Journal: Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems

Volume 5, Issue 4

311 -- 312Eiji Uchino. Guest Editorial
313 -- 322Junhong Nie, T. H. Lee. Reconstructing Binary Signals by Rule-Based Fuzzy Equalizer with Self-Organizing Capability
323 -- 332Kwan-Fai Cheung. Fuzzy One-Mean Algorithm: Formulation, Convergence Analysis, and Applications
333 -- 343Eiji Uchino, Takeshi Yamakawa, Katsumi Hirakawa. Effective Detection of Nucleus in Cytodiagnosis by Employing Combinatorial Fuzzy Hough Transform
345 -- 354Nikola Kasabov. Learning Strategies for Modular Neuro-Fuzzy Systems: A Case Study on Phoneme-Based Speech Recognition
355 -- 360Akira Ikuta, Mitsuo Ohta. A Stochastic Evaluation for an Acoustic Environmental System by Introducing Two Types of Information Processing Methods Based on Regression Models of an Expansion Series Type and Fuzzy Probability
361 -- 366Fabrizio Russo. Fuzzy Processing of Image Data Using FIRE Filters
367 -- 374George C. Mouzouris, Jerry M. Mendel. A Singular-Value-QR Decomposition Based Method for Training Fuzzy Logic Systems in Uncertain Environments