Journal: Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems

Volume 14, Issue 4

167 -- 180Gleiber Fernandes Royes, Rogério Cid Bastos, Golber Fernandes Royes. Applicants selection applying a fuzzy multicriteria CBR methodology
181 -- 190Yousef Al-Assaf. Human strategies based allocation of two-dimensional irregular shapes
191 -- 202Fabian C. Hadipriono, Josann W. Duane, Zoltan A. Nemeth, Seungwon Won. Implementation of a virtual environment for traffic accident simulation
203 -- 214Fabian C. Hadipriono, Josann W. Duane, Zoltan A. Nemeth, Seungwon Won. Implementation of a virtual environment for traffic accident simulation
215 -- 223Zhongxu Hu, Robert Bicker, Christopher Marshall. Position/force control of manipulator based on force measurement and its application to gear deburring

Volume 14, Issue 3

119 -- 120Ajith Abraham, Lakhmi C. Jain. Knowledge engineering in an intelligent environment
121 -- 136Mitja Jermol, Nada Lavrac, Tanja Urbancic. Managing business intelligence in a virtual enterprise: A case study and knowledge management lessons learned
137 -- 147Elena Messina, James S. Albus, Craig Schlenoff, John Evans. Knowledge engineering for real time intelligent control
149 -- 155Paul Crowther, Gerd Berner, Raymond Williams. Re-usable knowledge: Development of an object oriented industrial KBS and a collaborative domain ontology
157 -- 165Maurizio Mesenzani, Thomas Schael, Sara Albolino. Multimedia platform to support knowledge processes anytime and anywhere

Volume 14, Issue 2

59 -- 71Leonilde Rocha Varela, Rita Almeida Ribeiro. Evaluation of Simulated Annealing to solve fuzzy optimization problems
73 -- 84Jonas Ahnlund, Tord Bergquist, Lambert Spaanenburg. Rule-based reduction of alarm signals in industrial control
85 -- 93Mehrdad Boroushaki, Mohammad B. Ghofrani, Caro Lucas. Optimal fuel core loading pattern design in PWR nuclear power reactors using genetic algorithms and fuzzy nonlinear programming
95 -- 108Earl B. Smith, Reza Langari. Fuzzy multiobjective decision making for navigation of mobile robots in dynamic, unstructured environments
109 -- 118Peitsang Wu, Shu-Cherng Fang, Henry L. W. Nuttle. An enhanced neural network learning using a self-tuning fuzzy neuron controller

Volume 14, Issue 1

1 -- 6Rami Al-Jamal, Samir Manoli, Alejandro E. Brito, Olga Kosheleva. Interval + Communications = Walsh: For signal multiplexing under interval uncertainty, Walsh functions are optimal
7 -- 12Ronald R. Yager, Vladik Kreinovich. On the relation between two approaches to combining evidence: Ordered Abelian Groups and uninorms
13 -- 24A. M. Oudshoff, Ivor Bosloper, Tomas B. Klos, Lambert Spaanenburg. Knowledge discovery in virtual community texts: Clustering virtual communities
25 -- 36Aytekin Bagis. Fuzzy and PD controller based intelligent control of spillway gates of dams
37 -- 47Anastasios I. Dounis, R. E. King. Optimum fuzzy sliding mode semi-active control of structures subjected to earthquakes
49 -- 58Yousef Al-Assaf. Comparison between statistical and multiresolution wavelets analysis methods for speech classifications