shiang Wang. A terabit IP switch router using optoelectronic technology
59 -- 67Lakshman Tamil, Francesco Masetti, Tom McDermott, Gerardo A. Castañón, An Ge, Ljubisa Tancevski. Optical IP routers: design and performance issues under self-similar traffic^1
69 -- 84Chunming Qiao, Myungsik Yoo. Optical burst switching (OBS) - a new paradigm for an Optical Internet^{1}