Journal: J. Information Telecommunication

Volume 3, Issue 4

413 -- 429Nigel Franciscus, Xuguang Ren, Bela Stantic. Dependency graph for short text extraction and summarization
430 -- 445Michal Lagiewka, Marcin Korytkowski, Rafal Scherer. Distributed image retrieval with colour and keypoint features
446 -- 464John Bruntse Larsen. Going beyond BDI for agent-based simulation
465 -- 479Viktor Toporov, Valery Axelrod, Ualsher Tukeyev. Operative control of ore quality at the input of ore preparation operations of enrichment fabric
480 -- 493Vincent Mwintieru Nofong, John Wondoh. Towards fast and memory efficient discovery of periodic frequent patterns
494 -- 507Nguyen Hai Chau. Estimation of air temperature using smartphones in different contexts
508 -- 532Prateema Ragpot, Tulsi Pawan Fowdur, Krishnaraj Madhavjee Sunjiv Soyjaudah. Enhanced MP3 transmission over Wi-Fi and LTE networks using unequal error protection and varying frequency transforms
533 -- 547Phuoc-Hai Huynh, Van Hoa Nguyen, Thanh-Nghi Do. Novel hybrid DCNN-SVM model for classifying RNA-sequencing gene expression data

Volume 3, Issue 3

271 -- 293Khuong Vo, Tri Nguyen, Dang-Pham, Mao Nguyen, Minh Truong, Dinh Nguyen, Tho Quan. Handling negative mentions on social media channels using deep learning
294 -- 307Fitore Muharemi, Doina Logofatu, Florin Leon. Machine learning approaches for anomaly detection of water quality on a real-world data set
308 -- 325Chee Keong Wee, Richi Nayak. A novel machine learning approach for database exploitation detection and privilege control
326 -- 341Karim Keramat Jahromi, Md. Aktaruzzaman, Mehdi Jalili. Impact of overlapping in the radio coverage areas of multiple Wi-Fi access points on detecting encounters
342 -- 360Pavel Morozkin, Marc Swynghedauw, Maria Trocan. Image compression in resource-constrained eye tracking devices
361 -- 380Tulsi Pawan Fowdur, Louvi Doorganah. Performance of modified and low complexity pulse shaping filters for IEEE 802.11 OFDM transmission
381 -- 399Chee Keong Wee, Richi Nayak. Adaptive load forecasting using reinforcement learning with database technology
400 -- 411Mohamed Mounir, Mohamed Bakry El-Mashade. On the selection of the best companding technique for PAPR reduction in OFDM systems

Volume 3, Issue 2

135 -- 155Quang Vu Bui, Soufian Ben Amor, Marc Bui. Stochastic pretopology as a tool for complex networks analysis
156 -- 179Tousif Osman, Shahreen Shahjahan Psyche, Tonmoay Deb, Adnan Firoze, Rashedur M. Rahman. An algorithmic approach to estimate cognitive aesthetics of images relative to ground truth of human psychology through a large user study
180 -- 195Yuichiro Ikemoto, Varit Asawavetvutt, Kazuhiro Kuwabara, Hung-Hsuan Huang. Tuning a conversation strategy for interactive recommendations in a chatbot setting
196 -- 209Anh-Cang Phan, Van-Quyen Vo, Thuong-Cang Phan. A Hounsfield value-based approach for automatic recognition of brain haemorrhage
210 -- 234Habiba Drias, Hadjer Moulai, Nourelhouda Rehkab. LR-SDiscr: a novel and scalable merging and splitting discretization framework using a lexical generator
235 -- 247Arkadiusz Kawa, Anna Maryniak. Lean and agile supply chains of e-commerce: empirical research
248 -- 269Anirudha Paul, Asiful Haque Latif, Foysal Amin Adnan, Rashedur M. Rahman. Focused domain contextual AI chatbot framework for resource poor languages

Volume 3, Issue 1

1 -- 0Le Vinh Danh, Ngoc Thanh Nguyen. From the Editors and Ton Duc Thang University
2 -- 18Urszula Boryczka, Krzysztof Szwarc. The adaptation of the harmony search algorithm to the ATSP with the evaluation of the influence of the pitch adjustment place on the quality of results
19 -- 38Phuc Do, Phu Pham. DW-PathSim: a distributed computing model for topic-driven weighted meta-path-based similarity measure in a large-scale content-based heterogeneous information network
39 -- 56Sridhar Iyer, Shree Prakash Singh. Multiple-period planning of Internet Protocol-over-Elastic Optical Networks
57 -- 73Atsushi Ashida, Tomoko Kojiri. Plot-creation support with plot-construction model for writing novels
74 -- 94Thuy Binh Nguyen, Thi-Lan Le, Nam Pham Ngoc 0001. Fusion schemes for image-to-video person re-identification
95 -- 114Chi-Ying Chen, Shao-Liang Chang. Self-presentation and counterstereotypic gender strategies in social media campaigning: An example from Taiwan's presidential election
115 -- 134Sutasinee Thovuttikul, Yoshimasa Ohmoto, Toyoaki Nishida. Comparison of influence of Thai and Japanese cultures on reasoning in social communication using simulated crowds